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An 'Abomination' of Justice: Mistrial Declared Over Police Shooting of Walter Scott


An 'Abomination' of Justice: Mistrial Declared Over Police Shooting of Walter Scott

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

The judge presiding over the case of Walter Scott, who in April 2015 was shot in the back by former South Carolina police officer Michael Slager, was forced to declare a mistrial on Monday after the jury announced that they were unable to come "to a unanimous decision."


Way too many like this juror exist in the US. Hope the entire state of South Carolina becomes part of the Injustice Boycott.


The near total impunity for extreme police brutality, violence and overt executions of Black, brown, and poor people continues with no end in sight - will there never be justice for any of the murderers or victims? Even when killer cops are video-taped committing murder there is no justice and that is an abomination - NO Justice, NO Peace!


No doubt the cop is now being considered for a post in the Trump Administration.


the flip side of nullification. when one ideological juror--who probably lied like a rug to get on that jury--hangs everything and basically says the whole thing was a waste of time and treasure because he was never voting guilty against a cop.

yeah, if this case doesn't get a conviction, then it's not gonna happen anytime soon. a great day for killer cops everywhere given how clear this case was.


Well, that holdout will now be free from ever being issued a ticket, arrested or otherwise be implicated in any criminal/civil violations. A free ticket from the po-po.... Meanwhile, Scott's family sorrows are intensified by this miscarriage of justice.

Police brutality seems to be an accepted part of American society as reflected nationwide in the numerous exonerations of police regardless of the evidence. All the po-po has to do is claim "I feared for my life" while hiding behind a badge pinned to a kevlar vest while carrying an assault rifle, taser, and billy club.


What I. find surprising is that anyone would believe that cop would be convicted. And if he is tried again, I suspect that the result will be the same.emphasized text


An unarmed man running for his life is shot 5 times in the back and on video! And the cop that shot him is exonerated?? I am sure that Mr. Scott being black, had nothing to do with it!

If you are an innocent black man in America and are shot by the police the police are guilty until proven innocent by corrupt courts. Reminds me of the saying of Judge Roy Bean: " first we will give you a fair trial before we hang you"!


Prime example of Don's penchant for dishonesty and intentional character defamation against community members on this forum who dare criticize Obama.

This particular example, even though Obama isn't actually the topic of discussion, comports with his extensive intentional effort to engage in libel against me and others on this forum, accusing us of racism.

People who are actually AGAINST racism, and have lengthy comment histories to prove it.

But that doesn't matter to this person, who in this behavior exhibits qualities of a sociopath who would engage in such intentional character assassination not only against one person, but many in this community.

Here is what I wrote in response to the article about the indeed, abomination of justice of a mistrial that lets the officer who obviously murdered Scott Walker in cold blood go free. This case especially is an abomination of justice, given that Scott Walker's murder by this cop is just part of an abysmal series of murders by cops of African Americans in this country.

I wrote…

No doubt the cop is now being considered for a post in the Trump Administration.

That comment, adds to the volume of comments that I made against Trump's campaign that intentionally stoked existing racism for his own personal quest for power.

THAT is obviously the context of my remark.

And what does Don, intent on making me out to be a racist yet one more time reply with?

That's just silly, even for a chunk of poultry. Are you trying to build a reputation as an idiot? One thing you should have noticed is that a picture of Scott with a uniform on is a direct hit at the hearts of the racists. The sacred vs. the evil so to speak. At least in their warped minds. And you?

Anything else to say about this miscarriage of justice? It's almost enough to make me cry and it's not even my country. Any courage there to express your reaction?

luv from Canada.

Just one more example of this person's INTENTIONAL attempts to damage someone's character with full knowledge that what he asserts is absolutely false.

That is called libel.


Never mind that he was raised by Reagan, two Bush's a Clinton and received his training under Obama...

Have no idea what you are asserting here? It appears it is some kind of rhetorical remark designed to project meaning upon my comment.

What exactly are you projecting there adipocere?

What is the point of these sort of comments - to reduce everything to a mindless quip about Trump, who is apparently the first bigot ever to be elected to office in America?

These sorts of comments? I made one, what, I'm to answer to other comments that comport to your particular take on comment taxonomy, mindless or otherwise?

I'll tell you what the point of my comment is however, if you actually are wanting me to answer.

First of all, my comment was mindful of the following…

Trump ran a campaign that stoked racism against blacks, Mexicans, Muslims, and women. In this instance, as I was writing my comment, I was being mindful of his use of the coded language of "law and order" which is nothing new in US politics, and also mindful of the many accounts of Trump's racist remarks against blacks and his behavior of being a racist arrogant jerk billionaire.

I was also being mindful, when making my comment, that Trump is filling his cabinet with people who just love shooting Muslims, and run websites that are havens for White Nationalists and other flavors of racist jerks.

Seems to me Trump appointing this cop, who killed in cold blood a black man running away from him, would comport with his trend of appointing right wing jerks. And would comport with his coded race baiting of returning this nation to "law and order". Of course we know he isn't talking about law and order as it applies to white color crime, right?

And what's with your last rhetorical question? What, my comment asserts in any way that I regard Trump as the first fucking bigot to be elected to office in the US?

I suggest you engage in random jerk comments to someone more stupid than you are.


" No doubt The cop is now being considered for a post in the Trump administration. "
Yeah, along with Don. Oops , Don comes from Canada. Well, maybe he can get a fake birth certificate from Trump.


Maybe it is just the way you sign your post that is so annoying. You can't even spell.
I wonder how Canadians would feel about Americans constantly criticizing them. Actually not, pretty sure I know.
As I said before,those in glass houses shouldn't throw stones.

Ex pat in Saskatchewan


"Indeed, the shooting—which was captured on video—catalyzed fierce local and national protests against police brutality, particularly against people of color, and spurred calls for a widespread overhaul of the justice system."

--a justice system which was greatly influenced by John DiIulio's sham "super-predator theory" -- and promoted in turn by the Clintons in the mid-1990s. It isn't just incarceration rates of African American population that increased after the promotion of DiIulio's crap science, but police training, which has led to nothing less than the legal lynching of African Americans


Being a cop is a hard job. They are not, however, supposed to be above the law. Everyone saw the video, saw the cop shoot a fleeing man in the back then jog back and pick up what had to be the taser and drop it next to the dying man. Then standing around with the other cop and offering no assistance. The lack of accountability is the problem. As far as "feared for my life" I guess the few bad cops have latched onto this as an automatic "get out of jail free" card. If you are always fearing for your life, you should not be a cop in the first place.


This my the last time I will respond to you. You just don't get it.


You have accused me of being a racist over and over again you lying jerk.

Furthermore I explained my post, and the reasoning behind it which is all about being AGAINST racism, but that doesn't matter to you lying libelous sociopathic jerk.


Ice he gets it. But he won't stop his dishonest attacks on this community.


Go cluck yourself.


This ignorant juror put his or her own personal agenda before upholding the law. I assume that agenda was in favor of law enforcement. The stupidity of that decision, though, will probably cause more law enforcement to be in harms way. Without a system that actually enforces justice and brings about justice, we can see people attempting to take the law into their own hands and do things that they consider to be a form of justice. We should not want that type of thing happening but this juror only helps feed anger and hatred when people feel that justice is not served.


Ok, that made me laugh. :slight_smile: