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Amy Klobuchar, Minneapolis Police and Her VP Quest

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/05/28/amy-klobuchar-minneapolis-police-and-her-vp-quest

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Look, all of us here know how to end this like right now. Start prosecuting ANY cop who is involved in a clearly unlawful shooting or death, quit letting a cop “resign” for ANY wrongdoing and instead prosecute. All cops will within weeks will stop this kind of shit AND we will finally have honest cops too. They are paid very well, have excellent benefits, excellent pensions and ALL of them have a permanent “get out of jail free” card. Let’s finally hold them accountable.

Edit to add: And, Amy Klobuchar is and has been a POS.


re: The Two-Headed Party System
“Abandon hope, all ye who enter here.”


In 2002, Amy Klobuchar also railroaded 16-year-old Myon Burrell without evidence of his guilt; Burrell is still in prison. Myon Burrell has spent his entire adult life behind bars for a crime it appears he likely did not commit, and that’s a gross miscarriage of justice,” ACLU-MN executive director John Gordon said in a statement." – Feb. 7, 2020, “Minnesota ACLU criticizes conviction of black teen heralded by Amy Klobuchar,” by Robin McDowel | Associated Press.

For those sitting in the back of the room, Myon Burrell is black.


If Biden picks Klobuchar, that should shut up those who advocate for LOTE voting. After all, why bother engaging in the LOTE scam if you’re lesser evil is sure to lose anyway?

Klobuchar is as free from any meaningful policy positions as Palin is from smart, but less likely to make Biden into a winner than Palin was for McCain.


I don’t know her record as a prosecutor but if this is accurate, and I see no reason why it would not be, this should disqualify her for Vice President. Black lives matter. Police officers are not above the law. They must be prosecuted for murder when they clearly commit murder-when it is objectively captured on video. Police officers are not trained to promote peace in their communities. They are Trained to regard the public as the enemy. No one is safe around the police, including average white folks. Yes, that’s right.


Declined to prosecute (as Kamala Harris did, when faced with “The Foreclosure King” Mnuchin).
Jumped right onto the “dump Franken” bandwagon.

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They’ll still find ways to justify that narrative. They literally are at the point of excusing Biden’s rape allegations because of Trump. These LOTE sheep don’t care.

If only Sanders and “the Squad” heeded that warning and turned back from the party. Now they are no better.

there is no unity possible because these two forces are simply incompatible. this isn’t hard.

the corporatists and the self-labelled “progs” want to live in very different societies, particularly in regards to political economy. they cannot reconcile that ambition with the corporatist ambition to live in a privately owned world.

the power in this election is, interestingly enough, held by the “progressive” wing of the party, who typically succumbs to the steady diet of LOTE appeals just prior to election day. The assumption is that, as always, they’ll do it again.

Biden’s Veep pick isn’t going to matter, although it’s likely going to be Warren (who is practically slobbering every knob in the Biden campaign to get the job). Most of the leftish side of the party just got a good look at Liz’ real face and didn’t exactly like what they saw.

Biden really has no options for veep that he can rely on to capture the votes of the prog wing, because there was only one running, and it was a ‘he’. None of the women qualify.

So good luck with that puzzle. And here’s hoping the Democrats who still think we can have a better world (and that htey can save their party) finally do something they usually can’t: sink the neoliberals a second time.


This article overlooks a highly salient fact regarding its topic:

Amy Klobuchar didn’t prosecute officer at center of George Floyd’s death after previous conduct complaints

See news(dot)yahoo(dot)com/amy-klobuchar-declined-prosecute-officer-183728902.html

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Africans born in america. Stay home in November!! We’ve been pimped by the dixiecrats for years on!
Hillary " what we have is the super predator"
Bill, executing Ricky Ray Rector( mentally challenged African), and his racist crime bill
Obama, drone assassinations, Trayvon Martin, Mike Brown, Flint, Michigan water crisis. Stay home! Send a message to the dixiecrats. We’re tired of being PIMPED!!! Go to YouTube and listen to Malcolm X"s Ballet or the Bullet speech. A democrat is a dixiecrat and if you vote for 'em you’re nothing but a Chump!


Amy Klobocop epitomizes the “get tough on crime so the Republicans don’t call us names” mentality that has been the hallmark of d-party politics ever since Reagan (and before).

For example, in the Blue Wave of 2018, The Squad got a lot of ink but it was the Blue Dogs from the military and intelligence communities that actually returned the Speakership to Madame Pelosi (“Madame” – could there be a better term to describe the corporate welfare pimping she oversees?). And it’s the Blue Dogs who control the d-party agenda now – all elite power in the party is in the hands of centrists: Obama, Biden, the Clintons, Hoyer, Schumer, Clyburn, Perez,

Which is why, when the d-party elite sneer at us lefties about having “nowhere else to go,” I say:

An r-party for the right wing.
A d-party for the centrists.
A third party for the left wing.

[Oh, and yoo hoo, Democrats, the Repubs are still calling you weak, no matter how many bombs you drop, black lives you destroy, and police departments you militarize…]

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A guarantee:

If Amy Klobocop had won the d-party nomination instead of Biden, Norman Solomon would be writing article after article urging lefties to vote for her in November.

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If Biden is serious about unity

Dear Norman,

When beginning to read an article from a respected writer, I assume the content won’t sound like it’s coming from someone with his head up his ass, because well, one would think the “respected writer” status has been appropriately earned. But, JFC what a stupid thing to say.

Serious about unity…

“Hi uh, I’m uh Joe Biden, uh, and I would like to, uh, humbly ask for you to join my campaign. See me meekly smiling and pretending to be contrite?, Please give me your support while I get Bernie to tell EVERY ONE of his extremely intelligent, hardworking, passionate campaigners who worked tirelessly and donated their precious time and hard-earned money to go FUCK themselves. I need your money even though I’ve got the entire establishment and Wall-Street funding me.”

Please Norman, pretend the outrage is petulant.

Please keep saying we don’t have a choice, it actually cements our determination to make EVERY effort to prevent the security state from installing this war-mongering, lying, bankster.

PUMA is the one thing Killary got absolutely right.

To think I used to actually look for your essays.
Ridiculous. Go suck up to some moderate Republicans why don’t you.

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that is how the brother gets paid, yes.

you don’t get a steady job as an opinion-monger if you’re not mongering approved opinions.


We’re onto you.

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Being in the Democratic, Party and wanting to reform it is a lost cause and at least Bernie did prove that in 2016 and 2020.

hey Joe, Just say No, to amy klobuchar. there are better candidates without her baggage.

just a suggestion: put all dem candidates in the cabinet! liz warren would kick some serious tail at treasury, harris for atty general.

bernie has driven the dem platform left by a good bit…hillary and joe would not go there otherwise.