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An Example for Mistreated 'Workers Across the Globe,' Spanish Amazon Employees on Strike


An Example for Mistreated 'Workers Across the Globe,' Spanish Amazon Employees on Strike

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

Amazon workers in Spain took part in the second of a two-day strike on Friday demanding improved job conditions from the online behemoth.

The strikers, said Isabel Serra, a member of the Podemos political party in the regional parliament, "are becoming an example and hope for workers across the globe."


“This is the richest company in the world and they want to keep profiting by taking away workers’ rights.”

Every for-profit corporation on Earth operates on exploiting labor and limiting workers’ rights to do so. It’s called capitalism.


My left-wing approach to corporate greed has not changed much over the years. It’s my position that a corporation can only assume a set level of profit for the CEO and board members, thus the company. The profit above that is shared by the labor force.
When the excuse that "there isn’t enough in for me " comes around, then incentives for others to provide that product go out to the general public.
The whole premise is that we can find someone to run that same business with a (reasonable) profit margin, not a (greedy) one.


Bezos is the poster child for Greed. His extremism with regard to working conditions may finally be to corporations what Trump has been to politics. Wells Fargo has been an assist, as well.

I detect a faint whiff of movement in the air…


This won’t happen in the USA- people are too busy driving with their cell phones and playing with play stations.


No business was founded to benefit workers- it is always to get money for the founders unless it is some kind of coop.


I absolutely disagree on this one. The profit motive is humanly distorting and can never be used as a fair way to produce goods and services and allocate resources. By definition, capitalists decide what to do with capital. While a mixed economy with regulated capitalism is way better than what we have now, ultimately capital concentrates and a dictatorship of the rich prevails.

Democracy and capitalism are inherently oppositional. That’s partly what class war is about. The problem is creating democratic forms that she wealth and do not inhibit human rights and liberties. Certainly, as you mention, co-ops are one of those forms.


I’m with you FF. I am uneducated on the specifics of economics. My limited understanding of fair trade VS capitalism is that in fair trade it doesn’t matter if we barter this for that or trade cash for product because we are simply trading one thing for another and coming out even. Capitalism as I think I understand it is not about buying and selling or even trading. It is someone or entity that takes their savings, profits, and sometimes borrowed assets to invest in others production or holdings.
If that is totally wrong I wouldn’t be surprised, but would like to hear a clean differing of opinion if that’s not correct.


FF I too am of the opinion the a stronger push deeper into a “capitalist/socialism marriage” is the way to. At least one that we could reach politically.
The depth of the economic investment, the barriers (restrictions and legal provisions), the mood of the country, and the ramifications to world trade all have to considered.
Well over half the people are not benefiting from the capitalist system, whereas that same half DOES benefit from our socialist programs.


I read a post earlier where the person stated that at our age getting punished one way or another for having a riot-provoking protest to rid ourselves of Donny-little-hands is a worthwhile sacrifice.
I’m guessing the reference for the 65-80 crowd.
Well, we could all load pitchforks, wheelchairs, and pharmaceuticals into a caravan of buses and go for it. Bring your own smoking materials and beverages.


What a frisky one you are. Please run a cleaning rod down that shotgun before letting it fart on you. Peace, I think.