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'An Environmental Travesty': Heathrow Expansion Ok'd Despite Vehement Resistance


'An Environmental Travesty': Heathrow Expansion Ok'd Despite Vehement Resistance

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

"Unforgivable," a "grotesque folly," an "environmental travesty" are just some of the ways critics are describing the decision on Tuesday by U.K. lawmakers to approve London's Heathrow Airport expansion despite fierce resistance from residents and environmental groups, who say the move prioritizes business above people and planet.


They were not satisfied with brexit alone....


Massive carbon footprint
Planet Earth destroyed

But it is all worth it if it saves me five minutes if I ever decide to visit England...


The airport concept seems to have some serious growth issues. Airports are becoming sites of huge traffic jams. The new planes are having to park in places designed for planes far smaller. It is amazing to watch the huge birds dance through the crowd of other huge birds. Collisions are common.Airports are designed to manage crowds, but certainly not the crowds that embark from the current set of airliners. The idea that another runway into Heathrow will be beneficial seems just foolish. It is already one of the worse airports on the planet, one that I avoid if possible. The idea that making a thing already far too big bigger seems to be idiotic. In this era of rapid climate change, seems to me we need to be closing airports, not making them larger and larger. The people of Osaka built their airport on a man-made island. That idea could find traction in the Thames area, hooked up, of course, by high speed trains.


From the article:

"The only feasible way to significantly reduce aviation's impact on the climate is to significantly reduce aviation."

That's true, but it's true of the whole economy toward the whole ecology:

"The only feasible way to significantly reduce humanity's impact on the ecology is to significantly reduce the economy."

Business, government, "consumers," everyone thinks they want "economic growth" and that we can save the ecology by switching to a "green" economy without slowing anything down. But the assault on and destruction of the ecology goes way, way, way beyond just atmospheric carbon.

We need a whole-system ramp-down in energy use and economic activity. That's the only "realistic" first premise for any program to reduce atmospheric carbon, minimize climate chaos, and create a "green" economy.


Well; anthropogenic global heating is causing the sea level to rise. Eventually the British Parliament will find its wine cellars under water. Feedback mechanism in operation.

Theresa May, another one of the political disasters that flock to British history like flies on rotten meat.


Time for civil disobedience! At least this is an issue in the UK. In the US
nobody says or does boo about endless Highway and Airport expansions which are
not only destroying the Climate but unsustainable in the age of Peak Oil


Besides the climate and pollution and forcing people out of their homes; I question the "wisdom" of paying for such a huge project while the future of Brexit is unknown. This project has been fought about for years now. Is this really a good time or a sensible time politically for the building of a new runway? Surely other infrastructure and societal quality of life issues ( doctors and hospitals etc.) would at least give a semblance of " we are listening to our citizens" ...this is so frustrating when the majority of democracies are in peril because the politicians are no longer listening to the people.