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Amy Klobuchar’s Defenders Mistake the Promise of Feminism


Amy Klobuchar’s Defenders Mistake the Promise of Feminism

Elizabeth Bruenig

Sen. Amy Klobuchar’s 2020 presidential bid has been beset by grim reporting on her treatment of staff members since the Minnesota Democrat declared her intent to run earlier this month.



Any candidate that treats people–particularly subordinates–poorly should have such behavior ferreted out by an effective press and be made accountable for it. Any party. Any sex. Any this or that. Calling all aspirants to the revival of the Fourth Estate. There is plenty of room, just not a lot of corporate money (nor exposure) in it.



Klobuchar should be disregarded as a candidate based on her propensity to stake out policy positions that are likely to be ineffective for average Americans but acceptable to big donors.

She epitomizes the incrementalism that now has us reckoning with climate collapse, unsustainable wealth inequality, and endless war. No thanks, Amy.



I agree. She is anything BUT a progressive and her record proves it. That’s really all I need to know.

Klobuchar has voted with Trump 30% of the time. She’s voted to confirm half of Trump’s appointees. She’s voted for the obscene military spending NDAA. She’s voted for the anti-BDS bill. She had a very Republican-like tough on crime record as a County Attorney. She has not endorsed raising the minimum wage to $15 an our, she has not endorsed universal higher education, she has not endorsed the Green New Deal, she will not endorse Medicare for All, she takes PAC and corporate money like the good Democrat she is and more. Come to think of it, she does a very good imitation of Hillary Clinton.



I thought throwing things other than a wadded up piece of notebook paper maybe is bad enough, but if she really “has attempted to sink job prospects for staffers departing her office as revenge for their leaving”, that is despicable.

I already had enough reason never to vote for based on her policy positions, but I’m glad to see this kind of office abuse get some sunlight. I’ve been lucky enough in my life to never deal with this crap - nobody should have to.

I’ve been listening to a lot of Tulsi Gabbard lately - she was amazing on The View - I would have lost it trying to talk to those morons. And she gave a very long interview to Joe Rogan which puts some more of her Iran views in context. I’m starting to weigh criticisms of her less and less. I’ve completely discounted any LGBT based criticism which is absurd given her voting record and her recent statements, and I’m starting to think she may have the most progressive stance on Iran regardless of hesitancy on the Iran deal. I suppose I need to hear more on her current views on torture (I believe she’s made some recent statements in opposition) and drone strikes (I need to know the exact set of circumstances she finds these weapons permissible). But I’m starting to think she would be the most restrained president we’ve ever had and she may be the most progressive on the domestic front as well. I wish I thought she had a better chance, but she’s young and if she doesn’t make it this time, I hope she becomes a Senator or Governor and tries again in the future. I will definitely be donating to add to the 65k donor threshold she needs to meet to be on debates.

(By the way, Bruenig is about the only thing Left Right and Center has going for it these days - almost everybody else on that show is unlistenable. I wish she was on every week, but it seems like only about 1/2 the time.)

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Why is no one digging into her effing with job prospects allegation? That is so bad and so cruel and we are basically all glossing over it. Thank you for saying something.



I watched that interview on the view and was very impressed with Tulsi Gabbard. She was so composed in spite of the way she was being treated by those so called “progressives” that were interviewing her. Now I am a Canadian but I would really like to see her in the debates and the DNC hard at work trying to keep her out of them.

While issues like health care and the like important the two most important issues facing the world today are global climate change and Militarism and she speaks to the latter more than any other.

Here the way I look at it when it comes to Militarism in the USA and Military spending.

Addressing health care will not necessarily lead to a more peaceful world. Raising minimum wages will have minimal. impact on US wars waged abroad. These things along with poverty and wage inequality and all of those things important to progressives are not happening because the USA focus too much on Military spending. No candidate can be taken seriously when it comes to the progressive platform if they do not focus on the waste of Military spending and militarism. I think every person reading this should donate to her campaign just to ensure her voice heard during the debates.



On the former, I look forward to hearing more. You may know (I didn’t till recently - I think I heard it from @JoanRobinson ) she introduced the Off Fossil Fuel Act in 2017 (https://www.congress.gov/bill/115th-congress/house-bill/3671). I’m not sure why she hasn’t signed the Green New Deal - I will read https://medium.com/@alanmyron/green-new-deal-vs-off-fossil-fuels-act-from-political-games-to-effective-policy-4bb8b64e295a and poke around, but given her past statements, she should have a very solid environmental platform (on Joe Rogan I think it was, she said she got into politics because of the environment).

I’ll see if I can’t talk my wife into sending a separate check. 65k donors should be doable - I wonder what she’s at now.



HI dara, I’d like Bernie and Tulsi as a team : )



Don’t forget that Trump was elected president. Which means anyone can.

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Just what we need, to replace a petulant angry male in the white house with an angry petulant female.

Besides she belongs on the Right Side of the aisle with the Republicans.

I have not heard a single progressive idea come out of this woman’s mouth.

She is playing it safe by catering to nobody with vague meaningless generalities.

She plans to ride her way into the white house by being the political centrist woman without the controversy that Hillary carried.

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Well. As a Minnesotan there is no way I’d vote for Amy for Pres. As a progressive there is no way in hell I’d vote for an incrementalist centrist like her.
And so the weeding process begins (thank goddess)



Sorry, but she supports the War on Terror, which means she supports permanent war. That’s a deal breaker for me.

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Although Klobucher may survive Iowa, I doubt that she will make it past New Hampshire in the primaries.



Deal breaker as in she wouldn’t go in the top 3 if you were voting a hypothetical RCV Democratic primary? How about a hypothetical RCV general election between Trump, Gabbard, Stein and Johnson - would you not give her the number 2 spot?

From what I’ve heard on foreign policy between Sanders, Warren, and Gabbard, I like Gabbard’s remarks the best. She is the clearest and most motivated to reduce the carnage the US is making in the world.

She wouldn’t be permanent as president so even if I thought you were right that she supports a US stance that is a permanent war on terror, but that war is scaled down 95% of what we do now and 100% of the bullshit we do against countries (like Venezuela) that have nothing to do with the war on terror (other than bullshit claims on Hezbollah in Venezuela which is laughable) is gone, then I’m all in.

Obviously everything is relative. She still ranks # 1 for the Democrats for me. So for you she isn’t in your top 3 I take it? Who are your top 3? Are you sure about their stance on the war on terror?

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HI GANDOLF: LOL, that’s true, and Trump has indeed proven that" just anyone CAN grow up to be president." People always say that, and we have had some really creepy ones too----but I think that the REALITY of the insanity of that has finally hit home. : )



Sanders, Warren, Harris at the moment.



tRump Dump Prime isn’t a reflection of “just anyone”. He’s an alleged rich fvck.

Obama and Bill Clinton represent the “just anyone” phenomenon. Both came from modest upbringings. Nixon and Raygun, too, come to think of it.



Hi Ron-Genise, LOL, but in an intriguing way, Trump ( without the money) is just anybody. : )



But without the illusion of money he wouldn’t be pResident.