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An Administration of Losers?


An Administration of Losers?

Tom Engelhardt

In a sense, human history could be seen as an endless tale of the rise and fall of empires. In the last century alone, from the Hapsburgs and Imperial Japan to Great Britain and the Soviet Union, the stage was crowded with such entities heading for the nearest exit. By 1991, with the implosion of the USSR, it seemed as if Earth’s imperial history was more or less over. After all, only one great imperial power was left.


Brilliant! Thanks Tom.


It appears that the endless rise and fall of empires (or perhaps world powers is now a better word) will soon end as it is likely that this planet will soon (within several decades) be largely uninhabitable due to climate change. The situation seemed almost hopeless before Trump. Now it seems more hopeless. Of course, the military is very concerned about climate change being a cause of future wars. However, under Trump this real concern will probably be silenced. To save their careers the top military people will most likely go along with whatever insane policies are handed down.


More accurately perhaps, an administration of crooks and liars. I predict many in trumps cabinet and advisers will (if there is any justice available) be forced out and/or be indicted.
If its a crime to lie to the FBI, what about lying to the American people to gain office for personal profit?


Trumps cabinet looks to me like it is close to being a military coup d' 'etat by his selection of so many retired generals.

" A phenomenon until now restricted to the military and its distant wars seems about to spread to what's left of the civilian part of our government."

With the election of Trump; and believe me, I would love to be proven wrong! Amerika is not an inverted totalitarian Republic, but has now become a totalitarian, military dictatorship and with Trump having his own private security thugs, a full blown police state.


Indicted by the utterly corrupt and hardly-impartial judicial branch?

Investigated by the Republican-led Congress (or their Democratic co-conspirators)?


Which is why his ascendancy at this time is so perfect.

Eventually, the military (and militarized police forces) will be dispatched domestically to quell the (hopefully) massive protests. At some point, these poor saps will realize that they have more in common with the people they have been ordered to shoot and kill than with their masters-- and will lay down their arms or turn them on their "superiors".

And just like that, it'll be Game Over.

Which is not to say that Americans will not suffer hardship and violent deaths in the process. But we liberal snowflakes failed to act when the consequences would have been less dire and the system easier to dismantle, so it is going to have to take what will be coming in the next few years to do the job.


Thus my reference to (if there is any justice available).....................


Delusional crap. The currency here. Speaking of currency, which of course you weren't, what's happening with the Stein millions? The whole recount fundraising issue just slammed shut here. A little accounting maybe?


The only good that could possibly come from this is to prove his how wrong the idea that thing would be made right if running things could be turned over to businessmen and military generals who know how to get things done without all that liberal bureaucratic shilly shallying. Well, they have their chance now. We shall see.


Once Trump turns posse comitatus into his private security force it will probably be too late.


The purpose of the US Military is not to win wars against foreign enemies nor is it to defend the United States of America or to provide its citizens security.

It is to increase the amount of the Worlds Wealth in the hands of the 1 percent that are the owners of the US Government. That wars are endless and new enemies always created is because as far as transferring that wealth from the many to the few, the US Military is a great success.


It wouldn't surprise me, in which case, at least we'll know (at least those of us with some degree of consciousness will) that the only hope of survival will be to go at it alone or in small groups of like-minded individuals and to stay under the radar, and we'll get on with the business of living There will be difficulties, for sure, but we're the lucky ones. The rest of them-- those poor saps-- won't know what hit them or remotely what to do about it.