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Amy Coney Barrett: Just Another Pro-Corporate Villain on the Court

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/10/18/amy-coney-barrett-just-another-pro-corporate-villain-court

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After Biden is sworn in next January, we MUST demand that he add at least four liberal justices to the SCOTUS. If he refuses, we must start opposing him.

We must then also DEMAND that he stop stupidly supporting fracking and fossil fuels. I understand that he needs to say this now to get support from that evil industry, but after Jan. 20, everything changes. If he doesn’t understand how imperiled our future is by the accelerating Climate Crisis, what good is he as president?

From the article:

“The unprecedented rush to confirm Barrett denied an opportunity to fully investigate Barrett’s record and conflicts. It was pathetic that Senator Whitehouse could only conclude his remarks with a plea to Barrett to “please think about these things” when she is on the Court. With hypocrite in chief Lindsay Graham presiding over Barrett’s confirmation hearing precedent and principle were, unsurprisingly, conveniently discarded.”

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Objectivity is a myth, period. Barrett’s claim that she will judge cases on law not personal values is not possible.

Everything is personal, because persons are the agency, and persons experience the consequences. Things only matter at all because they matter to some sentient being.

In fact, we’re making all of it up! If something isn’t biological, or mineral, if it doesn’t grow from the ground or fall from the sky, if it isn’t made by Nature, then we are making it and making it up.

I have a friendship with two young men, my immediate neighbor and his best friend since first grade. They are now twenty-three. One day we were all out together doing things, and I notice that one of them was wearing a pentagram pendant around his neck. I was certain he wasn’t a satanist, so I asked if his pendant was wiccan.

He said, “It means whatever I want it to mean.”

I loved it. How brilliant. Of course a symbol means whatever we say it means. This is why I enjoy these young gentlemen so much.

We’re making it all up as we go. Our value judgments create our reality.

It seems no matter how much the people protest; no matter how loud, the politicians do whatever they plan on doing. Nothing stops them. What is the point anymore in any participation in government? Why have “we the people” NOT stopped this slide into Fascism?