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An Agenda for a New Internationalism

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/07/21/agenda-new-internationalism

I like these ideas and they are not impossible. Just in America, FDR was able to gather people, marshal skills and get Americans back to work with all kinds of jobs that improved communities in spite of the Great Depression. Besides that— it was amazing all that happened after Dec. 7th 1941, to gear up America so quickly for war. And really, if so much was built for war, it has to be possible to build equally for peace and prosperity too!

"People, Planet, and Peace Before Profits."

What a concept.

Ya think anyone would vote for such a platform?

I’m still holding out hope for the Zombies, and I am not referring to the rock group.

Hi PonyBoy:
Zombies as in Dawn of the old Dead movie?..Well, except for the progressives ( the real ones)
I think a lot of the people in Congress are already zombies—as they are snarling and grabbing and tearing apart the nation by eating up America’s future!


The PUBLIC ownership of a nations resources so as to work on behalf of the greater common good was something those opposed to Democracy absolutely feared. Virtually all of the US “Founding Fathers” abhorred the thought suggesting the masses too ignorant to Govern and that common ownership of resources was an attack on “Personal liberty and freedom”. (The only one who saw otherwise was one Thomas Paine).

This thought process (I am superior to everyone else so deserve MORE than anyone else) is also at the core of Racism as outlined in the other article posted today speaking to the Racism of Herr trump.


Riane Eisler, in her book The Real Wealth of Nations, states we need a new definition of how we measure the GDP of a country. As it is now, work that truly helps us all, like child care, elder care, growing and harvesting food, housework…is not included in that measurement. Also, the people who do this work are grossly underpaid and undervalued. But work that kills people and the environment adds to the GDP. Time to take a quantum leap and realize what’s truly worthwhile employment.


Zombies are humans who have lived their entire lives by the label they put on themselves probably when they were 18 to 21.

They only see things as either Democrat, or Republican. To them, their is no other choice.

I was a Zombie for decades myself. Too self absorbed to realize the reality of what was happening in the world that I had grown oblivious of.

My shame is my own. I own it.

No Stardust, these Zombies are not like in the movies. They’re like you and me.

Being married to a political party that supports the expansion of the concept of Empire, through excessive military presence all over the globe, is in itself, corrupt and wasteful, and damaging to anything resembling Democracy.

Sorry, you asked.


Your comments make me think of the Zombie Apocalypse in a new light…

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With this crowd in control, it’s closer than we all may want to believe.

Hi PonyBoy:
Thank you for that definition . The amazing thing is, that America won the war and was in good shape, and the terror of the Nazi way was vanquished----- and yet, it seems that America took all these positives and became an out of control negative made of greed, hubris , and eternal wars. : (

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lofty goals but the human record usually undermines that kind of thing. For example, religious zealots of all kinds that want to impose their rules on all have a life beyond market forces. And human desire to consume - to drive and fly everywhere, to turn up the AC, to eat meat, to enjoy the convenience of plastics, that has to be dealt with especially as most of the billions too poor to do much of that want to do that too. And on top of all that there still is relentless human population growth, another billion in just 12 years or so, and after that another billion…
Reforming capitalism is essential, but its not enough!

We need to catch young people with these new ideas, before they become part of the present system and develop goals of getting rich at the expense of creating more poor people. Young people have a highly developed sense of fairness. Who gets the last cookie? Why? What are some solutions? Etc.