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'An Extraordinary Day': Brazilian Leftist Leader Lula to Be Freed From Prison Friday

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/11/08/extraordinary-day-brazilian-leftist-leader-lula-be-freed-prison-friday


This shows the power of journalism and whistleblowers in general and Glenn Greenwald and The Intercept in particular.
It was Greenwald and The Intercept that uncovered the utter corruption that put Lula in prison.
As a side note, The Intercept’s comments board is infested with right-wing trolls, some of whom pose as progressives.
It would be great for CD’s intelligent commenters to go help The Intercept comments section.


A good day to chime in to “The Internationale”.


Thanks for bringing The Intercept trolls issue to our attention. I lately have avoided their comments section for my own peace of mind but still read Intercept articles…


Of course, while it is great that Lula has been released from a wrongful political imprisonment, the fraudulent charges trumped up against him and upheld by a corrupt judge, succeeded in keeping him from what polls showed would have been election in a presidential contest that would have returned him to power in Brazilia. Now, instead, Brazil is under the thumb of a fascist president who is overseeing the rape and destruction of vast parts of the Amazon even as the country is being subjected to classic neoliberal austerity economic policies. Great victory? Yes! Huge costs to Brazil’s and the world’s people? Yes, too!

Dave Lindorff
founding editor of ThisCantBeHappening.net


Free Chelsea Manning.


and your still not sure you want to vote for Bernie? GO BERNIE - never stops looking around the world and trying to change it for the better. thanx so much Bernie.


I love Bernie, voted for him in the primary in '16, but when is he going to come out for Assange, and also Snowden and Manning?




demonstrating that you have not been a follower of mr sanders, as he came out in support of all three long ago.


Freedom’s just another word for everything left to lose.


Dave Lindorff, you are another of the heroic journalists we admire!!!


Thanks. I stand corrected. Glad to know that Bernie has spoken out in defense of those 3 brave people.


Using leftist is growing old now. Yes, by chance, the more revolutionary French were seated on the left during the revolutionary meetings, and maybe there are other explanations. Today we are beyond left and right and working for survival.

President Lula da Silva is beyond sideways left and right. Modern people understand the cosmos and know humanity as part of it. We are the eyes and the brains that let cosmos experience self identity. President Lula is a modern person. And, take note; the younger political generation who continued Lula’s campaign when he was imprisoned would most likely have become president and vice president in a fair election and nonviolent campaign. All of us are cosmic biology manifest as human. United we cannot be defeated.


It would be an extraordinary day if trump went to prison on the same day Lula was freed.


“Left” is still very much relevant. The fact that the basic foundation of the “Left” is social equity and justice, pretty much exposes that all MSM, our political debates , our politicians and our supreme court are absolutely NOT LEFT! Left still refers to a sliding scale as well between government ownership and private ownership. In countries where private enterprise owns everything, you have right wing governments and either facism or a monarchy. In countries where the public owns pretty much everything (like in Western European countries), you have strong ‘left wing parties’. Academics are still quite comfortable using this moniker as many fear that by blurring the lines of what the Left really is, is to provide fuel for right wing propagandists who despise terms like social equity and justice.


Great news for Brasil! And hopefully the current illegal regime can fill the prison vacancy Lula leaves. And good for Sen. Sanders for seeing clearly the situation there (and for his clear-eyed illimgration plan that at least acknowledges much of the damage the US has done in Latin America). But what the heck is Sen. Sanders’ blind spot wrt President Maduro?? “Dictator, tyrant??” Really? Legally elected in what fmr. Pres. Carter says is the fairest election system on the planet? Really? Okay, okay, I’m expecting Sen. Sanders to be perfect. Sigh. Oh well.


Oh pshaw, Space cadet

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Lula is a great example of the lengths the the billionaire class will go to silent the 99%. The fact that Bernie Sanders was the only politician honest enough to call the kettle black, shows that we really don’t have anyone else representing us on the national level.
Bolsonaro, the American puppet currently running the government in Brazil, probably allowed Lula to go free because he doesn’t deem Lula to be a threat anymore. The U.S. is fully behind the fascists in Brail and the 1% there are feeling quite good about themselves lately. I’m afraid that to unseat the fascists in Brazil, will not be an easy task, however more and more Brazilians are beginning to realize that being a friend of the American government means that you’re an enemy of the 99%. Lula Livre!


Ditto to almost everyone here.
Plus…I’m very, very happy Lula has been freed. May he stay healthy and safe and inspire freedom action, anti-fascism across the planet now.
(The only news that could have made me happier is to find out Dump and Denser fell down 20 flights of stairs. Sorry, but them’s my true sentiments. The entire Orange Cabal is full of POS.)