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An Aryan Ass Vomits At UF


An Aryan Ass Vomits At UF

Pierre Tristam

The lasting story of Richard Spencer's speech in Gainesville will be about the protests, not his words


Voltaire said “I may disagree with what you say but I will fight to the death for your right to say it.”


Unfortunately, the contemporary left views “liberalism” as a dirty word and history as merely a narrative used by the elite to maintain their power, and so concepts like free speech and individual autonomy have been forsaken and abandoned as expressions of “white privilege” in favour of state-sanctioned censorialism.


As for the helicopters and snipers. These were probably supplied by the Fed’s. If you got them you use them , no matter how lame the excuse is and what the danger to the rest of the population exercising their First Amendment rights . Thanks Fed’s for treating your populace as the enemy.

Again; An overreaction by the people sworn to protect and serve. Don’t give children dangerous toys!


Pierre Tristam spoke the truth with this piece. I rarely agree with any opinion piece as much as I agree with this one.


I don’t read them often but there was a good Salon article recently about the militarization of the police. If it is really a situation that needs crazy protection or equipment I don’t think it should be the county police’s job.https://www.salon.com/2017/10/21/when-local-cops-drive-tanks-the-deadly-consequences-of-militarizing-mayberry/


Nazis and fascists need to be confronted at every turn with the power of debate first and foremost. Unfortunately, the US is populated by too many that do not consider, let alone atone for its history of genocide, slavery, and racism. Until they do, speeches from the fascists will capture their deep seated fears and prejudices and so we must act to counter them with intelligent debate. This does not mean you do not protect your self or others from their violence.


Very important points in this article. It has been puzzling to me this silence from media on how wrong it was (and what the repercussions are) to bring 1,000 police officers in Gainesville from 50 different law enforcement agencies across Florida, 2 helicopters and a drone flying over his speaking venue, several (highly visible) snipers on top of the rooftop, heavy armed and explicitely visible police presence inside the speaking venue itself, etc. The University campus experienced this time the biggest police presence in its history. Uniformed and armed groups of all sorts walking throughout campus instilled the impression of an occupying military presence. Extremely disturbing. Very disproportionate display of force.

Meanwhile, Gainesville, already has a police department, the University has another one, the county has a very well funded sheriff’s office. Are not these three agencies capable enough to protect their tax paying citizens from a speaker with an entourage of another 20 weirdos? What will they do if the citizenry were faced with a more significant threat. I hope someone will conduct a study or analysis of what happened in Gainesville - aside from the free speech issue.

And as far as the free speech issue, I agree with the author - and the univ. president. There was no need to give him attention. Students could have just left the room and let him talk to 30-40 of his supporters. That would have been a better approach. Generally speaking you protest someone with power over you. And this guy has no power over the students. So, what are you protesting? But this is a larger issue than I can fit in comments - which also involves 25 different media outlets waiting to interview Mr. idiot the speaker.


[quote=“CommonDreams, post:1, topic:46155”]
Let’s give these Aryan asses all the freedom they need to drown in it.
[/quote] …YESTERDAY!


In the seriously mangled version of the Mark Twain quote:: prior to 13 years of age put your teenager in a barrel with a breathing hole; when they reach adulthood … seal up the hole! :thinking::hugs:


Not liberalism, neoliberalism.


“Scary Terry” Jones essentially ran a sweatshop for “converts” in his “church”, which was about two miles from my house. He also open carried his penis extension to the grocery store, which I witnessed on multiple occasions. He was begging for trouble because he needed the attention. A pathetic fuck at best. Fortunately (thank gawd?) he left town to screw with another.

The Dick Spencer rode into town with a similar need. I happened to be in Charlottesville about two days after his shit show there and learned from many exactly what happened. He lost his Gainesville play and “bigly” at that. By no means did he win. Let’s not beat up on those that chose to protest with volume rather than vacuum. Both modes contributed to his failure mode. He may try to play a victim card, but his bluff will be called and his uber white ass will twist in the wind. Hope you kept your eclipse glasses…


I don’t understand why a university must provide a platform for people like Spencer to speak. Isn’t the purpose of a university to seek the truth and to educate people in the truth?


i have freedom of speech to shout at and drown out nasty violent propagandists. NOTHING wrong with that.


In my almost 71 years, I’ve been abused physically and mentality. I would choose physical abuse over mental abuse which is so much harder to get over. However, my physical abuse was not regular or did I suffer broken bones or whole body abuse so I would not want to marginalized women/men who suffered greatly.


And his most recent “spewing” cost the taxpayers how much? The governor declared a state of emergency to get funding to pay for the extra security needs for this vial venomous vessel of hate to come from behind the black curtains of Haedes. So much for “FREE” speech, huh?


Unfortunately, this does not universally apply. If some moslems what they really think about Israels’s crimes loudly or of America’s murdering thousands of civilians, that person would be in deep doodoo!


It’s hardly just neoliberalism. The entire history of the political and philosophical traditions, primarily emerging from England (and not France) which have elevated concepts such as freedom of speech, freedom of action, and freedom of thought is routinely dismissed as “colonialism”, “imperialism”, or “capitalism” and so deemed oppressive.


You say that, and yet people do it on this website all of the time. As far as I can tell none of them are being disappeared.


People are not disillusioned with trade. They know trade brings benefits as well costs. They are not disillusioned with technology. They know that technology has been transformative even as it has brought challenges to them. What they are disillusioned about is the way in which political representation has been corrupted by economic power