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Amy Coney Barrett Has No Business Ruling on This Election

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/10/08/amy-coney-barrett-has-no-business-ruling-election


“Barrett has no business” being nominated or confirmed…period.

GOP idealogues do what they were appointed to do and a Barrett appointment will turn federal courts into the defacto legislative branch as the 1% and their corporations will try any Congressional legislation they dislike in Federal Court with predictable outcomes.


Handmaid Amy has no business in our government or court system at all. She’s a committed theocrat who seeks to install evangelical faux Christian Sharia in America.


Barrett’s body language if folks still talk about that is very much that she is being deliberately deceptive.
Perhaps she is a corporate tool as well, but the impression one might form is that she is the kind of
‘religious’ that paints over psychological issues, over things unacceptable if lacking in religious doctrinal
requirements or provides excuses for what is otherwise hypocritical conduct.

There are many so-called religious doctrines which require obedience of women to anyone male, and
the abuse which usually follows is often directed by ‘spiritual leaders’ to be buried as well. Yes, he beat
you up but its important you forgive him for the sake of the children, family unity, etc. Hardly a characteristic of Catholicism alone, and arguable whether its a compelling reason to question an appointment. Also many psychological issues flowing from early abuse or other sources, particularly
if they were ‘justified’ by some religious doctrine at the time they occurred. Arguably a private matter which might not affect qualifications to sit. Which is NOT to say that either situation is good for society or the dysfunctional family it involves - only that in my view this type case is usually not something that comes to the attention of the SCt. and is less likely to present the problem of the third situation (below).

The third is a harder call. Abortion and the death penalty. The Catholic church condemns both.
What of the ‘fallen away’ not openly ‘religious’ prosecutor. Doing a really horrible murder - of a
young child after a sexual assault - plenty of aggravating factors for states requiring them. Public is
incensed - huge pressure is on the elected prosecutor. He or she files that they will be seeking that
penalty. Scroll forward - prosecutor has an airtight case, tons of evidence, and the jury comes back
almost immediately. An obvious guilty. Ready to start the ‘penalty phase’. Does the prosecutor actively
pursue the death penalty phase? The choices are (1) violating church doctrine and using your skills to convince a jury to declare that another human being be killed or (2) assigning another office member to do so in your stead. Say you’re the prosecutor and, however inactive you are religiously church law follows
you nonetheless and guides your decisions. Is it acceptable for your conscience that you have distanced yourself from mortal sin by getting an assistant to do the death penalty phase? Or is it hypocrisy of the
highest type offered to the Almighty, Or it is rationalized as probably not going to happen given the endless appeals available in death penalty cases? This particular example is not a hypothetical, and
offered only to make the point that ‘individual conscience’ means just that. There is surely an analogy for a judge who is deciding on an abortion law or a death penalty change.

At a personal level, I would much rather have a SCt candidate say outright, I cannot in good conscience sit in some and perhaps all cases involving abortion or death penalty cases. As opposed to the vague
response about I will adhere to my own principles and follow the law - when that is clearly not what they
intend to do - haven’t figured out yet how they can do - or what they in some sense of the word, ultimately determine, perhaps well after they are elevated to the Court, that they “cannot” do.

There is no shame, and usually the opposite in offering truthful answers to hard questions. The underlying problem is attempting to hide your boundaries in terms of issues that may come before you
during the ‘qualification’ process simply in order to acquire the appointment. The very concept of a
‘liberal’ or ‘conservative’ court is an absurdity. Every court, and that includes the US Supreme Court
is diminished in proportion to its imposition of political importance to ANY decision that it makes.
Just as any member of the US Supreme Court is diminished by obscuring the reality of their views
until some citizen’s or the country’s future is hanging in the balance.


She’s definitely a corporate tool, she has ruled in favor of corporations over citizens in 76% of those type of cases brought before her court.


Coney Barrett, the rabbit woman, has no business even being considered for the scotus, much less ruling on anything outside a town justice traffic court - maybe! -! She has extremely limited experience and extremist views on many subjects, not to mention her age that is designed to install an extremist “conservative” vision and “religious” point of view on all of America for generations to come and THAT is a crime against every notion of justice for all !!

This nominee must be defeated and the unDem party must play hardball to stop this travesty by whatever means needed! Der trumpenfuhrer covidiot wants a legacy he must be denied; the only thingg he should be looking forward-to is a prison cell! Already he has done far too much to divide, destroy and subvert our Republic that must ALL be “rolled-back” and restored and/or reformed, including adding Justices to the SCOTUS to balance his deranged deformity there as well as many other agencies and policy decisions! A full investigation of Cavanaugh and his removal for lying to Congress may be first!


This article states the obvious but does not (unless I missed it) answer the obvious question—who in the u.s. government could insure ACB recuse herself from ruling on this “election”?

There is no one.

And she won’t recuse herself even though trump---- the guy that nominated her-- may be alive due to aborted fetuses.

I posted this link in another comment thread:


Pence’s Trademark Piety Hides His Brutal Policy Stances

Every step of the way, Pence stood behind Trump and employed his trademark piety to mask a ruthlessly anti-egalitarian ideology. It is harder to see behind his tranquil voice and showy courtesy. Peek behind the mask and a terrifying history opens to view.


Being frank, Emphyrio, I don’t believe the ‘unDem’ party will play hardball to slow down this appointment.
Nor that it wants to. The DNC has demonstrated since 2016 complete ineffectiveness in controlling any excesses of Republicans and equally complete disinterest in even trying. If anything is done to improve
our beleagured government it will not come from the Democratic Party - not in this election, and not in the
future. I understand the argument about increasing the size of the Court but do not believe it will solve
the problem and may very well compound it. It was not like someone sprinkled ‘magic dust’ and got
folks like Thomas and Kavanaugh appointed. As long as the DNC crowd just ‘goes through the motions’,
all you may end up with is a larger majority of ‘undesireables’ the country must ‘outlive’ before things turn
the corner. And of course, there is also the matter of the rejection of Bork.

Hi Caroline:
After watching the Harris–Pence debate, interrupting Harris ---------it is apparent that the VP doesn’t think much of women. Rude to the moderator and ignoring what he thinks is unimportant---- I was amazed that he seemed to blame the prior admin for the covid issues—and yet isn’t he supposed tp be in charge of that covid stuff?

I truly enjoyed seeing the fly land on Pence’s head during the debate. A sign from heaven? Yes apparently the fly was attracted to the dying covid brain of that strange man known as Pence----a man who strangely loves black and often has the demeanor of a dishonest undertaker.

There is a poem by Emily Dickinson:------- hmmm
“I heard a fly buzz when I died…”
Poor, sad, dying covid brain as he interrupted and demeaned and lied his way through what was said to be a debate…thanks for the reality check, fly. It appears to be true that Nature is always honest. : )


If President Obama had called McConnell’s bluff this wouldn’t have been a problem.

President Obama could have sent Garland to be sworn in, stating that silence is consent, and the Senate chose not to avail themselves of their advice and consent powers.


It’s not just the Rabid Rabbit’s economic shortcomings.  FAR WORSE are her deep funny-dementalist commitments to undermining and destroying the wall of separation between church & state that is so critical to continuing America’s spirit of Enlightenment and Rationality as envisioned by the Founding Fathers.  Imperfect as they may have been, the American Experiment they began has gradually though unsteadily continued to grow and improve up until the past four decades or so and until suffering a steep decline under the Lying Son-of-a-Bush, O’Bummer, and especially Tweetle-Dumb.  The installation of Barrett on the Supreme Court could bury what’s left of our democracy under a mountain of concrete that might last for decades – perhaps forever – and that’s a chance America cannot afford to take.

IMHO, genuine Sharia Law would be FAR superior to the faux “christian” kind that Barrett, Pence and their ilk promote.   Nearly all 'Poop-Lickens and most DimWit-Rats are deathly afraid of it.   Why?   Because according
to Hammurabi, LIARS get their Tongues Cut Out!!

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Why not elect them, by a popular vote?

It will not come to the Supreme Court. It’s becoming apparent that Trump is going down to an epic defeat. President Biden needs to start ordering his new White House curtains and progressives need to prepare to take actions to avoid the likely evaporation of social activism.


Trump’s FIRST criteria for any position is PERSONAL LOYALTY TO HIMSELF.
Should not be allowed to rule on ANY case that involves any member of the Trump crime family.

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You are on to something. I’m not an expert on Islam, but have Muslim neighbors who gave me a copy of the Hadith, which is kind of like a societal and personal behavior code for Muslims.
I note that my Muslim neighbors are a lot more sincere, devout, spiritual and good citizens than my other neighbors.
The Islamic religion isn’t a “once saved always saved by the blood of Jesus, so now go and do whatever you want” religion.
It has to be lived and obeyed.
And it has a moral code that, other than its patriarchal misogyny and theistic mythology, makes more sense than what the Barrett Christians promote.

How confident are you in this . . . prediction? I will happily go with it today!

Re the curtains comment—lol.

I was certain that with (duplicitous) hopey changey Obama whatever social activism that existed would (80%) evaporate.

My gut and what I am seeing, reading, hearing tells me this time will be different.

We have no choice as climate chaos and income/racial/gender inequality ratchets up.
Unless we move into a mass of apathy due to exhaustion and learned helplessness.
I do not see that happening ------ until recently we did not have AOC, Ilhan Omar, Ayanna Pressley, Rashida Tlaib, Ilhan Omar, Charles Booker, Jamaal Bowman, Cori Bush . . . the numbers are growing.

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Hi Caroline - I agree that these are powerful people who are committed to making change. But I believe that capitalism, the US governmental/military structure, and the two Party duolopy, reproduce and nurture the very conditions we are working to change. I have hope in the grassroots community based organizing that I see building alternatives. I just hope it continues.

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