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An Environmental Crime In Its Own Right


An Environmental Crime In Its Own Right

With Trump, Pruitt et al poised to slash federal rules aimed at curbing climate change and thus ensuring the survival of the only planet we've got, activists snuck into the uber-pricey Trump National Golf Club in California to carve out “NO MORE TIGERS, NO MORE WOODS” six-feet-high to protest Trump's water-and-land-guzzling "playground for the privileged." The WaPo called it an "act of defiance"; after Eric T. complained, they changed it to "vandalism."


Bravo! to these brave environmental activists. Love the photos from Scotland, too!


Every T-dump golf course is an environmental disaster including Mar-A-Lago. And those 6,000 jobs the perennial prevaricator promised at the Aberdineshire course in Scotland, well, only 200 have materialized. Both courses at Turnberry and Aberdineshire are bleeding money and the Scots loathe DJT...rightfully so. T-dump bought Turnberry, an established course with a fine reputation and overdeveloped the property turning it into a money pit while pricing the locals out of affording to play there. T-dump has not paid a dime in taxes in the UK on these properties due to the losses. What a guy.


I don't get it.... carved out 6 ft tall. Huh? carved out what? grass?


Er, ah...the opening sentence fooled me. I thought that the word "ensuring" was wrong but it isn't. Trump and his fellow gangsters are a yuuge threat to the planet.


They carved the message "No More Tigers No More Woods" into the green at the fifth hole. Brilliant! This piece has the video. Three cheers to this creative team. I watched the film You've Been Trumped a while back, which confirmed for me that Trump has always been loathsome, and is the picture boy for the Ugly American.


haha I've just been flagged for this. I'm serious. I can't see the pictures well enough to figure it out and the article is not clear on what is being carved into 6 ft. tall letters.
Thank you for your patience.


Not sure why you were flagged, but I wouldn't worry about it.

Yes, in the grass.


Damned shame they couldn't carve it in Drumpf's forehead.