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Amplifying Food Supply Chain Concerns, 230+ Coronavirus Cases Close Down Top US Pork Producer

We would have avoided several other outbreaks as well.

I just read ~https://blogs.scientificamerican.com/observations/one-root-cause-of-pandemics-few-people-think-about/ which I liked, haven’t read that magazine much as an adult - maybe I should start again. Here is the last line:

If we have the will to shut down our entire society for weeks on end, surely we have the will to slightly change our diets.


Our modern American, highly efficient, capitalist wet dream can’t figure out how to change the delivery address from restaurants to food banks. Food banks can figure out how to distribute the large packaging sizes. This should be tired to any federal aid they receive. No corporate socialism without helping real people!

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What will China do without cheap US taxpayer subsidized pork?

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Hey, there’s a thought, why not call in the Nat’l Guard to harvest the food - isn’t their job to provide for domestic security …


Not to worry - it is my understanding that these co. continue to export lots of pork to China - THAT’s the "food chain they are concerned with …


LOL! The Smithfield CEO lamenting the “growing list of other protein plants that have shuttered …” Really? - I hadn’t noticed that beans, legumes, etc. had stopped growing …

Yes! And peas are the most efficient source of protein per acre.

And remember; the human body is only 15% efficient, 85% goes to sewage, wher all that money is mixed with toxins.

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I thought they were shut down 30/45 days ago by Smithfield.

" We need local farmers."
There was a time when most all the major city establishments in the country were surrounded by small truck farms that fed those cities.
The real estate system destroyed all of that. Some responsibility should be accepted by the general population for falling for the bait but this is where we are at today:
Today, the average distance to transport “food” to urban centers is 1500 miles! We are all too stupid to realize what we are doing…