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'An Appalling Act of Industrial Vandalism': Japanese Officials Do PR for Plan to Dump Fukushima Water Into Ocean

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/02/03/appalling-act-industrial-vandalism-japanese-officials-do-pr-plan-dump-fukushima


Dear TEPCO directors and officers:

What ever happened to the concept of seppuku for those who have shamed themselves through their acts? Has profit become more important than honor?


Have never used this word before but…UNCONSCIONABLE!!!


The Japanese Government should have planned accordingly to avoid this. Why the hell would you build a nuclear plant along the coast?? And Japanese are supposed to be smart?? This horrific situation proves quite the opposite.
They need to be held accountable by the entire international community.
There are innovations existent to clean up radioactive waste including tritium and the Japanese need to go above & beyond to clean up their shit even if it means that their economy needs to suffer.
They have NO right whatsoever to dump their toxic shit into OUR oceans at the expense of our planet’s well being!!!


Because they don’t know what the hell else to do with it. (So long and thanks for all the fish.)


Reactors need a steady supply of water for cooling and for makeup water to drive the steam turbines. Lake, river, bay or ocean will do (although salinity presents one more problem in adddition to all the others).

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These monsters care about nothing but money. The whole industry is nothing but scumbags. Hope they can eat their gold after the food is dead.


While i agree with your post there is no way to filter out radiation. And it not tritium its tritium3H.

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Nuclear Power Plant Water Usage

Thermal power plants require enormous amounts of water. The United States Geological Survey (USGS) estimated on a national level that 41% of all freshwater withdrawals in the United States in 2005 were for thermoelectric power operations, primarily for cooling needs. [4] About 60 percent of American nuclear power systems use recirculating cooling, and the remainder use cheaper once-through cooling. The median nuclear recirculating cooling system uses 1,101 gal/MWh, while the median once-through cooling system uses 44,350 gal/MWh. In comparison, the median recirculating and once-through water withdrawal values for natural gas plants are 255 gal/MWh and 11,380 gal/MWh, and the median values for coal plants are 1,005 gal/MWh and 36,350 gal/MWh. [4]

Effects on Water Quality and Aquatic Ecosystems

Multiple issues occur concurrently when heated water is released to an aquatic ecosystem. The most immediate change is a decrease in dissolved oxygen levels and rise in pH. Warm water cannot hold as much dissolved oxygen as cold water, and organic matter decomposes faster in warmer temperatures. The increase in decomposed aqueous nutrient concentrations causes eutrophication, most commonly realized as algae blooms, which block sunlight for underlying aquatic plants. The abundance of algae is an easy food source for aerobic microbes that soar in population and further deplete the dissolved oxygen. Low oxygen levels create hypoxic dead zones that cannot support most aquatic organisms. [5,6]

“Additionally, rapidly heated water accelerates the metabolism of cold blooded aquatic animals like fish, causing malnutrition due to insufficient food sources. Since the environment usually becomes more inhospitable to the area’s aquatic fauna, many species leave while more vulnerable species may die, changing the biodiversity of both the original and invaded locations. These effects are especially dramatic near coral reefs, the home of over 2 million aquatic species and roughly 25% of all marine life. [7] Vast coral bleaching (coral death) has been observed near coastal power plants that release heated water into the ocean. [1]”

Thermal Water Pollution from Nuclear Power Plants
Brandon Clark
February 28, 2019

Stanford University, Winter 2019


Based on the 35-45-fold differential between once-through cooling and recirculation cooling, it is obvious why many large plants opt for the ubiquitous cooling towers associated with nuclear plants. These towers (made famous by 3-Mile Island) are actually used at both nuclear and larger fossil plants, serving as XL radiators to reduce thermal pollution.

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It’s been known since the beginning that nuclear energy isn’t feasible since there are no acceptable long-term provisions from disposing of the waste. What’s surprising?


Honor? There are no Capitalists that have honor any more.
How about Planet Survival


As toxic as the water is the claim that nukes can be part of a “green” future


What do the heated water problems have to do with water that’s been stored for months and has therefore been cooling off for months?

Besides both being a source of environmental degradation it calls into question the decision making within this industry that is less than stellar.


First, Nobama and the rest that were in the situation room at the Whitehouse KNEW from day one that there were 3 full meltdowns!
Second, Kevin Blanch has been walking the coast of California every year documenting the death of the tide pools. And they are dead. You can watch them all on YouTube.
Right now the whales are being documented. They’re giving birth about 2 months early and they’re starving because Fukushima broke The ecosystem … the radiation killed the plankton. So all the fish that require it … are dying … mean, nasty deaths! I know the numbers aren’t “right”, but the government says … less than 200 whales are dying off the coast, but the number is over 300 actually. Kevin has those numbers documented.
And what’s with Greenpeace all of a sudden chiming in? Kevin and the people behind him have been all but begging them and the Sierra Club to help let people know what’s going on. The man proved what everyone was calling theory with the salmon counts.
And that’s all without getting into the cancer epidemics that can be traced right back to Fukushima.
You REALLY want to know what’s going on? Go do some binge watching on YouTube of Kevin Blanch and Dana Durnsford, “The Nuclear Proctologist”. Dana is up in Canada and has a great school type set up. The threats from both the governments and what I refer to as the “Nuclear Mafia” (there’s no other way to refer to an organization that threatens the medical world and governments and gets away with it) that these men have had to live with are heartbreaking. But they keep on because it’s the right thing to do. Check it out.


Whether on a coastline , over an fault line in the earths crust, next to a river or a lake all Nuclear Power Stations pose risks to the environment that can not justify their being built. Every Country that builds these things is “not very smart”.


Ok, thank you for the information.

And Fukushima will NEVER be fixed. It cannot be, not by current technological levels. We can’t ‘shut it down,’ we can’t ‘clean it up,’ there is NOTHING humans can do any more than there is anything that can be done about Chernobyl except pouring more concrete domes in ‘temporary’ fixes.

The very expensive gift that keeps on giving…for tens of thousands of years. Maybe emitting would be a better term than giving even though radiation certainly does give, doesn’t it?

And soon Olympic Athletes are going to be staying in Japan’s contaminated zones, eating food being grown in contaminated farm dirt (every rainstorm more isotopes wash down from the mountains in the valleys where the gov is forcing farmers back on their land they don’t want), and all that exercising means deep breathing in radioactive dust whenever the wind blows.

Think of all those tourists showing up. Japan is building Olympic venues in Fukushima…and hotels etc etc.

As for Greenpeace, they got essentially kicked out of the country for their documented radiation levels they reported, and then the neoliberal Abe regime passed a States Secrets law that put anybody publishing anything about radiation counts or sick people with radiation diseases is liable for a ten year sentence in prison.

Imagine the grid going down worldwide, a massive solar burst blows out of the sun and wraps the planet in an electricity-ending storm, or our extremely degraded planet finally collapses the industrial civilization from its own environmental destruction, a ‘minor’ nuclear war throws EMP over continents, and suddenly all 500 nuclear plants on the planet and all the fuel cell storage areas all do a Fukushima? How’s that for a disaster movie that nobody would want to go see…

As a species, we are REALLY good at f**king sh*t up.



Don’t do it Japan. The blow back and dishonor will last forever.