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An Anti-Trust Reboot Could Give Democrats Traction in Rural America

An Anti-Trust Reboot Could Give Democrats Traction in Rural America

Anthony Pahnke, Jim Goodman

Democrats need to study history and follow the example of Theodore Roosevelt, in other words, become “trust busters.” Roosevelt was a Republican and his willingness to confront the monopolists of his day earned him scorn from some, yet enough support to win the Presidency in 1904.

Get to know the farmers and “farm” production operations in your area. Research if its CAFOs and chemical laden agribusiness operations; what their track records are. Research alliances for health and organic foods in your area; join advocacy groups and alliances for “We The People” to counter the abuses of corporate operations.

There is no indication that “Democrats” have the spine to get up off their monied knees. We’re talking CIVIC not political duties.

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I keep the graphic from this link in mind each and every time I walk through a grocery store:

I do my best to restrict my consumption of processed foods to a select few treats and “eat from the perimeter” to the extent possible. Organic fruits and vegetables, along with grass-fed beef, seem less susceptible to corporate excesses, so I try to stick with them. But my habits are not the point. The majority of people eat products that are right out of the highly monopolized Big Food system, the very system that is highly exploitative of labor. Having been on numerous farms for the purposes of evaluating water consumption/pollution issues, I had the occasions to see first hand how labor is treated. Migrant labor, in particular, is often held in servitude. Housed on the farm. Moved about in retired school buses. Kept out of sight of “polite” society. Beneath Freedom and Dignity to divert from B. F. Skinner’s theme. There is very little we consume that isn’t touched at some level by the atrocious treatment of fellow humans and the planet. Perhaps ignorance is bliss. Got ignorance? I don’t.


My opinion there two things that would make the biggest economic change in this country and one is enforcing the existing anti-trust laws AND easing labor law making it EASY to form and vote on union representation. These are by any means the only things, but they would make a huge difference.


Bailouts can never take the place of our farmers and farm workers being paid living wages for their toil.

Since their toil and hard work serves us all in providing us with life-giving sustenance, their industry must be protected and provided with price protections. I am not referring to the very large agribusinesses that receive corporate welfare, as they are already at an advantage over the common family farmer.

Just as large banks are a threat to our economy, so too are the large corporate agribusinesses. Efforts to break them up to promote smaller, and more plentiful family farms can be a great tool in promoting a stronger economy for the industry.


Thanks for bringing up the point about family farms. With all of the problems with our food production system, IMO this is the biggest threat to us and the environment within the system. Family farmers have a deep connection to the land they work, one that corporate farms can’t even begin to understand or care about. The vast majority of FF care very much about what they are doing to the earth, and will tell you they would reduce or eliminate chemicals in their system as long as they could make a living doing so, in a heartbeat. It’s up to society to decide if they are going to support this effort, or continue down this unsustainable path of “bigger is better”.


Nice link WiseOwl, thanks.

According to Yoda, "Size matters not."

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Going back, in general, to the Pre DLC, Pre Neoliberal, Pre Clinton party and working once again, for the 99% and stepping on the 1% would give some traction too.

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The stench emanates from CAFOs

And corporate HQs

The Donkey is dead, stop beating it, and find a better ride.

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The authors call attention to an issue, and solutions few progressive leaders talk about. And yet, it daily threatens the livelihood of small heartland farmers, the very people in ‘empty states’ that deserve our attention, not least because they decide the fate of the Republican Senate, and the Trump White House.

It certainly could. Too bad there is no one to try and delivery that though.