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An Annotated Transript of President Trump's Noxious, Horrible, Outrageous Address


An Annotated Transript of President Trump's Noxious, Horrible, Outrageous Address

Common Dreams staff

While Republican Speaker of the House Paul Ryan was among those who praised President Donald Trump's address to a joint session of Congress Tuesday night as a "home run," progressive commentators agreed the speech offered nothing redeeming and only proved once more the dangerous and destruction agenda the Republicans have in store for the American people and the world.


Who wrote this speech? and how did they get Hair Twitler to stay on script?
Creepy, freaky and predictable semi-factoid tripe.
The applause bits are quite unnerving, to say the least...


...and God bless the United States. Where is God?


Empire Files with Abby Martin and Chris Hedges:



".... Cures to the illnesses that have always plagued us are not too much to hope. ..."

That's nice. But how does he expect the average American to be able to afford the drugs and treatments?


"He" is duly cited and credited on the holy dollar bill.


Wall Street is going bat-shit-crazy with delight right now. I refuse to put my retirement fund money in fucking oil-and-war-soaked capitalist stocks in my gov. employee TSP - which does not even offer a "socially responsible" fund option (most of the stocks of which are crashing since Jan. 20 anyway). Sticking to principles means $10K foregone in the last 4 weeks, and probably a couple 100K in foregone earnings over 18 years. As I wrote earlier, of all the most vile things about capitalism, the way it makes it so difficult to be good is the most vile of all. Fuck capitalism.


Sociopathic mass murder is not heroism.

“Ryan died as he lived: a warrior, and a hero — battling against terrorism and securing our nation,” - President Donald Trump

Above all, Seal Team 6 member Ryan Owens, was a human being. The violent death of any human being, particularly at the hands of others, is a tragedy. Owens is one more victim of the US federal government's perpetual worldwide War of Terrorism.

Yet, while Owens death is tragic, he is no hero. Ryan Owens collaborated with members of Seal Team 6 in a sociopathic crime against humanity. Seal Team 6 bombed civilian homes in the middle of the night, then broke into these homes and shot everybody inside including the elderly, women, children, and a newborn baby. They left Nawar al Awlaki to bleed to death as she lay screaming in fear among her dead family and friends. Seal Team 6 chose to refrain from ensuring that the civilians survivors of their massacre were provided medical assistance. Such sociopathy is the antithesis of heroism. A truly heroic act would be for Seal Team 6 members to turn themselves in to an international court to be tried for their crimes against humanity.


And the only way to make America great again is to poison her water, air and environment?


Mr. Trump put quite a bit of effort into implying that brown people are murderers. He never said anything good about any brown person.

However, Black people, you have arrived! One of the murder victims' fathers planted in the audience was African-American, and "has become a very good friend of mine. Jamiel, thank you. Thank you."


An interesting technique where Trump announces what he intends to do in the future but doesn't explain just how he will accomplish doing it. This gets everyone discussing and debating the issue in general terms but without the benefit of any specific details. What soon follows is a lessening of the public' interest and outrage in these issues that people have already talked about to some degree. Later when the dire specifics are revealed many people have already become numbed to the issue because they have already 'discussed' it earlier on but to no purpose. Now they have the specifics but the freshness of the issue will be lacking.

These non-specific pre-announcements on issues are cynical but effective ways of dampening interest and opposition. A writer might pen a critical piece before the specifics are known but then later would seem to be repeating themselves or recycling an old piece. The impact is gone.

People should not underestimate Trump. He doesn't need to be smarter! He has always paid people to do that for him instead.


I stopped watching about half way through. There are many problems without doubt. First if anyone has been on this planet for more than a day, it would become apparent that nothing is black and white as he suggests. As for infrastructure, we would have to be sure to ban all states from using prison labor immediately for any and all said projects. Insurance companies would need to sign on for a 50 year contract to not leave state and insure people whether they can or can't or not be in insurance. (Sad he used citizens as a scapegoat for insurance companies leaving the state so they wouldn't have to insure people.) Ban all no-bid contracts with any government entity. Kick hiring freeze of government employees. Force a military quota on the entire country that eqalizes recruitment, i.e.: military can only recruit so many poor people before the middle and upper class have to start paying their dues with their own blood. (If people don't like it, guess we should never have silently agreed to classes in a Democracy.) Or everyone must enlist for 2 years of service so the war machine can keep rolling. (Obviously we have become completely impotent as a whole to stop it, especially when the prez wins by losing 2.5 million votes, and need to face our true nature: "We are warriors", Bush, Jr.) This country has got exactly what it has deserved. With all the warnings that people snubbed at and all the historical evidence, there us no excuse. Guess this will end with us in top...until we start to run out of resources. China has bought up more resources than any other country since 9/11. Their government didn't drop the ball. They knew we were starting an endless war and have been preparing for well over a decade now. Michael Ruppert is the main source for this information. Hes one of a small few like former Sen. McKinney, that has attempted to get this info out and lost their jobs for fact finding. This infrastructure Trump kept talking about was in conjunction to military. Does anyone remember why we had interstate highways form? It wasn't so people could congest them with gas guzzlers. What Trump is preparing for is war. Instead of imprisoning the gypsies and Jews, kick them out or don't let them in. And instill the highest national pride: Buy American, hire American. (I assume this means only Natives right?) Don't forget about the illegality of modern protests. Who was in office when people had to let government kniw a protest was happening? Obama. In law, precedent must be set. Then it can be interpreted from that point. Now, Trump has full legal right to ban protesting. This is only going to get worse from here. Noone is going to save us except us. It will take impeachment to make the changes necessary.


" While Owens death is tragic, he was no hero."

Just asking: Even if true that the raid in Yemen, ( which I believe was only used to justify Owens death and the death of so many YOUNG children) was a success because of the trove of ISIS intelligence information; IS THERE ANY INTELLIGENCE INFORMATION THAT IS WORTH OWENS DEATH AND THE DEATHS OF SO MANY YOUNG CHILDREN?


The epitome of hypocrisy!

Trump, using Mr. Owens widows grief for political purposes by calling her husband a hero and giving her a standing ovation. When Trump was the one that ordered the raid and is directly responsible for Mr. Owens death!


Word Count:
Radical Islamic Terrorism---1 ( he had to get that one in at least once)
Drug(s)--7 (easy to see where this train is headed)

You can have a free country. And you can have a country free of drugs.
But you can't have both.


Sarah Kendzior on Trump's speech (if you're not reading her, you should be):


May the spin of the emperor drill him down into the deepest, hottest region of Haedes. The spin on this failed, fatal, and futile attack in Yemen to make the demagogue's reprehensible order to carry it out appear to be a "success." And where is the proof of all that "intel" that was gathered...in the same vector as the WMD intel?

Lies, dog whistles to his ignorant, defiant base and the GOP pukes, promises to the uber rich and corporations of more lucre, vows to destroy the environment and the list goes on...a campaign rant revisited not far from the despicable inaugural speech. What can be expected of a witless, clueless, demented narcissist: SOS over and over and over again.


The text of this rant was not unlike his campaign crap nor his inaugural idiocy (American carnage...WTF). It was strikingly similar to the speech by Hitler in 1941 declaring war on the US with text from the second paragraph below:

"You know me, my old Party companions: you know I have always been an enemy of half measures or weak decisions. If the Providence has so willed that the German people cannot be spared this fight, then I can only be grateful that it entrusted me with the leadership in this historic struggle which, for the next 500 or 1,000 years, will be described as decisive, not only for the history of Germany, but for the whole of Europe and indeed the whole world. The German people and their soldiers are working and fighting today, not only for the present, but for the coming, nay the most distant, generations. A historical revision on a unique scale has been imposed on us by the Creator. "


Along with their worthless idiot-in-chief!


What's up with the religious schools? People have sent their kids to them before. No one is stopping them, and did we forget separation of church and state?