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An Honorable Course in Iran: End Sanctions, Resume Dialogue

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/06/26/honorable-course-iran-end-sanctions-resume-dialogue


Nice try Kathy Kelly, I fully agree that ending the Sanctions and beginning peace talks is the right path to take.

But apparently you do not understand that the Trump administration and his maniacal warmonger advisers are trying to provoke a war not avoid a conflict.

If they hated the Obama deal they could have peacefully transitioned to another deal, but Israel calls the shots and they would prefer bombing Iran.


Whether the approach is neoliberal or neocon, becomes irrelevant. It always seems to be neolithic. I certainly hoped to see more progress in my lifetime, but it seems like regression is and has been in the driver’s seat for far too long.


I went to listen to Kathy Kelly speak in Rockford about 10 years ago. I know of no other human being more committed clear and courageous than she. Every word she speaks is backed up with actions which has led her to war zones, prison cells (her own) and speaking tours. Want to follow the teachings of Jesus and be a Christian? Looking for a role model? Kathy Kelly.
Her response to my post would be: “OK, now, what are you going to do?..Today!”


Exactly as I would have said it. I’m glad CD picked up on this idea. It makes more sense than anything trump has done since being installed.

US actions in the Middle East make sense, (all the crimes, wars, devastation, turmoil, sanctions, aid, political actions) if we’re serving Israeli interests and subordinating our own and everybody elses’. So, have we gone mad, or what?


No doubt about it in my mind that Trump, Pompeo, Bolton and others are being used as proxies for Israel who would benefit from a war with Iran.


A Trumpean solution:

Sell Iran nuke weapons like the MIC does to Saudis and Israel. Mutual Assured Destruction (MAD) means peace in the region. And lots of money in arms sales.

OMG and these crazy christians , like Pompeo, really seem to love DEATH—although, how they feel abut their own—no one is sure.
No one does trust the U.S. and after what they did to Libya and Gaddafi, no one should, Giving up nukes to America leads to a quick end— which explains why N Korea won’t , and Iran tried, but cheating America showed their American snake tongue again----I think that the world is getting very tired of us, although when the next bank and Wall St crash comes—America will probably be over----but the elected ones probably won’t understand. The city of D.C will probably look like all these ancients monuments all over the ME—broken and destroyed. : (

Let’s face it, Israel is trying to drive the US to war against Iran. The American people do not want it, but that doesn’t matter. We are all Palestinians.

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There is only one solution to this problem. The problem of course is the New American Century that has come to fruition as the American Empire.
The last and greatest Empire the Earth will ever see in the feeble minds of people like Pompeo, Bolton and the hundreds, maybe thousands, of fellow travelers on this course since the 1980’s.
The only hope is for the rest of the world to come together in direct financial opposition to the US, give immediate help to Iran and impose sanctions on the US from every other country on the planet.

A faint hope? No doubt but there is no alternative! We are about to face the ravages of climate disruption and the ravages of a totally brain dead Empire at the same time.

Great idea.

It’s not likely that the States has anyone that can resume a dialogue. How might we work on that?

Not only insane christians, but millions of insane Amerikans that allowed the Fascists to come to political power.


In reality, all told, no one, not one person benefits from a war. Sure, some would get a fatter bank account. And some would like to see certain religious and national and ethnic groups murdered. But at what cost?
That close to Iran, what pollution the Middle East would suffer! What water would be polluted. What masses of hungry and desperate refugees would need to be fed, clothed, housed and managed?
War is idiocy.
Love thy neighbor as thyself.

Unfortunately, the war idiots are in control. Jesus also said: " love thy enemy".

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