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'An Absolute Red Alert': Snowden Joins Journalists and Rights Advocates Worldwide Rallying to the Side of Glenn Greenwald

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/01/22/absolute-red-alert-snowden-joins-journalists-and-rights-advocates-worldwide-rallying


Yes, Glenn, and we’ve seen this first with Assange, then
Manning and now you; could be a pattern?


It’s not just Greenwald, it’s his colleagues too who are under threat.


Daphne Caruana Galizia sons are still fighting against those who blew her into droplets with their car bomb. Justice may be a poor substitute for a lost life. But what choice is there?

Without a counteroffensive, the mafia will have even more control and begin even more drastic personal attacks on each and every citizen. (By mafia, I include all the terrorists in power)


Some good old fashion American Democracy … let the chains ring or was that let freedom ring? Challenging the official state lie has its hazards.

Reference Bolivia after the American Coup. Opposition in prison, real journalist murdered, peaceful protesters shot and killed … American MSM (Main Stream Morons) says the Bolivian people crave free and fair elections?


Rhetorical question? (-:

Apparently they can’t see their own back yard from their lofty and protected perch above the truth.

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More like fear of the truth.

“We will not be intimidated by these tyrannical attempts to silence journalists,” he added. “I am working right now on new reporting and will continue to do so.”

Glenn I appreciate your bravery, but please do not forget you are stepping on the toes of fascist criminals and thugs.They will try do the same thing to you that they did to Snowden, Assange and Manning.


I reckon we’ll see just how seriously the corpress takes their lofty slogans as democracy dies in Bolsonaro’s darkness.

Just finished the book, “Permanent Record” (the government is keeping all the proceeds). Big Brother should scare people, but they are clueless.

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“This is unbelievably naked retaliation for revealing extreme corruption at the highest levels of Bolsonaro’s administration, and an existential threat to investigative journalism in Brazil,” tweeted NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden, who called the charges against Greenwald “an absolute red alert.”

Wish he could be this clear and forceful when it comes to defending the person who saved his neck, Julian Assange.

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Well, for intention see “oatstraws” comment. Greenwald and other
journalists have not come to the side of Assange and now it’s,
“the chickens coming home to roost” for all those critical of a pro-
war government.
Thanks for replying

Greenwald and other journalists have not come to the side of Assange

You are full of sh*t


Press freedom is about to be tested against the tide of rising fascism.