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An Arkansas Town Agrees to Criminal Justice Reform to Ensure That the Poor Are Not Jailed


An Arkansas Town Agrees to Criminal Justice Reform to Ensure That the Poor Are Not Jailed

Rita Sklar

One defendant was arrested at least seven times, spent 25 days in jail, and was assessed $2,700 in court costs for bouncing a single $29 check.

The right to a fair trial, due process, and equal protection under the law are not luxuries for the privileged few.


Ain’t no wonder why the people of Arkansas are pissed at government.


Perhaps a small victory ?

Perhaps all victories are large ?

We do inhabit a fractal universe, and this small town is a reflection of the barbaric state we all find ourselves in these days.

The whole idea of ‘crime and punishment’ is abhorrent to me.

But bring in hierarchies, be they religious or political - and the world changes.

If we were not at the ‘end of our rope’, one might argue the price was worth the gain.

But as both the political and geophysical worlds are now under collapse, well;

“Pain makes man think;
Thinking makes man wise;
And wisdom makes life endurable.”

(Marlon Brando in “Teahouse of the August Moon”


Something labeled “Arkansas” that doesn’t suck.

Bela Fleck performing Arkansas Traveler


just as the US has gotten around slavery bans by imprisoning its former slave population, so, too, have they gotten around the ban on debtors prisons by using fine non-payment as an excuse to throw a “contempt” charge against the poor.

bottom line is still the same: this is a slave nation. Always has been, and, until revolution, always will be.

And this “reform” won’t last, because it was coerced by litigation. the people running this town will be working night and day to escape this mercy. Private prison profit demands it, and so does the Blood God of the United States.


Because they have nothing to do with their own local government? As in the case of Ferguson, the people of these counties have had no moral problems with wringing cash from the poor, especially if they’re Black.


You can set up a bank account so that you never bounce a check. BofA was fined somewhere in the billions for manipulating checking accounts to increase fees for insufficient funds. This a racket and I’m glad there is something being done about it.


Maybe taking a test on the Constitution should be a prerequisite for any public job. A really strict test-, where people have to write out answers to open ended questions?