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An Empire Upside Down


An Empire Upside Down

Christy Thornton

In the early months of the Trump administration, high-profile White House visits from foreign leaders from Europe, Asia, and the Middle East garnered headlines about the changing role of the United States in the world. In the context of political and economic upheaval around the globe, observers worry that, under Trump, the United States is abandoning the global leadership role it has played for decades. But the Trump administration’s response to various crises—Brexit, North Korea, Syria—paints a chaotic and often incoherent picture.


Thank you Christy. You have provided copious detail for your positions. I can just add that the glyphosate issue that probably nailed the coffin on the US aerial spraying was the multitudinous pictures of gross infant deformities made available to the public. Thanks goes to Monsanto, the makers of Roundup, agent orange, PCBs, DDT, dioxin, aspartame, saccharin…,


‘An empire upside down’ - turns people upside down in order to shake all nickels and dimes out of pockets, which then fall through the cracks.

Good article but also a good example of the squeaky narrowness demanded by the medium that serves the neo-liberal agenda. The economic questions remain isolated from ongoing conditions from the bottom -up.

Grandin and Thornton work with NACLA - a good source for deeper insights into Latin America, but STILL a sifted narrative where indigenous voices and marginalized (MAJOR NUMBERS !!- think commensurate with profit margins) populations remain in situations virtually entirely excluded that prevents solid grounding of ‘public’ comprehension of dynamics.

Systemic abuses of human rights - most egregious in the case of indigenous peoples - if not addressed by the populations of the industrialized world, will and DO eat their way up the corporate feeding chain. Increasingly we feel the chomping intensifying.

Heres one instrument for a toolbox to familiarize with the information being made to disappear