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'An Affront to Our Humanity': Obama Bans Solitary for Children


'An Affront to Our Humanity': Obama Bans Solitary for Children

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

President Barack Obama is banning the use of solitary confinement for juveniles and low-level offenders in U.S. federal jails, a measure that the ACLU said could save thousands from "needless suffering and permanent psychological damage."


Obama finally did something on his own. One can only wonder why this wasn't done earlier but seeing it done at all is to his credit.


Obama could have taken on this abominable behavior of the US penal system on the first day that he was sworn into the office of the POTUS in 2009. He didn't. The man is a self-serving fraud. The fact that he is addressing it now is a affront to the intelligence of the voting public. He is a fraud and a coward. The only one addressing the the abomination of the US penal system is Bernie Sanders. Sanders is perhaps not the best one can hope for in US politics, but he is light years ahead of all the scum that now inhabit that realm.


When I first read this headline I thought it was about Obama banning the drones from killing children. An affront to our humanity Mr. President? Yes solitary confinement for children is evil, but compared to your drone murders of so many innocent children in foreign countries it is a red herring! Why now? The real affront to our humanity is: YOUR MURDEROUS DRONE PROGRAM!


So the President is now addressing "affronts to our humanity" that he can do something about as POTUS?

i've got a list... it's a long list...


This would be awesome if I believed it. How has Obama banned anything? He made another speech making claims he was finally doing the right thing. Now federal agencies are "required" to "review" and "plan." (State and local agencies are presumably required to do nothing.) Why are they reviewing and planning? Under what authority? Executive Order? They could easily review and plan until Obama's term runs out, then do nothing. I didn't used to ask questions like this, but I'm just sick of Obama constantly being given credit where none is due.


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