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Amy Goodman Broadcasts from North Dakota Across from Court Where She Faces Riot Charge Today


Amy Goodman Broadcasts from North Dakota Across from Court Where She Faces Riot Charge Today

Democracy Now!

Democracy Now! broadcast live from Mandan, North Dakota, across the street from the Morton County Courthouse, where more than a half-dozen people will appear in court Monday on charges related to the ongoing resistance to the construction of the $3.8 billion Dakota Access pipeline. At least three people are due in court today on felony charges after locking themselves to heavy construction equipment.


" She faces riot charge."
For what? For reporting? I think Amy stepped on the toes of the DAPL elite when her videos of the vicious dogs attacking unarmed and innocent Native Americans went viral. They are the rioters! These vicious, dog handlers are the ones that need to be charged.


So sad to see that at least one of the security gods siccing dogs on the protesters
was a woman. How does this happen? Forcing people into the military and militarized
police enforcing by scarcity of employment?

Here are the people with the least -- already brutalized by our government for hundreds
of years with genocide and a still ongoing war on them and what land they retain by treaties --
in order to continue the death and destroy what is left of the lives of these native Americans.
It's a war on all of us -- a war on water is basically a war on all life.

The insanity of Capitalism is suicidal -- simply suicidal.

Thank you, Amy Goodman for your courage --

An overview on all of this -- including charges against Amy Goodman, a journalist -- and
the excessive military reaction to this peaceful protest -- is "strapping a butterfly to a wheel."

We have to at long last find a solution to this violence and greed by the few.

We have to find a way to protect water -- at risk for the entire nation and all of us.


Its no surprise to see a female "security professional" perpetrating the travesty in North Dakota when you consider that Hitler never lacked women supporters, and women have been just as active in enabling US fascism as men have.


True -- we also have women joining the MIC for quite some time now . . .
but I've always hoped that it would be to make it "Swiss Cheese" more or less.

We also had females/nuns sexually abusing children in Catholic Church -- but
they were certainly under the influence of males there.

It's sad -- very sad.


As I say at the end of every Democracy Now! episode...."Thank you Amy".


Amy Goodman is one of the last journalists.

Democracy Now! is always a reliable source of news and information.

Thanks for all of the years you shed light on under reported news.
Thanks for reporting on the resistance to DAPL.
Thanks for being Amy Goodman


The judge agreed that the charges were bullshit and threw them out.