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'An Acknowledgment of the Next Generation': New Zealand Declares Climate Emergency

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/12/02/acknowledgment-next-generation-new-zealand-declares-climate-emergency


Watch ms. Ardern’s address to parliament here:


This is leadership.


Snarky comment alert -
See? This is what happens when women take leadership roles. It’s a sure bet we will enjoy similar Progressive and enlightened leadership when Kamala becomes POTUS…
Snarky comment off.
I sure would like to move to New Zealand…


He’s not telling us anything we did not already know:



The #1 cause of climate destruction is ignorance. Ask questions .

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Me too!
Damn . . . stuck here with the duplicitous duopoly/oligarchy and a bunch of white supremacists where I live.

And in the meantime speaking of duplicitous (Biden et al):

Eric Holthaus

After campaigning hard on climate justice, Joe Biden ( I would add “climate envoy” Kerry) has yet to publicly address the just-approved Line 3 pipeline directly.

Every reporter should ask him about it.

What happens next will tell us how serious Biden really is about climate justice.

Minnesota’s Line 3 pipeline gets final permit

The proposed pipeline project is the first big test for the Biden campaign on climate, and a potential environmental justice disaster.


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I would add anthropocentrism and a disconnect from the other life forms on earth which includes a lack of reverence for them.

A good example of anthropocentrism is the hyper focus of covid vaccine development, how focused TPTB are (which includes $$$$ focus) because it’s about saving humans.

Can you imagine if there was this much focus, this much passion directed at saving ecosystems and protecting other life forms other than humans?

This is the latest thing that is driving me crazy. The vaccines are all you hear, see, read about in MSM (and other places) of late. All this while temperatures are soaring, arctic melting, ecosystems dying, viruses on the increase due to AGW/ecosystem breakdown but what do we hear about? Pfizer, Moderna, Novovax.

Edit: I’m going to add selfishness to a major cause of climate destruction AND human destruction. It is superseding an overall anthropocentrism right now as evidenced the the selfish individuals spreading covid because of short term selfish needs -----I’m not talking those who have to work to live, I’m talking those going to biker rallies, thanksgiving gatherings, flying, going to bars etc. etc.

Looking at the numbers of covid deaths rising each day, morgues overflowing, hospitals full is infuriating.

I don’t know what to tell you Sunflower. We know that being a vegan helps AGW, habitat destruction enormously but people most people won’t do that—I could give a lot of examples where people are presented with information, guidance for what to do who turn a blind eye.

Wearing masks help minimize spread of covid, staying home if possible etc. but look at the covid numbers today.

It’s not as simple as telling people what to do I fear.


We need knowledge on what to do.

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My Nephew moved to New Zealand after he saw protesting the shocking, illegal, and awful attack on Iraq was useless when millions of us tried to stop it.

He loves it, but he tells me that New Zealand is a very difficult country to move to as you need to be either very wealthy or have some high tech. skills.


WINGS. Thanks for the link, I will forward it to my Nephew in New Zealand.


What’s occurring in New Zealand is indisputable proof that the cynics are wrong, that human beings actually can have thoughtful, responsible government. They just have to be sufficiently enlightened that they’ll truly want it. The people of the United States could have thoughtful, responsible policy from their government if we truly wanted it but we’re the polar opposite of enlightened. We don’t want it because it’s not what we value. We value ignorance and arrogance, all in accordance with God’s plan for us. Praise God for bringing us Trump. Can’t they see that he’s making America great once again? Ignorance and arrogance will get us to the promised land.


WTF? Of course she’s against guns. Anyone in their right mind would be.


“Emergency!” [crickets] “Emergency!” [crickets]

Our human civilization is rather well-rigged to ignore anything that doesn’t make political insiders wealthier. If an invention existed that would cost certain insiders a lot of money, that invention would be sandbagged for many decades, by hook or by crook.

Now I’ll tell you rather precisely which inside sandbag jobs (that you personally might help thwart in time) can lead to the wanton mass starvation of your grandchildren, grand-nieces and grand-nephews:

  1. Every home should store solar heat for nighttime use. The average roof should have its shingles replaced so that the attic space absorbs solar heat, and then a little fan brings the heat down as needed. We can talk about storing coolness for air conditioning too. In the Frost Belt, heating buildings is 50% of natural gas use.

  2. “We must achieve 100% renewable electricity!” [crickets] Imaginary 100% is easy, just triple solar generating capacity and call your fairy godmother. Real 100% is when electricity is stored and 99.99% of peak load demand is covered.

2a. It’s easiest to store solar thermal heat and then generate at night.

2b. Hydropumping pumps water uphill to a pond when the sun shines / wind blows and then the water is let down through turbines as needed. I recommend a version of hydropumping that uses rocks, sand and clean fill.

  1. We need to make freeways obsolete. I-93 south of Boston is one local example. A couple of cables traveling above a street should be enough to move one human-occupied pod at a time. My targets are a factor of ten lifetime savings per passenger-mile in energy and most of that is renewable electricity. Also it will be cheaper than autos, vastly fewer traffic deaths, wonderful for disabled riders and covid-safe.

  2. California and other places are going to need water. My mountain slope chimneys create precipitation and night fog while they generate electricity. Moisture helps plants sequester carbon and keeps forests from dying and burning up in megafires.

  3. The Arctic is on schedule to release 1.4 teratons of greenhouse gases game over. How about stopping this process? Duh? [crickets] For the tundra I recommend artificial snowmaking machines driven by local wind power to restore the tundra’s white albedo. For the Arctic Ocean I recommend wind-powered pumps that enhance ice formation.

  4. Agricultural sequestration involves plants and getting their carbon roots pretty deep in the ground. We need to maximize worldwide agricultural and forest sequestration. I have an algae greenhouse too but getting the farmers involved is the top priority here.

So lets respect invention if it can be rolled out pretty quickly, even if the wrong (as in, no we’re not wealthy) people get some rent money. [crickets]

The madness is that any country, state or region can choose to do the mission-critical R&D. Not one of them, not even one of them is intelligent enough to do the work and probably create vast numbers of regional jobs. Stupid is as stupid does, and a kick in the pants on your way out the door too.


Agreed. We will see shortly what Biden will pursue. I wish people would keep their daggers and poison at bay until he at least takes office.


Then the #2 cause is Greed:

“It is difficult to get a man to understand something, when his salary depends on his not understanding it.”

  • Upton Sinclair,

Biden and his party are getting nothing more than the scrutiny and response they’ve earned and should expect. If they were accommodating the progressives who helped them defeat Trump in any meaningful way, it might be reasonable to expect that progressives would ease up a bit and see what happens. But they’re not. Unsurprisingly, they’re treating progressives more than ever like the irrelevant saps they are. Biden and his party are no more deserving of free rein than was Trump and his Death Cult.

Many so called progressives, I suspect and myself included, voted for Biden simply and solely because having a mentally ill thug running the country further into the ground was intolerable, and having concluded that swapping Biden for Trump was measurably more tolerable simply because he and his party would be running the country further into the ground at a slower pace. That distinction certainly isn’t cause to award Biden a presidential honeymoon, a political “time out” free of scrutiny and criticism when criticism is due.

In fact, a political timeout is the last thing Biden and his neo-liberal colleagues ought be allowed to enjoy. The need to carefully monitor their conduct and, when called for, respond accordingly is more crucial now than ever before, considering the damage constantly being done to the country by the duopoly. I suggest that your call for forbearance be directed to Joe Biden, for it’s he who is calling the shots and the response thereto.


Tax that which you do not want. Create markets for clean energy to leverage greed.

that depends on who gets to levy the tax. So far, it ain’t us.

Jacinda Ardern, you are everything I wanted in a gal. So glad New Zealand has you. So glad the Planet does too!


speaking of guns, we haven’t heard from those people who are in favor of population control lately ???

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