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'An Act of Terrorism': Mexico Plans Legal Action Against US After 6 Citizens Killed in El Paso Shooting

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/08/05/act-terrorism-mexico-plans-legal-action-against-us-after-6-citizens-killed-el-paso

When I was in grad school at UT Austin, my friends and I would frequently drive to McAllen, cross to Reynosa, Mexico, drive east half way to Matamoros (the crossing town to Brownsville, TX). We did development work in a village called El Palme, where we primarily did construction work for public facilities, etc. I became familiar with with the ins and outs of the the border. (I also crossed at several other crossings.) Granted that was a LONG time ago. A great many people cross the border each way for just the day for fun and commerce and have for a long time. The idea that each and every person that crosses the border is illegal as is painted by the rwnjs is abhorrent to the truth. Xenophobia is a horrible thing. Ignorance is a horrible thing. Trump knows these are all he has left. He will double if not triple down. Strap on your spurs and hold onto your rope mi amigos, this bull is going to buck with even more fury in the near future. Peace.


Why not just give Texas back as a little gesture of apology?


Playing devil’s advocate here, I say Mexico should invade the US under the tenets of the GWOT. Completely devastate the countryside, killing innocent civilians. Tit-for-tat. All the while saying the main goal is to get rid of those nasty terrorists.
Otherwise, the US doesn’t give a squat. Too busy shopping, you know. And doing the thoughts and prayers thing.
Mexico has a lot against the US. I would hope its leaders would go to the UN and file an official claim of constant terrorism from the US, naming it as much a source of such actions as is Saudi Arabia. Or Afghanistan. Or Iran and Iraq.

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What a great idea.

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The US needs to take a hard look at itself and when it does enough people of good will should become so disgusted with this nation that it will know the very nature of the nation must radically change. This is first and foremost owed to its original victims–the First Nation peoples and African-Americans and all its subsequent victims that never needed to have been victimized in the American continents and abroad.


People become what they are taught to be; at home, in school, via religious dogma, media, the mores of society - many influences, and among these are political figures.

Some families teach respect and tolerance, some bigotry and racism.

Education has been arguably undermined to serve the lowest common denominator; how to get a job, not the humanities and has in many ways failed us.

Religion has become more divisive than inclusive and tolerant; more concerned with dogma and contempt for others than understanding.

Media has become less a force of truth and inclusion than an instrument of propaganda and diversionary pablum; a vehicle for the political charade, propaganda, lies and deceit.

Political figures can either inspire unity, tolerance and the Common Good, or sow division and bigotry and hatred - contempt for the lives of others.

The place in history as the prime-mover, motivator, of the worst in people rather than the best, of the current “political figure” in question is obvious to me.

It used to be said “you are what you eat”, and in this context, you are what you are taught and are constantly exposed-to. That dynamic in all its aspects, perhaps especially controlled corporate media, must change if we as a society are to evolve beyond hatred, bigotry, and division - to do that the current prime-mover of the worst in people must be called-out and held to full serious account!

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You have obviously NOT been to Mexico any time recently. It is NOT a hell-hole. The people are gracious and hospitable and there are many wonderful and diverse areas. You have obviously been taught hate and bigotry. Too much FAUX news?

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After the Dubya Regime failed to renew the assault weapons ban in 2003 assault weapons started pouring from the US into Mexico even though they have never been legal there. This exponentially increased violence in Mexico.

Hopefully the Mexican Department of State has put the US on its DO NOT TRAVEL list of dangerous places to visit so Mexican citizens will be warned of the dangers they face north of the border.

“Ebrard said Mexico could try to extradite the shooter, 21-year-old Patrick Crusius”

That would actually be a pretty good idea. Time in a Mexican prison would be real punishment.

Plus, we are incarcerating a lot of criminal illegal aliens from Mexico in the US so it would be nice of them to take at least one of ours.

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