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'An Astonishing Rate of Corruption': Trump Has Amassed 3,000 Conflicts of Interest Since Taking Office

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/02/28/astonishing-rate-corruption-trump-has-amassed-3000-conflicts-interest-taking-office


Yet, we cannot remove the criminal. 52 Judases in the Republican Senate were the latest to enable his continuation of crime.


Well, that explains his apparent attention deficit disorder regarding presidential matters…


Don’t forget what the Administration charges the Secret Service for staying Trump properties, either. No discounts for military or Government agencies.


“Not only does he appear to be profiting from the presidency daily, but he is constantly facing new temptations to use his office for his own benefit.” Of course - it’s the way of capitalism to push power grabbing to the limits. It is also the American way that extremists fight to coronate aristocrats and oligarchs as the rightful rulers of the nation. Wake up - the bad dream has been here for a long time. Your freedom is in shackles.


By failing to remove Trump from office the US Senate has made sure that Trump and the GOP’s license to steal (and worse) has no expiration date.


All impeachable offenses! Impeach again then vote all of them out in 2020! Bernie Sanders for President in 2020! Peace


Edmundo: You mentioned, 'the dream" . I just watched the late comedian, George Carlin on a website talking about the same thing.

George said, " ‘The American Dream’…you have to be asleep to believe it".

With Citizens United and other BS laws, corrupted sociopaths/narcissists have now in America risen to the top of powerful political groups ie; RNC, DNC, 45, Adelson, Koch, Obamas’, Clintons’, Bloombag, etc… AND–we have been dumbeddown in our primarily chartered, for-profit schools, Americans can no longer be the critical thinkers we once were known to be.

The great scientists and thinkers of this world are found in other countries anymore. The rest of Americans, regular folk, are over fed, over consumed, in debt and with all this on our plates, don’t notice how the sociopathic/narcissistic oligarchs have turned us into slaves for their own profit.

Combover Caligula is only the symptom, he’s suppose to be the red flag( if anybody is paying attention and ‘woke’) that we are all slaves for him and his deformed kind of lifeform. We exist, to them, for their own purposes and profit.

Caligula has his cult. No ‘woke’ there. We need to all wake up. When??


Senior: I just read in Truthdig that the DNC is once, again, reviving the idea of the superdelegates taking over the Democratic party, and want, desperately to overrule THE PEOPLE’s choice to put into the office of president THEIR choice.

And you know this is because they want nothing to do with Bernie in power. True threat. These elites (wealthy greedy sociopaths) are circulating ideas of getting someone THE PEOPLE haven’t voted for. Michelle Obama is being floated as someone they want in office and rumor has it, if Bernie was rightfully, democratically, able to make it to 1st place, these sick elites would put conditions up saying" okay, Bernie is president, then if DNC still wants our big bucks, you must have Michelle (or some other schmuck) as VP.

I don’t know about you, but this Tom Perez run DNC keeps putting up obstacles for me to want to even stay in the party. These elites claim they are willing to break the party up completely.
It’s all about greed.


I can’t believe this. You know what they would have done to him back in time? My Lord, the things they have done in the White House. Any one of us would be in jail. And not for 3 years. Wake up and do something. They all need flushed out now! There has to be something that can be done. These flunkies backing the jerk should all should be held for something. Didn’t they take an oath of office to work for the people? They should not receive their giant pays that we pay because they are not working for us. They are working for scum.


Wonder if Fox is running this story?

Has the republican party taken such a bold step as to overlook all of trump’s criminal and unsavory behaviors? And is it because they never plan on going back to respecting law and order?
We may want to have our fingernails removed surgically and under anesthesia ahead of time.


The republican montra HAS been, we need businessmen to run government. Well how is that working for us?


I will forgo the anesthesia if I can chose where I get to leave them as I rip them out on (insert personal choice) 's face.

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Strangely enough, in the neighborhood I grew up in we learned to share and treat people equally. Obviously there are different neighborhoods and different people.


But what if they shackle you first?

Gnaw off my arm if I have to. I feel we already are in shackles. Could it be worse?

And even with one arm shackled, you have now have a really lethal weapon you didn’t have before…

Could I actually do it? Not sure. But it would be an option I would consider.

Edit to add: What is the saying? Something like “I would rather die on my feet than live on my knees.”


As a young boy I earned my Eagle Scout Badge at fourteen years of age. The men that shepherded me through the process had fought wars and depressions and gave me their courage. This “bone-spurs” POS is the “role model” for just who? He would have never made it through one summer camp in my unit. The snakes and frogs would have done him in for sure. The more like Trump I find one to be, the more I unike one to be–easy calculus at that.


Yeah no shit! Have heard that said way too many times, guess some people think “business-man” is some kind of mantra to signal all that is good and proper. Well, that myth is surely biting most of us on the ass as we speak. trump and his spawn are among the worst pollutants besieging this planet of OURS!


Yes, Seeker, “It’s better to die on ones feet, than live on ones knees” is a truth spoken by the revolutionary giant and leader Emiliano Zapata. and so needed today.There have been times when people of such corruption and crimes against the people would have been taken out behind the dump and eliminated to end their abuses, crimes, and lies - and rightly so!

Mejor morir a pie que vivir en rodillas.

"It is better to die on your feet than to live on your knees!"

also from the Spanish Civil War and the great republican leader Dolores Ibårruri - AKA La Pasionaria.

Also spoken by FDR in 1941 "We, too, born to freedom, and believing in freedom, are willing to fight to maintain freedom. We, and all others who believe as deeply as we do, would rather die on our feet than live on our knees."

Its tragic the politicians of today, those in power and those who claim to oppose them are not composed of the same mettle - with very rare exceptions. The reason we are led by compliance, complicity to rampant corruption, astonishing ignorance, gross stupidity, “religious” frauds, and pathological shallowness is greed and self-interest, not wisdom or dedication to the Common Good…

BERNIE2020 for a future worth living!