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An American General Probably Thinks- “Thanks Trump, for Putting a Target on My Back!”

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/01/05/american-general-probably-thinks-thanks-trump-putting-target-my-back


Ann is so smart! I’m always enlightened by her insight and commentary. This article makes clear that with with so many targets, the CIA could easily find a way to use locals to attack any one of them, then blame it on Iran and declare war. There is no effective oversight of the CIA or NSA so of course they could cover up their complicity, just as they did in Syria under Hill the Killer, and likely in 911 under dick and bush.


An “eye for an eye” can be the only resultant action.

Trump’s Generals have wisely all abandoned ship.


There a reason John F Kennedy wanted to break the CIA up into a thousand pieces and the CIA made it pretty clear what would happen to any political leader that tried.


Putting a target on the backs of patriotic Americans has been the GOP’s standard operating procedure at least since the Dubya regime outed CIA agent Valerie Plame in 2003.

Not to mention that in 2018 Trump pardoned Scooter Libby, Dick Cheney’s henchman who outed Plame.


Dumb Donnie has just terrorized America. “Everything Trump touches dies.”


PonyB, you must be feeling better!

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Ann, while your detail on U.S. military presence for war is outstanding;
to mention Ed Snowden, Chelsie Manning and WikiLeaks, all
treasures for a peaceful world; how on earth could you neglect
the founder of WikiLeaks and the journalist being tortured to
death because he revealed the murderous U.S. military that
you document? By the way, his name is Julian Assange.


It was Carl Rove who disclosed her identity to reporters.
Ari confirmed the fact.
He was not prosecuted because the prosecutor said that Ari did not know it was against the law. That excuse never worked for anyone I know!

Cheney has bushie2 initial a sentence that covbered his a$$ in that sad, bad disruptions.

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Cheney indeed wore the pants in the white house from 2001-2009. Dubya just followed Cheney’s orders.


Not only generals and such should worry about a reprisal, but also any shopping mall in jerkwater, U.S.A.

You know, FUCK American generals! These jumped-up, beribboned sacks of shit have done nothing but fuck up in the Middle East for decades, lying their “patriotic” asses off about it the whole time. They absolutely suck at what they do, and they deserve our most vehement disrespect. They are a disease on the body politic. Go ahead, Iran, take 'em all out. You’ll be doing us all a favor.


What’s wrong with that? Let’s return to the good old days when generals led from the front, and fought in single combat.

If leaders get us into wars, let them actually fight and take the consequences of their actions.

I’ll wager we’d have a lot fewer wars…

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American military targets will play second fiddle to oil infrastructure.

$4/gallon gas dooms Trump’s second term.

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