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Amy Coney Barrett’s Confirmation to the Supreme Court "Would Be a Catastrophe for the Climate"

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/10/14/amy-coney-barretts-confirmation-supreme-court-would-be-catastrophe-climate


A real leader of a real party demonstrating real leadership, one that’s poised to win the presidency, the senate, and congress in less than 30 days would tell their “opposition” (wink,wink) the following:

“Look man… we all know that supreme court justices are partisan appointments. I promise you that if you force through this Barret confirmation, during my first 100 days as president with a democratically controlled house and senate, I will increase the size of the supreme court to 15 justices and stack the court. Then I will instruct the congress to get rid of the filibuster. Then I will have 3 years and 265 days to pass the democratic agenda in it’s entirety.”

But… we don’t have a real leader or real leadership.


We had a saying back in Texas for people with the glaze over stare that Amy Coney Barrett possesses: “she ain’t right”. If she doesn’t have a windup key in her back, she has the functional equivalent installed/programmed into her mind. Her responses that I have heard seem to only be tuned to please her masters and not any semblance of the truth and heaven forbid the Constitution, which seems only to be an inconvenience to her mission to bring the Kingdom of God to my esophagus.


We have real voters and a nice chunk of them repeatedly told me, right here, that talking about the Supreme Court was pushing “fear voting” in 2016. It sort of amazes me we’ve all forgotten the casual dismissal of a key branch of government in our electoral decisions, but here we are.

Why bother even having a “confirmation hearing” which provides the illusion that questioning this disgrace of a “justice” will have any impact on her being the next SC Justice. The Rethugs, led by that lizard in a suit, McConnell, blocked Merrick Garland even though it was not after people had started voting by the millions as they have now. By any measure this hearing should be stopped until after the election but the Rethugs are very eager to get her on the SC because they know that she will be a right-wing enabler for all of their causes like getting rid of the ACA (Trumpo the Traitor’s obsession) and Roe v.Wade and also going after Social Security and Medicare.
Barrett’s evasion of questions yesterday told me that she will be just as horrible as we fear. The replacement of a great justice like Ginsburg with this right-wing, Bible-thumping cultist is the latest disgrace by this appalling government we are stuck with.
Even if we mange to get this Orange Pustule out of office by an overwhelming vote for Biden we will still be stuck with “Trumpism” for a long time to come. In addition to Barrett, McConnell has managed to get more than 200 right-wing federal judges placed into lifetime positions in many parts of the country. Imagine the damage these assholes will do in the future as they rule to dismantle as much of the social programs that we have a right to be proud of and further deregulate industries and corporations.
This vile piece of shit who was installed as president once referred to some countries (mainly the ones with brown-skinned people) as “shit hole countries”. Tragically for most of us he and his appalling gang of enablers and zealots are turning the U.S. into one of the countries he so shamefully derides. Barrett and her ilk will accelerate that process. They are disgusting and I am deeply ashamed that I lived long enough to see my country turn into this sickening caricature of what we could have been.


Stories here at CD keep pointing out how dangerous Barrett would be to climate change rulings coming down from the SC. This is true, but most of the stories are glossing over how bad she would be for any rulings involving corporations and the citizens. In Barrett’s short history as a judge she has ruled in favor of corporations 76% of the time. The citizens can expect in the future to lose on many, many issues that effect their everyday lives, and their ability to correct injustices.
I fully expect the near future to bring about losses in areas like, Social Security, increased wages, healthcare, and even voting (think ranked choice voting in ME.). These examples are just a few of the many set-backs the American people can expect in the coming years if the “opposition” refuses to counter, if they have the chance, what turtle boy and his minions have done to our court system.
We are looking at incredibly dark times ahead, until our extinction. If seated, we all should be looking into buying the US flag that replaces the stars with corporate logos, we truly will become the “United Corporations of America”.


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Netflix has a nice film, “Kiss the Ground” that shows the way to reverse global warming regardless of the SC, WH or Congress.
The soil can hold 2-3 times the carbon as the air and above ground plant matter combined. We can build soil carbon by choosing what we eat. Grass fed meat, dairy and eggs help build soil carbon. Organic, no till vegetables and grains also help build soil carbon. The biodynamic vineyards are surviving the wild fires in the West better than conventional vineyards because of the increased moisture held in the soil due to no tillage. The wines taste much better too. This years vintage may have a smoky tinge to them.


Dear Andy,
The USA has an EPA.
A corrupt, lazy failure.

Flint, East Chicago, Indiana, Crestview, Illinois, Michigan City, Indiana, etc.

as current examples - all from the Chicago federal team.
I suggest those in your area are just as non performing as here.

One judge gonna accomplish more damage than those we pay regularly to do the job of regulation??
And we have not even started on the steel mill emissions.

Knee jerk fear vs truth

The Supreme Court has always been, except for the Warren court anomaly, a pro-apartheid, conservative, corporate shill. The current Roberts’ court is very much the “normal” for the judiciary in AmeriKKKa. The federal courts upheld the rights of monsters to own slaves for 100 years, so to treat Conehead-Barrett as some reichwing abnormally is to not know AmeriKKKan history.


Why do we let a few actors write the narrative of humanity.

They have no power in reality. We give them power by being pacified and by being civil obedient.

The organised are uncivil and the civil need to get organised .