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'An Affront Crying Out to Heaven': Pope Calls for a World Without Nuclear Weapons

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/11/25/affront-crying-out-heaven-pope-calls-world-without-nuclear-weapons

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If there were a Satan, he would applaud the use of a weapon that kills all life including microbes.

Nuclear weapons are satannic.

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This country won’t be able to be firm on any changes until our elections and order of law are resettled. We are in a partisan shit storm that has to be settled, perhaps by revolution or coup.

We can blame those that won’t let go of their power, greed, and political self righteousness.


How about relating to the subject of the article?

I thought it would be understood that us dealing with our nuclear status is presently beyond our dealing with. If I still missed the mark, enlighten me.


The article is about the Pope’s remarks urging a world free of nuclear weapons. Surely a comment about the politics of getting from here to there is on topic.


Consider the source…

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How about growing up?


You neither mentioned the Pope nor nuclear weapons. You do not state the changes you believe we need to be firmer on etc. Then you say the partisan troubles need fixing maybe by coup (geez) or revolution? Easy for you to say I guess. Then you state the obvious. But your comment is a generic commonality at best and you never address the subject of the piece. You often do like to state the obvious or hear what you have to say but you should at least try to at least mention the subject of an article if only for form’s sake if you aren’t going to add something to the debate (on what should be discussed from the article).

I’ll be watching for those changes to appear any day now, right?
Geez, I’m just a lowly human joining in on a conversation. Didn’t jump in just to get shit on. Must be the aftermath of the Packers losing to the 49ers. Peace, without nukes sounds fine to me.

Thanks for getting my drift.

I agree with the Pope on this of course (but disagree strongly on his views on birth control and the status of women in the church - I’ll never understand why more women aren’t leaving in droves).

Cost is not the first thing that comes to mind when wanting to get rid of nuclear weapons though I agree it is a very significant portion of our military budget though I want to cut a lot more than just this amount of money - cutting about 2/3 of the total defense budget for a start is about right.

The first thing that comes to mind is the accident potential and the environmental mess that these weapons have brought us even without an accidental detonation (and we’ve come close). As @Trog points out, our entire nuclear power infrastructure was distorted from more logical ways of doing things in order to supply bomb material and much of the environmental problems have been directly from weapons production. It’s a huge mess.

We need to understand how the one country (South Africa - I believe still the only one) to give up these weapons succeeded, and we need to get there ourselves.


Okay your drama (and that of others) amazes me. I hadn’t realized that you (or others) were so fragile concerning the the things you write. I will try to be cognizant of your delicate sensitivities about criticism. Moreover you asked me to ‘enlighten’ you. Apparently you were only saying that for form’s sake, so you are capable of that at least in some capacity.

I only said - “How about relating to the subject of the article?” Oh dearie me, I don’t think of you as a lowly human being and you shouldn’t think that about yourself either. Poor thing, you just join in the conversation anytime you like with whatever you want to say whether it’s about the article or any old thing.

I was only making a brief comment asking only that you might address the article in which comment section you were posting. It was only nine words but evidently they must have been devastating for you and so I must apologize for asking you (I thought rather politely actually) to comment on the article instead of ‘pontificating’ (I had to add that in).

To my thinking your closing words would have been enough - “Peace, without nukes sounds fine to me.”

I agree.

I’m a little gun shy of not being considered on topic, but your South Africa comment reminded me of the Australian’s and gun control (New Zealand as well. If we don’t try stuff we have already failed.


For the most part nuclear weapons are used for deterrence…To bad all the millions of children who have been molested by Catholic clergy were not armed with small nuclear devices, it would be a different world.

If I might… his comment could almost be a form letter that could be inserted into most comment sections on CD. He could have at tried to relate the comment directly to nukes or the Pope. Just sayin’.

If this is an example of the level of debate or even commentary, it is simply depressing. So you think they are mainly for deterrence eh? Oh, um? Okay.

I’m a little gun shy of not being considered on topic, but now Tulsi is going to sound “Vatican-y” as well as “Kremlin-y” lol. I would love to hear both say “sell solar panels, not bombs. That’s a great alternative way to promote peace and ‘American Values’ blah blah”. I do hope the 7 get mentioned with the Pope.

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Evidently (lol) I must have hurt your feelings. Obviously it didn’t work. Lol.

You wrote - ‘Consider the source.’ Tsk, tsk! Don’t be naughty now. Lol. I would like you to know that I am devastated! Stunned really and cut to the quick without a doubt!

Humbled and dreadfully chastened, I can only say… Oh Poo!

P.S. please excuse my strong language. I am very upset. Lol. No really! Oh Poo redux!