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An Even Better Deal


An Even Better Deal

Katrina vanden Heuvel

At the 1932 Democratic National Convention, Franklin D. Roosevelt declared, “Never before in modern history have the essential differences between the two major American parties stood out in such striking contrast as they do today.” Arguing that Republicans had offered “no path for the people below to climb back to places of security and of safety in our American life,” he called for a “new deal” to “restore America to its own people.”


“Democratic leaders waking up”? Now that’s a real stretch Katrina, as is referring to “the Democrats” as a monolithic structure when there is (still) contempt from DINO Dem “leaders” toward the Democratic/left/independent base, starving for true leadership absent craven collusion and much mealy-mouthed “opposition” - AKA collusion and complicity.

The kind of frank statements we are demanding and expecting, we are not hearing from “the Democrats” (with some exceptions) even given the timid and weak “Better Deal”, but from Bernie Sanders - the “leadership” are still complicit to wealth and corporate/wall street/banker/war-machine domination and have not reformed or ended the machine-politics rot and silencing people we saw at the convention, and from the DWS DNC/DLC and HRC establishment wing. Funding and supporting Blue Dogs or right-wing “Dems” in Red states is not acceptable - it is continued blindness that lost two mid-term elections and the recent debacle and ascension of trump &co!

Wishing and hoping and misrepresenting will not create a reformed Democratic Peoples Party…


The Democrats main problem is that the party is a strong supporter of racial equality and a secular government. Economic platforms do not address these issues. The main of appeal of the Republican Party is racism and breaking down the wall between church and state. Whether Democrats move more left or more toward the center they will remain in the same place with regard to the race and religion issues. And they are in the right place. Their main problem is how to win elections in a country filled with racists and religious zealots particularly but not exclusively living outside of metropolitan areas. Within metropolitan areas Democrats are in a dominant position and probably only need to tweak their policies, mainly to reduce economic inequality which is starkest in many of our biggest cities.


On the other side of vanden Heuvel’s argument is the fact that, after the debacle of Trumpo’s “win” in November, there were DNC leaders who suggested that in order to wage successful future campaigns it would be a good idea to run even more millionaires and even a billionaire for office! If you can’t beat em, join em, eh, DNC? I believe that the DNC and it associated hacks in the Democratic Party will tolerate people like Sanders and Warren only so far. I see little real change in the basic political stance of this thoroughly establishment party.


If it weren’t so horrible, it would be amusing to be told that the Dems really aren’t that bad, that they really are on the side of their constituents. Their New Deal is simply more meaningless pablum that they are attempting to sell us - in hopes of saving the jobs that they spend endless hours not doing.


This “crap” is more of the same ole, same ole. The “Better Deal” is STILL the lesser of two evils the Dems have been saying since Carter and look where all that has gotten them AND us.


The Dems:

  • Party membership declining for four decades
  • The fewest seats in state government since 1920
  • All but irrelevant in federal government
  • Couldn’t run a candidate capable of beating Trump
  • Beholden to special interests and corporate donors
  • Publicly represented by Schumer and Pelosi
  • Unwilling to embrace Medicare-for-All
  • Blaming Russia, Comey, BernieBros, deplorables for their defeats
  • Propped up by dependably clueless mouthpieces like Katrina

Yet claiming they hear what voters are saying! Un-effing-believable!


Notwithstanding the previous commenters criticisms the good things about Katrina vanden Heuvel’s oped are (1) it appeared in WaPo, which despite our collective low opinion of the rag is read by many and (2) it draws attention to the People’s Platform which, despite its omissions, is several steps in the right direction.

The issue at hand is how many supporters of that Platform can get elected in 2018 and down the road. Convincing Pelosi or Schumer to support it is obviously a fool’s mission.


One thing not mentioned in the article was the Democratic continued support for military actions that require big budgets. This has bankrupted the country. Yet every time it comes up in Congress there is virtually a blank check waiting. This has to change, the sooner the better. For the party to be a viable option especially for the younger crowd they need to see what the youth are facing these days. Ridiculous costs for education, healthcare, childcare, things folks need. The fact that the Wa Po ran that piece shows promise because it’s part of the establishment and that has to be removed from the growing class disparity of economic inequality. We can do better, don’t settle for a cheaper cut of the economic pie.


The DNC is the reason that Trump occupies the White House. They supported the warmonger establishment hag HRC. This has to change. The youth need a candidate that can change things for the lower 90% not improve the upper crust at the others expense. We really need a new “peoples party”, ya know, one that actually care for the people. I’m not holding my breath though.


I was thinking the same thing. Until we drastically reduce a “defense” budget that stands at world conquest proportions we are screwed. The military should have as it’s symbol a big carbon footprint for all the ecological damage it does.


“To that end, the “Better Deal” agenda that Democratic leaders introduced last week may not live up to Roosevelt’s lofty standard or the bold 21st-century populism that fueled Sen. Bernie Sanders’s (I-Vt.) insurgent presidential campaign, but it is a promising step in the right direction.”

I knew before reading the article that the DNC could count on good ole Katrina.

Anything after the BUT is bull shit. There is nothing promising in their lackluster vacuous Better Deal. It is nothing but a turn on the phrase, “Were not the other guy.”

We saw how well that worked out in 2016.


Good points. But the Democrats have also won the popular vote in five out of the last six elections. That indicates they hearing what the majority voters are saying but the electoral college is stacked against them. If they only listened to the voters they might wind up appealing to racism and religious zealotry. The Democrats are trying to follow the Constitution and the ideals of the Founding Fathers, unlike the Republicans who are appealing to people’s worst instincts. Trump is a prime example of a human being following his worst instincts. I would not advice the Democrats to stoop to that level to get votes. They should continue to take the high road. It is a difficult road but I think it is what this country is all about based on its ideals.


Recent analysis confirms that the electoral college enables a candidate can win the POTUS election with 23% of the popular vote, less than half the percentage Trump received in 2016.

Winning the popular vote plus two bucks buys a cup of coffee. Make that three bucks in high rent areas.


Were welfare reform and getting tough on crime appeals to racism?

Was Hillary declaring that single payer was never going to happen an appeal to worst instincts?

Was Ossoff’s declaration that he would never vote for any tax increase an abandonment of ideals?

Is winning the popular vote a measure of anything other than futility? The Democrats won the popular vote for House seats in my state–and they sit in 5 seats out of 14.


Still shilling for those sellout retards on the DNC who go as far as stealing primaries while inventing populist-style phrases to cover their oligarchic bosses’ tracks?


Sorry Katrina, the elected corporate dems along with all the republicans are pretty much the same. Just because they come up with a plan that says pretty words; bottom line they still have nothing concrete.
Just how difficult is it to say clearly and simply: the democrats stand for single payer healthcare. They just cannot let those words pass their lips can they? And that goes for climate change, a green new deal; and on and on. Their actions (voting record) and lack of actions show for whom they work. And it isn’t us.


I’ll believe it when I see it!  A very public expulsion of pro-Payday-Lender Dirty Debbie Duhbya-Ass from the party is a non-negotiable first step for me.  I will not believe one thing they tell me, nor donate one thin dime to the party itself, until it has cleansed itself of scum like DWS and her establishmentarian fellow travelers such as all three Clintons, Pudesta, Schumer et al.

It’s Time to DITCH the Bug-Eyed B**** !!


Actually, yes.  See https://www.thenation.com/article/hillary-clinton-does-not-deserve-black-peoples-votes/ in Katrina van den Heuvel’s very own rag, The Nation.

BULLSHIT.  See above.



None of the Dems have said a thing about the defense budget which includes more than just the military. Quiet as church mice.