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An Apple Lover’s GMO Apple Lament


An Apple Lover’s GMO Apple Lament

Genna Reed

What is it about an apple that makes it such a beloved and culturally important fruit? For some it might be its bright red color, its sweet, juicy crunch, its association with the brisk beginnings of fall or perhaps its fabled ability to ward off visits to doctors’ offices.


If the manipulation was to improve the apple I might buy it, but it is to make it look good and cover up it’s spoiling signal for profits only.


This apple stunt is a ploy to sell GMO “technology” and nothing more. Who wouldn’t want a fresh looking apple slice? I cherish the precautionary principle and much like Montaigne prefer to be considered a skeptic… I’ve seen no discussion about how GMO’s may affect the biomes in our guts. The tunnel visioned technocratic capitalists simply have no holistic vision. They must be held in check by caution.


It’s all just the weird fetish latter-day capitalists have (not to be confused with Marx’s “commodity fetishism”) over the trivial outward appearance of things over the substance of things - come to think of it, it may be is a bit related related to the Marxian “fetish”.

Fruit and vegetables in general in the US have this “perfect” appearance, but are increasingly tasteless unless you grow them yourselves or get them from a local CSA farm. Visiting foreigners always comment on this…


I think the term “cover up” is incorrect. The apple just doesn’t go brown as fast when cut that means it doesn’t spoil.


Yes cover up the signs of spoliing


No, i think i didn’t explain it properly. Spoiling is when it turns brown. This one still turns brown but a lot slower. It doesn’t spoil as fast. It stays fresh longer after it’s being cut.


Yet dried apples are among the hiker’s prized snacks- still containing valuable phytonutrients

Amazing to think of how profoundly narrowed the dietary perspective has become under the power of the ‘food industry’. The economics, aesthetics and strategies of diet in schools have fallen prey to the marketing metric.


Any apple on the market today is loaded with pesticides and fertilizers. Apples are probably the most difficult product to produce in the form that people will accept.
Organic apples are the only apples one should consume. They are not pesticide and fertilizer free, but the products used to grow them are much less harmful to humans.
Why would anyone cut up and apple to put into a lunch box? Just put it in whole. I have never seen a kid have trouble eating an uncut apple.


So turning off the signal gene that turns it brown is really slowing down the spoiling and aging process?


As far as i can understand yes. When the apple is cut, an enzyme i released that oxidizes when in contact with the air, giving the cut apple the brown color and changing the taste. The gene modification cuts down the release of this enzyme by 90% so the cut apple will stay fresh longer.


Fountain of youth I got to get me some of those apples.


Just like any other apple. Personally I’m a fan of the Honey Crisp.

Apparently the Honey Crisp didn’t exist 50 years ago. It was created thru hybridization and artificial cross pollination. Kinda like a GMO, except it took a lot longer.