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An Idiot Abroad: "It Was A Red Carpet Like Nobody, I Think, Has Probably Ever Seen"


An Idiot Abroad: "It Was A Red Carpet Like Nobody, I Think, Has Probably Ever Seen"

Alas, Loud Little Donnie is back from his Asian adventures. The good news: We are not yet at (more) war with anyone. The bad news: He blithely ignored the human rights abuses of strongmen, flattered and was comically flattered by them, and was once again "staggeringly incoherent," a "drunk driver crashing a pickup truck full of alphabet soup," on most issues. But he did babble at length about "fake barriers," "baby stuff," "big events," "amazing feelings" and other things key to the ego of what North Korea for once accurately called "the lunatic old man of the White House, lost to senses."


So the world is seeing the real face of US policy—or corporate elite US policy. Supporting Saudi Arabia;a country holding another countries Prime Minister hostage, a country still living in the middle ages. To Duterte who glowingly speaks of killing people because they looked at him the wrong way. Then their is China the one party “communist” country.------So Venezuela is bad,Cuba is bad----but these three countries ,Saudi Arabia,Phillippines ,and China are good???


As if on cue, the Hildebeast is cackling from under her rock about how terrible things are these days as if she had nothing to do with the raving madman being in the White House. She honestly is running again, doubtlessly fueled by the old third time’s a charm mantra. Still, if Sessions caves and appoints a special prosecutor to investigate her foundation, she could be in real trouble. Can our political leadership fail us more profoundly than all this?


He cannot speak without tacking on adjective superlatives, as though language has no meaning without them. You can tell he’s ad libbing them by the tone of his voice. He is strange.


I agree with you, but the the word that comes to mind when describing ‘widdle donny’ is pathetic!


Is this true? I haven’t seen any confirmation of Clinton running again. If she is that shows an extreme amount of arrogance and selfishness. She needs to do her party a favour and disappear.


You and Hannah (first reply) are made for each other. THE ELECTION IS OVER, sadly. You need to find a more current villain, but, like Trumplethinskin, just can’t let Hillary go. If anything is more ridiculous than still beating on Hillary and “worrying” that she’ll run again, it’s been being gullible enough to believe the demented “alarmists” like you.


I heard earlier, a few months ago, that she was thinking of running again, but I discounted it. I think she’d have trouble, given her dictatorship of the DNC last time, and she’s also really disliked by millions. I agree – she needs to disappear.


Clinton is why there is Trump. Anger is well-directed at the female sociopath currently blaming everyone but herself for the last election.


You’re naive, not paying attention.