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Amy Goodman to Turn Herself In, Will Fight 'Clear Violation' of Press Freedom


Amy Goodman to Turn Herself In, Will Fight 'Clear Violation' of Press Freedom

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

Award-winning journalist and Democracy Now! host Amy Goodman will turn herself in to police in North Dakota next Monday to face charges stemming from her coverage of a Dakota Access Pipeline protest last month.


Hopefully she can not only get the case thrown out of court (probably after being convicted at the local, corrupt level), but I hope she eventually gets a big, fat six-figure settlement from the local government for their abuse of a free press, like she and DN did in St. Paul in 2008, when she was wrongfully arrested at the GOP convention. DemocracyNOW! could use the money. Let’s see if her fellow journalists will stick up for her against the corporate machine the way they did for Jason Rezaian when he was held hostage by Iran. That would be very telling.


“Democracy Now!'s video of the attack, which went viral with more than 14 million people viewing it on Facebook, helped secure support from the Obama administration—”

So without DN’s coverage - no support from the O admin? So the idea is that atrocities have to happen first, they are covered by media, and go viral on FB before an admin pays attention? Gee, how encouraging …

i ask again why do we keep voting for pols we have to “push” to get even a soupcon of what we need? Why not elect pols who are on the right track to begin with? i never seem to get an answer …


Amy is a rare breed. An American Hero.


O’s support is only to buy time. It’s a stalling tactic. So yes, it only happened because of the coverage from Democracy Now.


Yes, in the same company as Snowden and Manning. And the proof is she has been issued a warrant for her arrest for Amy’s excellent journalism at Standing Rock.


Amy is quite a contradictory individual.

Great coverage of some issues, like fracking and Standing Rock.

But sadly, she has also been willing to promote US imperialist propaganda in other instances, as in Libya and Syria.

Just yesterday, Democracy Now ran a puff-piece on the US government funded Syrian “White Helmets”, which might as well have been produced by the State Department.

There is ample evidence indicating that the White Helmets are part of an elaborate PR ploy on the part of the US government and its jihadist “rebel” surrogates. But this was only briefly alluded to in passing on DN, only to be quickly dismissed.


These charges had better be dropped. Or, no journalist should ever step foot on my property. I sure will gas them, press charges for trespassing and refer to this incident as precedence. I hope CD continues to follow up on this case. I don’t think Amy should turn herself in though. If the entire press industry doesn’t stand up for Amy on this, the entire press industry shouldn’t be free to go anywhere.


Irrespective of anyone’s opinions regarding the politics or views of this valiant independent reporter. Free speech is the risk and if anyone is prepared to turn away from this issue, then as a founder is reputed as stating be prepared and like to lick the chains with the hope that you are lightly bound as the burdens become heavier. Also in the same quote it was stated that those who condone such behavior deserve appropriately the fruits of their non action. Always remember dissent in the US is legally taken as your consent. Based on US voting policy and if I recall my history correctly, the old Greek empire and sub jursidiction of Sparta had in its death throes only a few hundred voting citizens left and that is the path we follow.