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Amy Coney Barrett Hearing Reveals Senate's Misplaced Priorities

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/10/15/amy-coney-barrett-hearing-reveals-senates-misplaced-priorities

“Why the rush ?”

Because for the the past six years packing federal courts with young fascist judges has been priority number one for Moscow Mitch and the organized crime syndicate disguised as the GOP. When you are so close to achieving a goal set in 1973 (Powell Memo) you keep the throttle wide open for the final sprint.

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I agree the GOP is more cult underworld than principled. Business interest control over government is the basic definition of fascism. The third element of fascism is local police and vigilante militia motto “Shoot first and ask questions later.” State Armed forces serve as clean up and further police state,
our worst nightmare.

But I want to shine a light. I suggest current conservative Supreme Court Justices consider retiring in 2021 with a Biden win. One or two liberal nominees Biden picks with public support balance the court. It’s just an idea. Should conservative Justices consider retiring in 2021 either way?

Donald J Trump is evil. He’s a modern day reincarnation
of Mussolini plotting a police state to be called Armageddon.
Some Central America nation to control, from there Venezuela.
Odds are this scenario is in the works blessed by our lord bejezus.
Time to get the bejezus scared out of ya people: The Worst is yet to come.

Our species seems to be headed for extinction, and Barrett’s presence on the Court will only HASTEN this!

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I call BS. The democrats could stop this in its tracks if they wanted to. All they have to do are two things, first take the House to impeach Trump again, the Senate must stop all other business until this is dealt with, second require a roll call vote on every issue instead of going with unanimous consent. The Dems are complicit unless they do these two small things. Vote Green.

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The People need to wake up and banish the Republican Party from political offices everywhere. The fake piety has been revealed. Yesterday I saw an ad on the web where Christians were calling Trump out for his usurpation of their faith for his purposes. The evil-angels may still hang on to his coattails, but the mainstream Christians (who far outnumber the former) may be collectively rejecting not only Trump, but the hypocritical and cynical use of faith as a political tool–and that is a good sign. Separation of church and state, what a concept–wish I had thought of it.

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Senate Democrats were mostly entirely ineffectual in questioning Coney Barrett asking the same questions and getting the same non-answers all Scotus nominees have repeated by rote to claim "they cannot tell " and all that predictable rot - all except for Senator Sheldon Whitehouse who exposed and connected the dots on the treasonous takeover of our courts including the SCOTUS by “Dark Money” and the players who subvert our Republic to serve their own interests and those of client corporate interests to take our Republic private - privatize our government and courts via all the tax-cut wealth thay have been gifted to fund the de facto coup attempt!

"The first truth is that the liberty of a democracy is not safe if the people tolerate the growth of private power to a point where it becomes stronger than their democratic state itself. That, in its essence, is fascism – ownership of government by an individual, by a group, or by any other controlling private power." FDR - 1938 ~https://publicpolicy.pepperdine.edu/academics/research/faculty-research/new-deal/roosevelt-speeches/fr042938.htm

  • The wisdom and warning by FDR certainly applies to buying court positiona by extremists such as the Trojn Horse Amy Coney Barrett - WHY do you think trump and the Republicons noninated her? To serve the people or private power and corporations as well extremist “religion” that dominate her life and beliefs! If you think for one second she tells the truth that her personal beliefs and what her mentors have inculcated in her will not stand in the way of independent thought or respecting court precedent, in her “originalist” legal mindset and interpretation of the US Constitution, I have a bridge in NYC to sell cheap!

DEMAND robust opposition from the mostly timid and complicit unDems in fighting Barrett’s cynical and treasonous nomination by any and ALL means possible or impossible to defeat trump, the GOP, and the big-money powers they serve!

~https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cjcXVKg43qY - watch Sen Whitehouse expose the dark money conspiracy and fascist coup

The Republicans are signing their parties own death warrant for decades to come and laying the ground work foundations for the removal of the rabbit woman as well as they did with the drunk frat-boy Kavanaugh who likely can be proven to have lied to Congress in his nomination and confirmation charade! If a real investigation and testimony were pursued on his sexual assaults and lies he could perhaps be remover.

The orange chancre trump will be the malignant tool that destroys whatever the R’Con’s might have had to baffle the people with their BS and demonstrated utter contempt for the people - the 99%, our republic, environmental protections, truth and integrity

All it takes are an opposition that will play hard-ball politics and demand accountability, not wiffle-ball, complicit silence and craven acceptance!

I agree. The Republican Party needs to become a Dinosaur Party…much like the Whig Party of the 1800"s. To call them a viable American Party is treason because they are now the Trump Party!