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Amplifying Food Supply Chain Concerns, 230+ Coronavirus Cases Close Down Top US Pork Producer

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/04/13/amplifying-food-supply-chain-concerns-230-coronavirus-cases-close-down-top-us-pork


A factory meat plant is no loss, except for the lousy jobs. This just shows how dangerous the centralized and unhealthy meat plants are.
As far as the loss of demand for food, because unemployed people can’t afford it, this calls for an immediate increase in the food stamp program (which has been shrunk)for anyone not working or without income.
We are seeing why Trump has had four bankruptcies and fourteen business failures. He couldn’t run a lemonade stand efficiently. And that is not considering his obvious intent to sabotage worker well being; and anything and anybody he has a grudge against.
Trump is truly an enemy of the people.




Horrible: Why are they discounting the very real need for people to be fed? We should all have seen and read articles on food banks where there are lines of cars or lines of people and these banks are running out of donated food.

This too is going to lead to many new deaths at least among the growing ranks of the poor. This produce needs to be given out FREE. Unconscionable!


If we had a functioning government, it could have paid the farmers to harvest these crops/milk, eggs, dehydrated the eggs, made cheese and powdered the milk and given it out to our citizens.

Think it’s time to overrule my hubby and get some chickens.


The crops are all in and the peaches are rott’ning,
The oranges piled in their creosote dumps;
They’re flying ’em back to the Mexican border
To pay all their money to wade back again.

They Are Just Deportees
by Woody Guthrie


Capitalism is truly THE enemy of the people.


On the State and Municipal level entire armies of food banks, gleaning crews and organizers could be brought in like the National Guard.



Factory farms try to be more profits-efficient than small farms, but right now the factory farm and big distributor system is failing the nation.

People can be low-meat without a problem. In fact it’s probably better for people’s individual immune systems, which will push coronavirus transmission downward faster.

That zucchini rotting in the field in the picture is another matter entirely. We could have been handing it out to millions of rather hungry people.

Owner-workers on small family farms are inherently pretty safe. Hauling farmworkers by the dozen from overcrowded apartments and trailers in overcrowded minivans and trucks is inherently unsafe, and as the coronavirus grows and spreads in any large region, the lives of everybody’s parents in every nursing home are endangered. That’s a major gap in the white nationalists’ ideological planning. It’s not just people hiding from ICE that are endangered.

Long distance trucking is itself an inherently unsafe practice. We need local farmers.


Don’t forget, Smithfield was bought by a Chinese company in 2013.

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I have been saying for a decade that when the Transition (to a sustainable society) is at last behind us there will be a lot fewer people, and they will be raising a much larger portion of their food, with most of the rest produced within a few miles of their homes. The “New Urbanism” was fun while it lasted, but while some cities will remain they will be shrinking. There will be plenty of time to adapt; the problem will be to get through the bottleneck of systems breaking down.


Factory farms can go to hell. This is a good time to switch over to humane, pasture raised farming or go vegetarian. In case people are forgetting, we wouldnt even be having this COVID-19 crisis if we would stop eating meat and were vegetarian. I couldnt care less for some factory farm going down in flames. To hell with them. No one should eat what they output anyway.


Closing down Pork mills will be a good thing for Americans and the environment. I dont fell sorry for them pork barons fuk em all.

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the fragile food supply change is the most serious threat yet, not just to the poor but to our civilization. If real shortages develop its not hard to imagine armed gangs first looting the stores, then the houses, then each other. That won’t take long once it starts

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There is already a book and film. “The Road”.

And not much attention paid to such things as this:



There’s all those rump supporters wanting and end to the lock-down. Put them on a bus (where the windows can’t be opened) and put them out in the fields. The Farmers can give them some blankets to sleep on in the migrant workers’ quarters (the metal shed).

I suppose these same farmers will be voting for the Orange Beast AGAIN in November. Some people never learn, no matter how much it hurts!

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Here’s the immediate human aspect to living in of the world’s ‘shithole’ polities.

The factory farms big agr grows chemically laced food; animal products pork, beef, chicken in factory unkept facilities feed those animals antibiotics which we then eat. Ech!

Sustainable farming and soil management is what is needed and rationale raising of animals to be slaughtered in safe environments. Oh that sounds awful “slaughtered” but it is what happens to feed our population.