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'An Attack on Indigenous People': Mount Rushmore Trump Event Denounced as Racist, Dangerous, and Disrespectful

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/07/03/attack-indigenous-people-mount-rushmore-trump-event-denounced-racist-dangerous-and


I somehow doubt that Drumpf is aware of the whole “carved on sacred Native American mountains” thing. Or that he would care.

But that’s just because we know he is dumb. Otherwise, I would speculate it to be a deliberate show of force against those he perceives as attacking “patriotic” monuments to those with nuanced histories.


Maybe a burning firework would land on his head and start a wildfire on top of his own dome. Such a moment which would go down in history as truly priceless.

Note that this event makes a point of disrespecting the environment as well as safety and the wishes of the Sioux who really should still have it as their territory. This truly represents the essence of Trump.


And Oglala Sioux president Julian Bear Runner said Trump “doesn’t have permission from its original sovereign owners to enter the territory at this time,” and warned that the event is “going to cause an uproar.”

By uproar Julian Bear Runner, do you mean the Tribal police can arrest Trump for trespassing?


I would love to see the four presidents replaced by the 6 Native, American,Grandfathers. Mt. Rushmore is a sacred site for the Oglala Sioux and is venerated because of the 6 Grandfathers.


He is appealing to his base and as far as bases go his base is about as base as it gets.

He’s all about the base , the base…

Is that how that song goes?


“A crowd of 7,500 people is estimated for the gathering at the South Dakota mountain carving, where public health guidelines to contain the coronavirus won’t be enforced.”

“Suicide is painless”.


I shall pray to the Thunders to send rain and wind to punish this son of European invaders and his followers. May they send the Great Whirlwind to scatter them. I ask this in the name of Grandmother Earth and All My Relations. “Consciousness shapes reality, reality shapes consciousness”.
Lightning woman, thunder child, star soldiers one and all. Sisters , brothers all together, aim straight, stand tall-Starwalker, Buffy St Marie


Bet they start a forest fire in addition to the Covid fire and the Race fire


Everything everywhere is building to a crescendo of the battle between good and evil. By the end of this year we will know if we have beaten back the ideas and lies of the evil speakers. Stand up now , let your voice be heard, march against the evil, denounce all the propaganda, help your fellow citizens understand the realities of our current times. Peace


South Dakota is also the great American tax haven for the super rich - so you wonder if that has something to do w/ the venue.


We should be a little more thick skinned about this rally.
This too shall pass, and on the 5th of July talk about Indians rights will move to the back of the bus once again.


Tilsen described Mt. Rushmore as "a monument to white colonizers carved by a Ku Klux Klan sympathizer into land stolen from us by the U.S. government in 1877."

That sums it up. Be out on the 4th, masked, socially distanced, and stand in solidarity with the First Nations People.


I don’t think many people want Trump to come to their communities as he also presents a public health threat. The difference here is that there is an unsolved issue of sovereignty.


As the Black Hills are sacred to the Sioux I would be surprised if they would carve the mountain into any image. These hills are themselves the symbol but to a modern, westernized individual and his culture this would hold no meaning. A good read to at least try to understand the indigenous view of symbols: Lame Deer: Seeker of Visions, John Fire Lame Deer.


Actually, no. Fort Laramie Treaty. Period.


Little Bighorn, how about a Little BigMtRushmore?

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Ahem, what do you mean no? It is disputed.


I’ve read Lame Dear…good book in funny sort of way…

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While yes, this is a tremendous waste of resources, possible super spreader event, and insult to native peoples, each outrage-du-jure is a distraction from the larger picture of Trump’s destruction of the environment, subversion of democracy and diversion of resources to the .1%.


Some folks have been talking and, " listening "* to Native Americans, First Nations and Indigenous people and their spokespersons for quite some time. Thank you very much.
I have visited Pine Ridge and Rosebud, both. Wake up, you really aren’t " woke ", America. Your daydreams are dangerous and deadly. Building a personal and private Empire in your idle-minded wanderings is not a solution, it’s a stalling tactic. We cannot afford to stall ourselves out, again.
Just sayin’, gandolf.