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'Among the Biggest Grifters in American History': Wilbur Ross Accused of Stealing More Than $120 Million


Anybody else think Ross looks like Gollum in LoTR? Money is his Precious.


Just search “Trump Rothschild Wilbur Ross” and find out how they came to be in power. Criminals on a whole new level.


Criminal government exemplified: Government of the people, by the crooks, for the crooks.

Gangsters run enterprises – criminal enterprises – businesses. And gangsters run the biggest enterprises on Earth. With the Trump administration as the most transparent exemplar of kleptocracy in the USA.


Repeatedly talking about “shady dealings” without any examples? Sounds like Johnson published this before he finished his research.
I read this whole article just trying to find out what he did with Russia and China.


120 Mil? Thats it? I was expecting more from this slime bag.


You need to read the Forbes piece.

The primary lawsuit, which often results in a civil trial, is not settled.

That’s not evidence. That substitution of assertion for evidence.

“You are grasping a parsing straws here.”

Apparently you don’t know what “to parse” means. A start for you would be reading the Forces essay.

So you have no evidence to refute my points. And you resort to proof reading claims as a distraction. This kind of behavior will work to re-elect Trump in 2020.


Indeed that Forbes “article” is pretty thin.

Sad to see Common Dreams jump on it.


Do you supose in the Drump administration you have to be corrupt to get nominated. Corruption; corruption, corruption - three stories of Drump administration corruption.


Wilbur is a creepy name----except that with the Charlotte’s Web story, Wilbur left behind a loser name and became a template for how to be a success for all kids, even if at first they seemed like losers. And on top of that Wilbur was a pig. A honorable name ----- WILBUR arose from a spider and a pig’s actions.

Now of course, thanks to Wilbur Ross, the name Wilbur is once again a loser name. A loser in ethics and in any moral code… so Wilbur Ross ruins lives and economies, and also ruins the charming name of Wilbur from Charlotte’s Web,---------- The creepy Ross man has made Wilbur, once again a loser name. : (.