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An Article of Impeachment Based on Trump’s Obstruction of Justice Is Now Circulating in the House


An Article of Impeachment Based on Trump’s Obstruction of Justice Is Now Circulating in the House

John Nichols

ongress has sufficient grounds to hold President Trump to account for obstruction of justice. The proper means for holding him to account is an impeachment process, one that is informed by lessons from the Congress that sought to hold Richard Nixon to account after his Watergate-era wrongdoing was revealed. That’s not a radical construct. That’s a historical construct.


First, let me say that I hate Donnie Tiny Hands, the Orange Idiot, didn’t vote for him, and never would. However, why would any sane leftist progressive want to impeach and remove him from office at this point? The next two possible successors to him are VP Mike Pence, who is an extreme Christian Dominionist who would like to impose a fundamentalist Christian dictatorship on the rest of us, and House Speaker Paul Ryan, who has dreamed about taking whatever benefits the poor have left away ever since he was a drunken frat boy in college (from his own recollections). Why would you want either of these two selfish. cold-hearted bastards taking over the Presidency? No, just sit on Donald for four years, keep him bottled-up and ineffective, and start over in 2020, hopefully taking away his working majorities in 2018. But don’t get rid of him!


A lot of people are making that same point. VP Mike might well be worse, just as determined to push the Conservative agenda through without the current president 's changeableness and all too obvious lying and self aggrandizing bragging.

The president is now being completely controlled by the Congressional Republicans who are able, they believe, to get a lot of their agenda implemented through him. And some of the more thoughtful commentators such as Nsomi Kline are saying that getting rid of Trump won’t solve the problems.

Who knows what to hope happens.


Well, we all could hope for a ‘Jim Jones Style Mass Suicide via Cyanide Laced Punch’ at Trump’s next Cabinet meeting.


The “lesser of two evils” philosophy got us here. Using the same excuse to not remove Trump? We take them on, one at a time.


AMEN!!  But to keep Tweetle-Dumb bottled up we’ve got to keep pressure on the current Congress (hard to do when RussiaGate is about all the MSM covers these days), and take Congress & as many state legislatures as possible away from the RePooplicans in 2018.  The latter is especially important, 'cause if they’re still in charge in 2020 then gerrymandering & voter suppression will be so widespread that what little is left of our fading dem- ocracy will be buried alive.  Remember that if Sessions (or somebody like him) is still running the Justice Department there will be nothing standing in the way of widespread voter suppression in the 33 out of 50 states currently controlled by the RePooplicans.


Too many people have lost respect for both democracry and our constitution and the rule of law. Trump committed acts that deserve to see him impeached. You can see how a lack of respect for our laws and the constitution has allowed Trump and the Repubs to wreak havoc on our country. Stop this bullsh*t about how Pence would be this or that! It takes a long while to impeach and Pence might not even get a chance to serve except perhaps for a very short period of time. Also Repubs would have been dealt a devastating blow repudiating them and their ultraconservative corrupt agenda!

Moreover Pence might have a hard enough time trying to keep the republicans from suffering a total rout in the next election including losing a lot of governorships and congressional seats.

Impeach Trump is to impeach the stranglehold the republicans have over our country. A corrupt president who gets impeached discredits his party big time. We could use the Repubs being taken down a peg too!


Unless Trump resigned under threat of impeachment the impeachment proceedings themselves would grind all other considerations to a halt, for a fairly long time. If successful, it would take time for Pence to organize his own cabinet etc. By that time the leadup to the 2018 midterms would have begun, with all indications the House particularly and to a lesser degree the Senate would take a radical turn to the left in November 2018, neutering Pence’s two year presidency.

Color me optimistic, but that’s why I think even failed attempts at impeachment make sense now. As someone else said:

… one at a time …


Be careful what you wish for. Pence is waiting with bated breath in the wings. John Nichols doesn’t appear concerned by this. This is quite disturbing.

Rep. Brad Sherman, who’s served 11 terms in the House (!), would of course prefer VP Pence as President, as Pence is a dyed-in-the-wool Establishment man (as is Sherman). But the rest of us should be gravely concerned. Pence will—just as Hillary Clinton would have—serve the Deep State, the Shadow Government, the Permanent State, with its need for permanent war and its drive to satisfy the wealthy elite who really run this country.

Wake up, America! The Deep State IS the State.


The orange fascist might start a nuclear war; he is insane! So, he is unfit to rule/sit on the throne!
As to the rest of the evil lackeys, they will fall, as well!


Yes, non-violent Revolucion is a process, audience participation!


Following the Watergate playbook I predict Pence resigns and is replaced by Mitt Romney and then Trump resigns and Romney is the next POTUS.


Gotta go along with you on this Mt Man. Impeachment would hamstring the Trump carnival until the 2018 elections drive him from office. Should the Dems (and admittedly this today is a long shot) gain obstruction-proof control of Congress in 17 months, the ignorant, evil bastard would resign rather than face the humiliation of impeachment proceedings. And by then, the pure little white boy who ruined Indiana will have gotten the message unless he has resigned.


Completely agree with you on this, and said the same some time ago. Look what happened when the W administration was allowed to continue in office after initiating an illegal invasion and occupation, based on outright lies and manipulation of the media; we ended up with Obama repeating the crime in Libya. It was “fun” ridiculing W for being a semi-literate tool of the neocons, but this overlooks the fact of that administration’s masterful stroke of implicating the entire professional political class by getting a yes vote for the AUMF. In other words: “Oh, it’s all perfectly legal.” Hitler was very careful in that same way.

The real danger here is not in the potential of a Pence or a Ryan, but in bringing a suit that is not (edit: may not be) strong enough to succeed.


I think you are spot on. And I have heard notable journalists say much the same thing, using Nixon/Ford as a model. Nixon left. Does anyone remember one damned thing Ford got accomplished?


He pardoned Nixon.


Even if impeachment is unsuccessful, the country and the world would see the Trump ‘diplomatic brand’ as damaged goods. Besides the fact that he showed little restraint in practice and it is coming back on him big time, he may not be able to ‘command’ that our laws and constitution should not apply to his royal person!

But that is how he sees it. The presidency for Trump is a royal get out of jail free card while he is in office no matter what he does. Between tweets and plundering and signing whatever executive orders they place in front of him without having read them, one wonders where he finds the time to actually be president?

Ford was the uber insider. He was on the Warren Commission which established his bona fidies as a deep insider, he sent arms to Indonesia which helped create the East Timor massacres. He maintained US relations with Pol Pot and the Khmer Rouge. Ford maintained continuity for Nixon’s war/CIA diplomacy in Africa and S.A. and elsewhere.

Nevertheless, he was one of those proverbial ‘forgettable people’ that nobody ever seems to notice when they enter the room. He was very much the unnoticed president but to my mind he did as he was supposed to do by the PTB. As you said, he pardoned Nixon. Lol. Too many people in government had a trickle down experience on their shoes while contemplating all the things Nixon could (and would) say if he weren’t pardoned!