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An Army of Robot Surveillance Guards Is Coming

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/06/19/army-robot-surveillance-guards-coming

Oh this could be a horror! Originality would be gone! Both Prince and George Carlin would be arrested for being human. Taylor Swift would be arrested for being original— As awful as this is, will it be as useless as Bluffdale? When there is so much information—how can anyone make sense of it?

I am wondering —what if in this Future World , things are so awful that a smile could be a treasonous act? What if laughing was interpreted by a machine as --insanity? How would machines read the movements of dancing—or hugging?

Oh yes, and now that we have actually seen videos changing a person’s lips and words and facial expression-----then WITH THIS EVIDENCE----humanity is doomed. We are all Morsi, deprived of power, then locked up, and probably offed by same bad coffee with probably a little extra scary something in it. Robots, of course would love a death on camera- while Morsi was standing in court —just to to give the appearance of fairness. When humanity gives power to machines over humans-------I suppose they will just off all of us and create their own Spartan like existence----and send WALL-E in for clean up. : (

Good God people get a GRIP! Security cameras are there to collect valuable info on criminal activity. The people who think we are all being watched by Big Brother need to take off the tin foil hats and take a chill pill.

Go read George Orwell’s 1984 book that resonates the current world we live in! You lie? Goodbye! Vote 'em out! Peace

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Some of that stuff get tested on some of us. All of us are getting some of it. It is certainly about a lot more than criminal behavior.
I had to cover a camera installed in the corner of my AC in my hotel room when i was traveling recently. Haha. Very funny. I found it when i heard some teenagers hanging out in the hall and giggling. The hotel desk said “sorry” when i went out later though i spoke to no one about it.
Motion detectors can be very annoying when every motion causes a car to honk outside.
My phone recently asked me to uncover it. I have the edges wrapped in electrical tape. I wasnt using any special functions. I did not oblige.