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 Amy Goodman Is Facing Prison for Reporting on the Dakota Access Pipeline. That Should Scare Us All


 Amy Goodman Is Facing Prison for Reporting on the Dakota Access Pipeline. That Should Scare Us All.

Lizzy Ratner

This Monday morning, shortly after the sun rises over the small city of Mandan, North Dakota, the award-winning journalist, and host ofDemocracy Now!, Amy Goodman will walk into theMorton County–Mandan Combined Law Enforcement and Corrections Center and turn herself in to the local authorities. Her crime: good, unflinching journalism.


"American" free-dumb to de-pressed...


Thanks for covering this CD and thank you Lizzy Ratner!


So this is what nearly eight years of the "most transparent administration in history" looks like ?


Voting Green is indeed the best thing a voter can do to reverse the assault on the truth.


Also of note is the fact that the Hillary Clinton campaign, and many of those who promote the notion that progressives need to vote for Clinton, have not come out against the DAPL, the attacks on Native Americans, or the repression of journalists such as Amy Goodman. On the contrary, Hillary Clinton's condemnation of WikiLeaks, and the Clinton's campaign's characterization of WikiLeaks as "Weaponized" seems to imply an escalation of repressive tactics against critical journalism.


Good news, seems the riot charges were dropped.


No, that shouldn't scare us all. As far as I know this is a case of corporate interests infringing on native American lands or at least near enough as to affect said lands. (I'm a registered professional land surveyor so I am quite familiar with the laws...at least in Texas, but where native American lands are concerned the law is national) Further, there are lands that have been designated to the Native Americans (of whom I have indescribable respect) and I seriously doubt Amy Goodman was trespassing. The people who are the proper owners of that land are fighting corporate interests which means they are fighting big money. The thing is, big money still cannot obscure the U.S. Constitution which promises freedom of the press among other inalienable rights. Amy Goodman was representing the press and in fact doing her job and exposing some inconvenient truths about big oil. This is where we as people need to stand up for someone who is truly serving us as a member of the press and protected under the First Amendment thereof. IF a court finds her guilty and tries to sentence her we the people must forbid that sentence from being carried out because it is illegal.Somewhere, sometime we have to stand up to the abuse and say fuck off...we aren't going to take it anymore and if you fight us you will get hurt. If the sumbitches want a fight let's give them one. Conservatives may have a lot of guns but so do progressives. The only difference is that progressives know how to shoot and hit the target consistently rather than blasting the shit out of a bunch of trees.


What scares me is how usually only high-profile reporters get the sort of blanket support Amy and other receive fighting bogus charges while those of us out on the margins in local media are at the mercy of crooked cops and the courts.


Good points Tom.

On the topic of the "Fear Trump", one of the clearest examples of this is Arum Gupta
(1. http://www.commondreams.org/views/2016/09/26/left-underestimates-danger-trump
2. http://www.counterpunch.org/2016/10/17/the-left-isolates-itself-by-disregarding-the-grave-dangers-of-trump-and-trumpism/). What I find more disturbing, is Mr. Gupta's dismissive and ad hominem attacks at those who disagree with his perspective. Progressive change is hampered when we are unable to discuss our differences without resorting to personal attacks.

Arun Gupta made one claim that I have been interested in knowing, but have not had time to research. Gupta stated

"I’ve argued that recent history shows the Left makes greater gains when a Democrat sits in the White House than a Republican. "


"under a Republican, the Left is sucked into a center-versus-far-right battle. Under a Democrat the fault line is the Left versus liberals."

Can you provide me with any research on this?

Having worked with successful Central American solidarity groups under Reagan/Bush which collapsed when large numbers of liberals abandoned activist work under Clinton, this is definitely not my personal experience.


How can you remotely consider such a future-tense assertion "fact"? In reality, the DoJ has taken a stand with the Water Protectors, yanked the Army Corps's chain, and I'm sure had something to do with the charges against Goodman being dismissed.


Then you need to report under a traceable name and provide verifiable facts, as Goodman does.


Thanks Tom.

I appreciate this and will add it to my files. I understand that people, such as Arun Gupta, can identify examples of extreme repression and anti-democratic practices under Republican administrations and more 'progressive' social programs under Democrat administrations. However, as you know, while FDR brought the New Deal, he also ushered in the US nuclear weapons program and concentration camps for Americans of Japanese heritage and Native American Alaskans because they 'looked' like Japanese. Kennedy brought 'Camelot' but also brought proxy wars throughout Asia, Africa, and Latin America. To a large extent, Democrat administrations have succeeded in pushing through and right-leaning policies that Republicans couldn't get through or couldn't maintain. I agree with your assessment that there does not seem to be a strong correlation between grassroots organizing and which branch of the Democrat/Republican Party is in power.