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An Act of Protest, Not Sabotage, at the Birthplace of the Bomb


An Act of Protest, Not Sabotage, at the Birthplace of the Bomb

Amy Goodman

There is a vast military complex deep in the hills of eastern Tennessee called “Y-12.” This is where all of the highly enriched uranium is produced and stored for the production of the U.S. nuclear-warhead arsenal. It is in Oak Ridge, the city that was created practically overnight during World War II, that produced the uranium for the atomic bomb that was dropped on Hiroshima on Aug. 6, 1945. Today, the facility, dubbed “The Fort Knox of Uranium,” holds enough of the radioactive element to make 10,000 nuclear bombs.


A far better and wiser path to so-called National Security. This deserves repeating:

"Plowshares is a movement that derives its name from the biblical verse Isaiah 2:4, which instructs “they shall beat their swords into plowshares, and their spears into pruning hooks; nation shall not lift up sword against nation, neither shall they learn war anymore.”


If ever a better or more worthwhile protest was made, against any committed wrong; wrongful actions, wrong and destructively wasteful policies and generally a world and its people, insanely continuing to defend that wrong action— someone, please show it to me.

The magnitude of that committed WRONG, is simultaneously, rivaled by, and allied with what mans’ history teaches as his; some kind of “existent, erotic love affair with the art and the games of war ”.

What is it within us that disallows us remedial action? What has made us this way? Can it be that we just don’t give a damn?


I would argue that on the Republican side of things, and in many minds of those right smack in the middle of all votes - the so-called Independents, we would find millions of those who only get angry when any one of us stirs the pot, challenges the status-quo, raises our voice in protest of any kind against the powers that be, the corporatists in control of our Congress and our President. I would argue that these people do not like any kind of confrontation or “thought” about issues because it bothers them to have to stop and consider all the facts. They do not want to be bothered, and therefore, anyone who stirs the pot ticks them off. Then and only then do they get up and shout. Unfortunately their shouts are at those who care enough in the first place to have already considered the FACTS, and can clearly see what bad outcomes lie ahead, if we just sit by and allow them to happen. This is a dumbed down nation, if ever there was one. Thanks to the Republican Money in charge of MEDIA, in charge of silencing people through POLICE effort, in charge of undercutting all thinking, undercutting Educational avenues, undercutting the welfare and intellect of every American out there. It is in their own interests to destroy all thinkers. And they are doing their darndest to make that happen, with the help of our Supremely ignorant S COURT.


No Simple Answers to Complex Questions? Hmm, I Wonder…

We constantly hear the outcry from conservatives mostly, “You can’t fix the problem by throwing money at it.”. Yet it is they, who have been, in the past, so successful at doing exactly that.
Their major problem of course, has always been gaining enough popularity to win elections.
No hard-headed modern American, of whatever political persuasion, race, religion or gender should ever under estimate the power vast amounts of wealth can exert.
The potential power of “unleashed wealth” can have an erosive effect on “problems” that is rivaled only by the effects of tsunamis on tidal land areas of the worlds geography.
So! What are some of those Complex Questions we Seek Answers for? And; From Where do we “Unleash this Tsunami of Wealth”?

Let’s have a go at just one of the most seemingly complex and unanswerable questions ever presented to mankind… Stay awake now… Don’t go to sleep on me! No rocket science is involved.
How do “We, the people” create a “true civilization” on planet Earth: One free of war; Free of the self- destructive forces of man himself; Free of his insane violence;
And with social and economic justice for all of humanity, woven indelibly into its charter?

Past ingenuity of man, especially his progress in science and technology in only the past eight decades informs me that when he perceives the need, man can and will, co-operatively conceive/invent and come forth with remedial systems to fulfil that need. I neither advocate the worship of “man gods” or, creations of “shrines or temples of honor” for individually grand discoveries but I do advocate that it is way past time that we at least bestow upon man, ourselves, some greater degree of respect and awe than is given him now and has not been allowed him in the past.

Now: About; “How and from where do we “Unleash that Tsunami of Wealth”.”.
If one were to list all of the “truly progressive” organizations, political partys, single theme advocates, responsibly inclusive and non-discriminating religious groups, charitable organizations, world peace advocates, all groups that in the past have worked for a better, more harmonious world. Add to them; all now existing, (and mostly willing) private trusts and endowments dedicated to future funding for noble/good progressive purposes. Top that all off with a World Wide, universally applied, “excess profits” or “Robin Hood” tax of say 50% or 60% of the assets of that much too wealthy, powerful and greedy 1/10 of 1.0% of the world’s population.
Further, as a handshake effort of sincerity and good-will, the major powers of the world commit to a reduction of 50 to 60% of their present defense budgets and all of their military research budgets toward new weapons development.
A summation and collection of all those, now existing, ( assets, all separated over the surface of the of the world, in many small puddles, to ponds, to massive great lakes could be the reservoir to contain that Tsunami.
Recall that Sister Megan Rice, that amazing lady, commented to Amy Goodman that the Oak Ridge facility alone cost American taxpayers a mind boggling 10 trillion dollars