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'An Administration By and For the Powerful': Merkley Nails Mulvaney Over Trump Budget


'An Administration By and For the Powerful': Merkley Nails Mulvaney Over Trump Budget

Jake Johnson, staff writer

"Everything we see in this budget is about help to the powerful and an assault on working Americans."

" Which is more important: educating our children or more money for the Koch brothers?"
—Sen. Jeff Merkley


Mulvaney knows the answer is the Koch brothers, but of course too much of a political, coward to say so!


“It” begins with, “We the people” obviously these people are unamerican, those that wrote this budget.


First off: I am VERY proud of my representatives here in Oregon. Perfect? Of course not but almost always on the side of the working people.

Second: How can anyone watch that scum REFUSE to answer “Which is more important?” and not see that we have been overtaken by oligarchs with no morals and no “give-a-shit-factor” beyond their own rewards from corporations for their stomping of the non-wealthy of this country.

Thirdly: What good does it really do for articles like this to show up on sites like this? The only benefit I see is a shot at catharsis for us. I would love to see more articles on TAKING ACTION to stop or reverse the shit that is being rained down upon us by the GREED CAPITALISTS! (I no longer use the word “elites” because it acknowledges they are on a “class pedestal” that I would rather BURN DOWN!!!)


While Merkley’s rant may be factually true, Democrats want to take away our guns, and that cancels out any consumer protection, funding for education or help for hungry families that they might offer.

Reason isn’t a very effective tool against a party backed by tens of millions of morons.


Some good words - albeit, the exception that proves the rule that the Democratic Party normally shies away from such confrontational language.

But the right liberal ruling bloc of the Party will never willingly move such statements from a subordinate periphery to center stage - one big tent, so long as half of those under the tarp have little power.

As I periodically propose, I’d shift my long-time Green allegiance for an insurgent Democratic Party bloc: something like Sanders’ movement, but that refused to simply join w/the right liberal bloc, instead - as in a Parliamentary coalition - demanding organizational appointments and binding progressive platform commitments in return for support…

…a democratic Democratic Party, which, in its turn, could mobilize the vast numbers of low-income voters that supported Sanders but don’t vote.

The progressive numbers that end up supporting the right liberal Democratic bloc are there - that would be the Sanders supporters that half rose up before being forced back into the harness. Question is what post-Sanders organization and platform could carry Sanders’ abortive insurgency forward.


Head stuck in a dark and smelly place without light? What an absurd response.


Thoughtful comment about practical U.S. electoral politics. While we do not have a parliamentary system, there are many tactics that are not prevented by the Kabuki “politics” that we have now. I would suggest another one: what if a progressive coalition would build a “shadow cabinet” that constructed a truly progressive program? There is nothing legal to stop that. It would basically be a P.R. mechanism that could be converted into a campaign organization at key times. If Bernie had gone Independent and done something like naming a shadow cabinet that put forward a progressive program, they would have had a fighting chance.

The problem is that the Dem wing of the duopoly does not want to take responsibility for something that could actually work. Their role is to sheep-dog and Bernie has joined them lock-stock-and-jock.


How about stating a vision we might all want to vote for Merkeley and your damn dems? NOW IS THE TIME TO PUT FORTH WHAT YOU ALL BELIEVE IN AND WANT TO SEE IN THIS COUNTRY. Enuf with defense. Stand up with your offense if you even have one.


Your gone.Way gone.


Such restraint shown by Merkley…seriously. Mulvaney is a clearly avid bagman for Trump, and what an imposition on the Senate committee he is.


I’m also from Oregon. While I have little faith in Democrats anymore, Merkley and Wyden have shown that there are a few who will stand up for the average guy on MOST positions.
Merkley was the only US senator to endorse Sanders.


Thank you, Senator Merkley. And thank you, Mr. Johnson and CD, for bringing us respite from the relentless cycle of ugly news. It does help to know that there are a few who are trying…


Speaking of MORONS, nephewsam: Baby/bath water???


We need to rethink support for Wyden here in Oregon. He is in the bag for AIPAC and Israel.


He was doing more than this: Sow doubt and dupe the people. A campaign against these cretins must include the sources from where they get these statistics. And, they must be made over and over again.


A really good idea, Tom.


Go easy on him, you can’t fix stupid.


The Kochs says all of them because why? They bought us a long time ago.


You live only for your gun. Absurd!