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'An Absolute Outrage': Sanders Rips 'Wealthy Tax Cheats' as CBO Estimates $381 Billion in Annual Unpaid Taxes

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/07/09/absolute-outrage-sanders-rips-wealthy-tax-cheats-cbo-estimates-381-billion-annual


“Outrage” is an inappropriate response at this late stage. Tax cheating by corporations and the super rich has been going on for decades. Being outraged about it the first time, or perhaps the second time (after corrections were attempted), is appropriate. After the umpteenth time, however, “outrage” comes across as phony and contrived. What is needed is action: prosecution and asset forfeiture of those who have cheated, more cops on the tax cheat beat, and legislation to enact stiffer penalties. In the absence of action, “outrage” is just another virtue signal, or just more empty pablum to feed the distressed masses and make them think something is about to be done to stop the crime and punish the criminals. There is always something about to be done… So let’s have hope and change… Riiiight.


But really folks, do the students need tuition-free education or libraries embellished with Starbucks. Priorities folks, priorities.


[quote=“thylacine13, post:2, topic:79970”]
“outrage” comes across as phony and contrived.

I hope you are not accusing Bernie of offering a “phony and contrived” message. I am not aware of anybody else commissioning the CBO to report on tax cheating by the wealthy. It, of course, comes only from Sanders, so let’s not shoot the messenger by saying he is being duplicitous. Whether or not we like the position Bernie has put himself in, we should not discount that he is one of the very few who consistently is calling for action against the fraud and corruption of the wealthy and also calling for relief for working people. His point about what could be funded if the wealthy paid their fair share of taxes is revelatory and should be acted upon.


"found the amount of unpaid taxes from 2011 to 2013 averaged around $381 billion per year, "

So how much between 2013 and now?

Meanwhile (from the Guardian) -

The supreme court will start issuing its final decisions of this term in about 40 minutes, and Donald Trump is waiting to hear whether the justices will block the subpoenas for his financial records.

But again, even if the justices rule in favor of the House committees and the New York prosecutors seeking his financial records, it doesn’t necessarily mean we will quickly see the president’s tax returns.

The House is not explicitly seeking the president’s tax returns, and the New York prosecutors are asking for the returns to share them with a grand jury, which would mean they are legally required to be kept secret.

Long story short: Americans are still unlikely to see Trump’s tax returns before they head to the polls in November.


Judging from what we have heard about Mary Trump’s forthcoming book, the Trump family has been second to none in the tax cheating business for a very long time.


Sounds to me like the top 1% has some splaining to do.

Then, a large tax bill to pay.

Damn, the penalties on those unpaid taxes are going to be pretty high.


Ha! If we even go after those taxes, they will undoubtedly be negotiated downward. Congress is not interested in collecting from the rich, that’s clear. That’s WHY the IRS budget has been cut. This will lead no where.


Do you suppose they will be as high as the penalties levied upon the elites serviced by Epstein and Maxwell? Or will they be as non-existent?

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Apparently there is only ONE Human Being residing in Congress, BERNIE SANDERS.

The rest of the Greedy Bastards are Colluding with their Corporate Donors.

The Shortfall created by the Rich not Paying Their Taxes means that the working class folks who are barely able to survive Must Pay for the Military and the Maintenance of our Infrastructure, which is Crumbling.

Now we are stuck with 2 Evil Candidates in November, Regrettably I cannot vote for either one of those Fascist Corporate Puppets who will Steal from the Poor in order to give more Tax Breaks to the Rich.

War Monger Joe is Loved by Wall Street and the Endless War crowd. Biden pretends to be so rational and sane but he is in fact a disgusting WAR CRIMINAL who will Never get my vote.

Trump is an insane Bigot and will Never get my vote, where is Jill Stein when we need her.


This has been a fact and an outrage for decades. There is nothing in it for the super wealthy to pay their fair share of taxes so, in their minds, why should they? In the 1950’s under Eisenhower, taxes were enforced, the super rich paid their share and it worked. Today it appears we have a tragic no-win situation that proves the payment of taxes by the super wealthy is unenforceable. We need one big powerful Progressive Party (full of diversity) to materialize over the next four years by combining all of the fragmented ones if there is a prayer that change can ever happen in this country.


IF we had a Congress that gave a damn, all lobbyists banned forever, some serious prosecutions targeting a few figurehead tax-evader individuals and corporations, progressive taxation ratesrestored to Eisenhower levels, tax law written and/or enforced to penalize all “offshore” corporation tax evasion and scams, and the penalties include hard-time prison, and ALL unpaid taxes (including long-past offenses/evasions) subject to serious fines, interest, and forfeiture of assets - IF all of that were pursued forcefully we would see a new day of tax justice.

Yeah, I know…a pipe dream, but one that is necessary and just!


Hell yes they should have free tuition. Education and transparency are the bedrocks of democracy.


Tax cheating by the rich is a calculated feature provided by Congress, not a bug. Congress has reduced funding for the IRS for many years to produce this feature, knowing that it’s much cheaper to audit the poor. This does two things, it creates two tax systems (just like our justice system), and makes it harder for the poor to claim earned tax benefits like the EITC (Earned Income Tax Credit).
I read an article last year, but don’t have a link, where the head of the IRS admitted that tax payers in my state (one of the poorest in the country) were more likely to be audited than those of CA or NY. The link below explains why. Please don’t miss the comment in the link by Sen. Ron Wyden.



Is Dr. Jill Stein running for POTUS in 2020? Are has Jill been completely censored by the MSM?

Congress is interested in collecting ‘campaign’ funds from the rich. Which is why it protects the rich from the claims of Joe Q Public.

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That assumes that Biden wins, then is willing to do anything about this.

To me, thats a Unicorn level stretch


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Leona Helmsly said it all when Leona said: “ONLY LITTLE PEOPLE PAY TAXES”.


Thanks Phred_Pharkel for your reply. Shanti

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