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An Apology May Seem Like a Small Thing After Being Tortured. It’s Anything But


An Apology May Seem Like a Small Thing After Being Tortured. It’s Anything But.

Frederick Birten Morris

The Inter-American Commission on Human Rights will hold a hearing on Friday, October 23, to address the implications of impunity for CIA torture and the need for reparations for victims. In advance of the hearing, an American survivor of torture at the hands of the Brazilian government in 1974 shares his story.


"We should all demand that those in our government who authorized and carried out acts of torture be criminally investigated and held accountable. And for the victims of these crimes to carry on with their lives, our government should pay reparations for the harm done to them."

Of course the above comment is vital, but how can anyone be held to account if the entire system is founded on criminal acts and the cover-ups that allow them to occur?

From the article:

"One of my torturers, Major Maia, bragged to me about being a graduate of the School of the Americas, a U.S. Army institution that trained some of Latin America’s most notorious dictators. He told me he was a Christian, fighting with the U.S. against “godless communism.” At one point, he offered me “rehabilitation” if I would confess to being a CIA agent infiltrating Don Hélder’s activities."

A comment like this, added to the fact that the U.S. military (particularly, its Air Force) deploys Christian chaplains to NORMALIZE acts of grotesque violence, added to horrors like Erik Prince (with his Army For Hire trained to kill on command) self-identifying as a Christian... ARE the problem.

Religion--particularly when it models itself after a Master who taught peace, forgiveness, and turning the other cheek--that is used to reinforce acts of barbarism is one of the greatest evils possible. For it should be through religious practice, or one's spirituality, that conscience is so strongly activated as to make doing harm to another impossible!

The inversion of religious ideology to SERVE the cause of violence--which is never more organized in its impact as through acts of war--is the greatest of moral sins, and in my view, indicative of "The Anti-Christ."

How many wars, how much torture and unspeakable (forms of) bloodshed have been done in religion's name?

The only 'god' that supports war, soldiering, and mass violence is Mars/Ares. THAT is not a God of peace, justice, humanitarianism, or a world worthy of sustaining.

It is time for religious houses to speak out against both violence and the false use of "god's" alleged support for acts of horrifying proportions, torture, among them. The morality inversion that makes war a recurrent probability begins with religious authorities' unwillingness to speak out about this travesty.


I read a story in the Washington Post yesterday about new technology to enhance a soldier's abilities including a suit which would give him/her greater strength and endurance on the battlefield. Not a peep about the immorality of war or any suggestion we do something to ensure our children are not used to prop up corporate greed. This was presented as a really good thing. I want to cry myself to sleep and not wake up.


Of course, I couldn't agree more.

"It is time for religious houses to speak out against both violence and the false use of "god's" alleged support for acts of horrifying proportions"

I've always admired groups such as Mennonites and Quakers. Theology aside, the fact that their core tenets go so directly against the logic of militarism makes them quite unique in US society. No wonder that they are among the most heavily (CIA) infiltrated groups in this country.


If you want to travel further to the place where sci-fi meets modern militarism, check out documentaries by "Project Camelot." Kerry Cassidy interviews a lot of X-military personnel, many passed retirement and "giving up the truth" before they take that mortal trip to "the beyond." Although she views visitors to this world quite differently than does Dr. Steven Greer, what's true of both individuals' interviews is this idea that space technology reverse-engineered from crashed crafts is decades beyond what citizens know.

I forget which individual sourced the person who explained that Eisenhower knew about our Visitors... after all the Roswell crash took place in l947. And Ike noticed that the recovered craft and the covert research into how it operated went under private corporate control. (This was one of the reasons he stated a warning about the growing influence of the MIC). Firms like Raytheon and other weapons' suppliers are running these operations. They are loosely defined as "The Secret Space Program," and much goes on at Area 51.

One of the details that emerges from several interviewed subjects is this idea of genetically building a "super soldier."

Alex Jones, rightly I believe, has spoken about Hollywood's use of "Predictive Programming."

For instance, when the film "True Lies" came out, it was Arab terrorists who were the story's "bad guys." This, years before 911.

These films and TV shows also show the public what's going on with high tech. Only recently did I come to view the film, "Enemy of the State." And even back then, the detailed nature of surveillance was over the top... and this was before 911 took the gloves off "The Surveillance State" and made spy-craft into a well-funded, pervasive dark art.

In the film, "The Good Shepherd," it's a father's unique skill in putting a ship model into a glass bottle that becomes an item that covert spies use to figure out who's a plant. Again, the level of detail scrutinized is mind-blowing; and this film is what, 10 or more years old?

So go back to the initial X-Files, a highly popular TV show and thus perfect for implementing "Predictive Programming," and in that series, indeed genetic engineering is used to create Super Soldiers.

My point is that there are things going on that would beggar belief and invert the conscience of any decent soul.

The old church was no stranger to torture and detailed records were kept. What was produced was a how-to guide to breaking down the human mind. Nazi "scientists" became intrigued with this as it could be used to create killing machines. According to Kay Griggs, Ted Gunderson, Kathy O'Brien, and other witnesses of modern trauma-based mind control, the goal of wiping out the human mind (and conscience) has been of major interest to military big-shots.

In "Terminator" films, viewers see the human body merged with certain high-tech parts. This was also shown in "Blade runner."

It's probable that such "inroads" into future warfare are well underway. After all, when over a trillion dollars disappears down the rabbit hole in Iraq; and when CIA delivers huge sums of drug money... lots of covert operations the public NEVER is informed about can be financed in an underground fashion.


Damn it, Siouxrose...why must you always go around knocking the scales from people's eyes?