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Amplifying Urgent Need to Slash Emissions, New Map Series Shows How Climate Crisis Could Impact Europe

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/02/10/amplifying-urgent-need-slash-emissions-new-map-series-shows-how-climate-crisis-could

Start the rationing of oil now.

Elect governments that mandate the usage of sustainable energy sources in all new building.

Offer rebates to homeowners and industry to retrofit HVAC systems with sustainable energy sources utilized.

Offer the auto industry funds to immediately convert gasoline powered vehicles to hybrids and all electric.

The number of new jobs would be staggering.


It would help the rest of the world immensely if the government of the United States, probably now the biggest polluter of the planet, would take the climate crisis seriously and ACT. Bernie 2020


That would be the American Military, the greatest contributor to our Global Warming Crisis.

An excellent start would be to assess climate change policies on the part of rogue nations like Australia, and include incentice or penalties in trade agreements.

All-out, substantial energy efficiency requirements would help reduce negative contributions AND provide massive numbers of good, clean jobs.

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