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'An Act of Love, An Act of Justice': Anti-Nuclear Activists Headed to Prison for US Naval Base Protest

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/11/16/act-love-act-justice-anti-nuclear-activists-headed-prison-us-naval-base-protest


“To be clear,” said Martha Hennessy, granddaughter of Dorothy Day and one of the sentenced, “these weapons are not private property, they belong to the people of the United States; they belong to me, to you, to us.”

True Martha, but only true in a Democracy, America is not even close to true Democracy, the fact that you and your fellow peace makers are being incarcerated is ample proof that Amerika is and has been a world wide fascist, military dictatorship.


More evidence are our whistle blowers locked up or on the lamb.
If anyone wants to borrow a battle ship or submarine I part own a bunch of them.
I am even the un-proud owner of a space force I’m not using.
Even some White House furniture, art, and silverware. But that may not be available.
Don’t mean to downplay nukes. but maybe we should chill on this snowy Monday.

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The U. S. government does not speak for me, nor does it represent my interests. In no way do I condone the massive crimes of development and deployment of nuclear weapons, and in no way do I condone persecuting those who speak up or commit acts of property damage against the tools of utter insanity. The U. S. government is a terrorist organization, and Judge Godbey a committed fascist terrorist. Whether through neglect of addressing climate change, arming the world for profit, failing to provide for public health and safety, or maintaining its nuclear arsenal, the U. S. government is the manifestation of absolute insanity, inhumanity, and criminality. This government, its patron corporations, and all who work on its behalf are the real enemy of life and the living. Alas, the masses of sheep we are, the universe will only find justice once Homo sapiens is exterminated.


" In a time of universal deceit, speaking the truth is a revolutionary act". George Orwell.

When George said this back in 1948 he was prescient to say the least. He was talking about the Plowshares peacemakers, Chelsea Manning, Julian Assange and Snowden.


This is deliberate murder of these activists by this horrible administration who was central to the spread of COVID-19 and should be removed immediately from governance. Remember, prisons have become a death penalty:


The most dedicated peace activists you’ve never heard of are headed to federal prison amid a deadly pandemic.



Not sure I would only blame this administration, these pacifists would be going to prison under the last administration, and the one before that, and the one before that, and the one…


I pity the judge. She is a part of systemic injustice and doesn’t even know it! What a shame and very difficult to fix.

The courts and its minions, the shyster-for-hire lawyers, have always been used against the people. Its the way it was designed. There’s not an ounce of principle in the whole pseudo-profession of law,never has been and never will be. It does NOT suit their purpose. Even a cursory look at the history of the Supreme Court and its “decisions” will reveal that it has always been on the side of the power structure instead of the law and it has always been more a political institution than a legal agency.

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Welcome to common dreams Doubtom.
What’s left then but protest in the streets? And even that is sketchy under the foot of the Fuhrer.
Next thing may be beefing up security for protests, or even bringing an group ready to retaliate. Hopefully without looting and vandalism.

We should have had a revolution a long time ago,we lack the spine necessary to save our nation.

Indeed, prison is just one tool in the arsenal of hate, vengeance, and retribution implemented every minute of every day by a psychotically deranged economic and social paradigm through its willful collaborators. Many war resisters during WW I were murdered. Africans were kidnapped, tortured, enslaved, and murdered – just treated like disposable property – further testament to pandemic European-American-white psychosis and criminal insanity. Indigenous Americans were routinely abused, raped, tortured, and murdered, singly or by entire communities and tribes. If you’re black or brown today, you stand a much greater chance of incarceration, a much greater chance of a being falsely convicted, and a much greater chance of being murdered by “law enforcement” (aka hired thugs) than were you white. We live in a viciously corrupt and contrived economic-social system that will kill indiscriminately anyone who challenges the incumbent “order.”

The judge who sentenced these nonviolent anti-nuclear protesters, Lisa Godbey, should herself be imprisoned for the duration of her pathetically worthless life. Let her rot away thinking about her insanely distorted sense of morality, ethics, and humanity.

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