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An Alternate National Food Mandate

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/11/12/alternate-national-food-mandate


Nice Op-Ed.
Not what I was expecting.
You are correct.

But I am torn…
I do not wish ill on others even though most are my enemy.
If they cant be educated to the cause then let them eat cake!

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Marianne Williamson raised this issue in the DP primary debates - and was promptly ignored. She and Tulsi Gabbard were, IMO, the best candidates on the stage - the problem with Bernie is he just doesn’t seem to have the courage of his convictions.

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I’ve said this for 8 months and I wrote a functional medicine blog post on preventing viral illness. Whole food eating is my #1 “prescription.”


I always love people who want to tell others what they can and cannot do.

Authoritarians of all stripes need to be resisted. To the original author: You control your own life, not the lives of others.


If you think the “wear a mask” theme was rejected by the MAGA crowd, just try to take away their junk food, it would be civil war for sure. The country’s collective is resisted on all fronts by this group that makes up almost 1/2 of our population, unwilling to do what’s good for the country, it’ only what serves their own individualism that matters to them.


because the opposite is socialism…?

I always found it strange -FOXicans? Kochians? - so called republicans - use social media.

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holy cow - THIS is the reason I am not all that excited about M4All - junk food -
people who eat that crap would take the system down fast - I’d never get in @ the dr.(if I needed one) for all the food sick people complaining about their food related problems -
A good questionaire would be needed ?- salt ? sugar ? refined flours ? no nutrition - just ‘stuff’ to fill the hole - until it eats a hole in the body system.
sorry this isn’t so eloquent - being a chef/cook/market farmer of real food has opened my eyes to ‘the other way’ - They come to me AFTER dr. has given them all the pills & potions & as the last resort sez to change this or that in the diet - & it only lasts a while - junk food is so easy/convenient/tasty? & I’m so expensive - so yeah, its not going to happen - too much$$$tobemade by food companies & oh, the freedom to do whatcha want.


Junk food can be expensive----------if I stay away for a month or two then eat some my body tells me how bad the crap is. A new Taco Bell opened it was packed for two months-----I went in finally, went once and never returned-----It was gross. But please stop the mandate crap???

Sure, let’s tell people what to eat–because top-down control never gets abused, because Prohibition worked so well, and because the DEA does not work to take out the CIA’s market competition.

Davis is right to take the problem seriously. He cannot just invent himself a mandate.

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