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Among Wealthiest Nations, US Healthcare System Comes in Dead Last


Among Wealthiest Nations, US Healthcare System Comes in Dead Last

Jake Johnson, staff writer

No, in turns out, the United States does not have the "best healthcare system in the world."


Exceptionally pathetic.


Often overlooked is the difference in dental care received between the wealthy and poor.
Dental procedure such as root canals, crowns, and implants, can cost tens of thousands of dollars. Many people choose to have teeth extracted since they can't afford the cost of tooth saving procedures. Another injustice in a world full of injustices.


If the USA is an "advanced" country then maybe we need to rethink what is meant by "advanced".


"Dead Last"!

An embarrassment just like the so-called president destroying what's left of our Democracy.


Advanced state of decline.


And living with missing teeth can be extremely painful! I know.


Well there's a freakin surprise! Vulture capitalism feeds on the bodies of the most vulnerable Americans in this profits above all else "health care" charade where the wealthy live and the poor die. The parasite insurance "industry" rakes in the dough, the corporate hospitals charge $100 for a band-aid, and the R'Con and DINO co-conspirators enable the scam, representing the usurers, NOT the people! Add big-pharma and its subversive influence to our money dominated political system and it's a perfect storm of theft from the people that can least afford, or not afford such "care". This isn't health care at all but a series of interconnected business enterprises and corrupt politicianc and Congress that runs on profits, not care. The Hippocratic Oath? Sadly and criminally a quaint thing of the distant past.................


In a country where many people have to go to overcrowded emergency rooms to receive healthcare it would be expected that outcomes would not be that good. Although the US did come in last among the countries it was compared to, for the diagnosis and treatment of rare conditions the US provides the best healthcare among all these countries, and actually among all countries. People from all over the world come to medical centers like the Mayo Clinic for treatment. Because specialized medicine pays so much the US has a shortage of doctors practicing general medicine. In order to pay off their loans for medical school many doctors choose specialties. And doctors tend to work in metropolitan areas where they can make lucrative incomes which leaves a shortage of doctors in rural areas.


For profit healthcare is immoral. We have Republicans actively trying to take insurance away and Democrats saying they support single payer until it comes time to vote on it. Excellent essay that goes along with this one: The Cost of Not Having Single Payer: $1.4 Trillion Per Year


US leads the world in "munitions-care" but lags way down the list as health-care providers. There are some aspects of a truly progressive society that cannot be purely profit oriented and healthcare is one. (another is public education) If Americans accept our for-profit healthcare system as adequate then we truly live in a dog-eat-dog country. Hundreds of millions of dollars are spent annually by the major medical care providers to trash other/alternative ideas and even outright discussions on the future of medicine in the US and how to keep out any discussions of single-payer health care delivery. The "owners of US capital" will not tolerate any open dialog on the future of US healthcare as we have seen by the formation of Obamacare.....no discussion of single-payer healthcare was allowed! For a reversal of "munitions-care-for-all" and focus on a non-profit healthcare system this country will have to experience a true revolt against the "owners of capital" which means almost an outright overthrow of our accepted vision of good government. That is to say I do not advocate no capital involvement or profit making in the country but there must be a definite firewall (thru moral based rules; ie enforceable regulation) between the just needs of a moral society and the "stylish" needs. For example, how can so many politicians like to compare, "shopping for insurance (or any other consumer items)" for your house or car and shopping for insurance (healthcare) while experiencing a life threatening medical emergency? There is no comparison. This must be a moral issue and not a money one.


As the psychotic Joker says in the Batman movie - "It's alllll part of the plan." In the good ole US of A money TRUMPS everything else. People are being sacrificed on the altar of greed, political dogma and heartlessness. We disgrace ourselves before the rest of the world. I remember in Michael Moore's film "Where to Invade Next?" that he got to know a couple in France as he learned more and more about the social services available there. In the end he asked the woman if she would move to the United States if she had a chance to do so. She looked at him with an expression that said - "Are you crazy?"


Unfortunately, the UK has travelled down the same road. NHS dentistry has been consistently underfunded for decades and as a result dentists have left the public sector in order to make fortunes offering cosmetic treatment and even Botox in private practice. I remember the shock I felt when my dentist took that route - I couldn't see how someone I trusted could let me down like that, just for money. We get dentistry free as children but after that it takes a lucky find of an NHS dentist with vacancies on his or her list or thousands of pounds to get treatment. Yet even committed campaigners for free health care as a right often overlook the need for dentists. And very few people seem to value the public service ethos any more. Thatcherism has done massive damage to our society, eroding its very roots and soul.


First in profits from illness and death for the rich? Just as designed.


Today is Bastille Day.
* Does that suggest anything?


The bacteria that settles in the mouth leads to a Myriad of Diseases.

That Dental is not ordinarily covered is just another Red Flag, as to the lack of Actual Science involved in Western Health Care.

That we need "Coverage", beyond just being Citizens, is yet another.

Our Govt is supposed to be providing for the Common Good.


American politicians like the third world model - you know - those countries where there is a small elite including politicians who mainly have and control everything and the rest are left to fight among themselves for the crumbs. Of course, they have police and military - not to protect the country - but to protest the elite and politicians from the people. The US has meddled in these third world countries almost since its beginnings and helped to perpetuate the oligarchies who they could do business with. In the US, we have been betrayed by politicians who put money before the best interests of the nation.


I'm sure those people coming from all over the world for specialized treatment are not the poor. You make a very good point that medicine has been commercialized and made into something to market - to sell. This seems to be a real problem.


Well somebody has to be last.
But what is so shameful, is that we also pay the most money by a huge margin to be able to wave the tail light lantern.

This tells me, that the system is not set up for 'health care', but that its prime purpose is and has been since its inception to serve as wealth transfer from you and me to the movers and shakers in the pharmaceutical and insurance industries and the purveyors of the related hospitals.


It's not human greed; it's a politcal-economic structure that institutionalizes and normalizes greed. It's called capitalism.