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An 'Implicit Approval If There Ever Was One': Trump Retweets Post Calling Assassination of Iranian Scientist a 'Major' Blow

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/11/27/implicit-approval-if-there-ever-was-one-trump-retweets-post-calling-assassination


“will do everything in their power to prevent the Biden administration from succeeding at diplomacy with Iran.”

Big assumption here. Does Biden’s cabinet picks, war hawks all, indicate that Biden will choose diplomacy over war with Iran? That he will end our Forever Wars and incursions in the Middle East? Or collusion with Israel in any of this?


Trump must be handed over to Iran for war crimes. Let Iran figure out what to do with him. I would throw in Pompeo, Bolton and Pence to sweeten the pot.


It is clear either Israel the USA and the Mossad with or without the CIA were behind this. Assassination used to be against international law but the USA has fallen so far from its peak of moral superiority after WWII that nothing now is off the table. No one in the mainstream media or government has the moral decency to speak out about this, they all want the Jewish money. Pathetic.


The U.S. and its’ “allies” have been screwing around with Iran since the days of Mossadegh. No wonder they’re suspicious of every move make, especially after Trump used the nuclear deal as toilet paper.


Please be more accurate! It is not “Jewish money”, but political kickbacks from the rogue state of “Israel”. “Jews”, and the state of “Israel”, are not synonyms. Thank you.


Not a hard concept to understand.


Yeah. Will ride that train when I see/hear that Biden condemns this murder.


To Space_Cadet: My sentiments exactly! Gift wrap Donald and drop him on Iran’s doorstep.


The crazy thing about all of this is, Iran has a military cooperation agreement with China. Scientist or no scientist, Iran has all the nukes it wants.

And, where are the missing Soviet nukes from the Azerbaijan arsenal?

Diplomacy is the only thing this poor world needs.


Assassinating an old guy just because he is (or used to be) in charge has limited effectiveness. This guy was about 63 years old and that’s almost Medicare age in the U.S.

The real problem is that nuclear physics is a Wikipedia page. Hundreds of bright young pencil-necked geeks in their 20s would be available to replace the guy, and it’s always possible that ten of them would be more competent than the old guy. The assassination didn’t unlearn anything.

We’re teaching the Iranians that an eye for an eye works. Well, sort of.


When you’re 63, tell me whether you consider yourself an old guy.


Much of the Iranian population is none too happy about some of their own leaders, and I regret to say that we would be forced to take them in exchange. This is called doplimacy.


You have a point. I’m 67 and my career is just about to explode onto the scene.


I’m 71 but only consider myself old for the first two hours every morning…


Yup, I’m with you, we got lots left to prove!


Quaint, German camp guards were executed for crimes against humanity. Their
superiors have streets and arenas in the US named in their honor.

Not much chance justice will come for the millions …


I’m Jewish and lemme tell you, even the mildest of criticisms of Israeli government policies means you won’t be seeing any Jewish (institutional\organizational) money. Christian Zionists and the last of the U.S. industrialists that make up Daddy Warbucks will also blacklist you (if you’re a professional).

Shlepper Minimum Wage Slave\Clock Punchers like me can be as critical as we like and mebbe all we face here in U.S. is hostility from ZIONIST CHRISTIAN IDENTITY RACIAL SUPREMACIST SUPPORTERS OF Q-ANON\TRUMP. Also homelessness and death by exposure like every other hard workin’ Wage Slave renter.

Majority of U.S. Hebes like me now firmly opposed to the Bibi Netanyahu Dynasty and political shift of those who remain in Israel despite pauperization of the Chosen People along with the Fingered for Transfer Palestinian people way over to the High Tech Age of Surveillance and Security Industry Fascist Far Right.

Although, the Right to Left political spectrum is about ideology and as we also know in U.S., within kleptocracies where all wealth is by policy design concentrated into off-shore trans national bank secrecy accounts, ideology counts for nothing. INSTITUTIONAL CORRUPTION and GREED IS GOOD are the only principles being pursued by those who get ahead of the crabs crawling up the sides to get out of this pressure cooker cauldron.

For those of us Equisapiens
who read Hebrew and Arabic and also try and follow the news of the ongoing brain drain of Israeli Jews who’ve left their homeland in their pursuit of livelihood (tough to make a living in a kleptocracy as we know here in U.S.) and after biblical prophets to pursue peace, we can see this latest "Extrajudicial Killing" as they say in U.S. diplomatic and Dark Ops intel industry wing of Daddy Warbucks is all about WAG THE DOG pressure release valve diversionary mind control tactic of Mob Control. See the Hollywood movie by that name with a script and Dustin Hoffman fingering the House of Clinton as the tail wagging the dog.

Or go back further to BULWORTH the project of Warren Beatty that shows the true cost of the House of Reagan-Bush kleptocrats and how so-called democratic nation-states let off steam. Especially when righteous revolution of abused and pauperized masses is in the streets of the wealthiest and most distracted wealth-concentrated nation in human history. And with the tools of Mass Communications and HI FInance\TELECOMM firmly in control of corporate-captured elites in their gated communities.

This movement against institutional corruption has been on the streets in Israel at least as long as the ARAB SPRING eruptions of 2010 in North Africa. Without much U.S. corporate-captured coverage throughout our Year of Pandemic Plague November 2020 as the criminal case public prosecution of seated co-Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu proceeds with years of gathered evidence for open hearings in December:

Back in late 2015 this 3-part Israeli investigative news\public affairs and Public Interest TV series (we don’t have that in the U.S.) called Magash Hakesef\The Silver Platter aired in Hebrew with a wide-ranging political spectrum of Whistle Blower narrators from Left Wing Peaceniks to Libertarian Free Yet Regulated Market democracy bid-net folk to Right Wing appointees by Bibi Netanyahu and his nationalist Likud Party.

I tried for a few years to get funding to translate the U. of Tube dba YOU TUBE posted 3-hour long segments into English sub-titles as a mass media course in Neo-Liberal E-CONomic transformations.

Indeed that is the leitmotif of this Public Interest (definitely not corporate-captured!) TV series showing how Israel began long before state-hood in 1948 as a movement of stateless peoples committed to a democratic social system first under Ottoman Turkish (Islamic Caliphate) rule and then under the early 20th Century British and French mandates that moved in as the Ottoman Empire over-reached and also found a new generation leading the nation in a more secular and west-ward political direction.

This TV series when aired in Israel\Palestine led to weeks of public demonstrations with tent cities sprouting in urban Tel Aviv’s commons. The protesters had teach-ins and cut across ethnic, linguistic and religious communities. That is what called for the massive invasion and ‘retaliation’ of Gaza for the garage rockets and projectiles launched at southern Israel by forces even beyond HAMAS control in Bibi’s calorie calculated Siege of Gaza.

That allowed the Israeli Daddy Warbucks to tout their Raytheon modified PATRIOT MISSILE SYSTEM and ARROW MISSILE DEFENSE DOME as combat-tested at global Arms & Weapons Fairs throughout evangelical middle North America, the EU, Africa and those Saudi Family Gulf Emirates now openly in league with Israel. All that war-fare cleared the cross-ethnic lines national weeks of protests clogging the streets of Israeli commerce in late 2015 and 2016.

None of the Big Jewish Money Zionist orgs in U.S., Canada, UK or rest of EU would fund the small cost of English sub-titling of Magash Hakesef\The Silver Platter, no doubt as it did not offer NATIONAL SECURITY reasons for the failures of the late 1970’s deliberate transformation of the social democratic (and ethnic privileging) nation-state from a social democracy into a Neo-Liberal E-CON guinea pig for the unfettering of Global Capital. It took the tiny idealistic Zionist Australian Jewish community to fund the translation and sub-titling project for this master course in the analysis and POST MORTEM OF NEO-LIBERAL E-CONomic conversion.

While it takes place in the Israeli\Palestinian Muddle East milieu, don’t forget the Reagan-Bush string-pullers (even Carter before Age of Reagan subscribed to Neo-Liberal E-CONomic dogma and doctrine of privatization and de-regulation along with massive speculative financialization\commodification of national resources) were the artificial economic masters propping up the Israeli E-CONomic failures and panic in the streets of the late 1970’s leading to the Israeli invasion of Lebanon as that Levantine neighbor was well into the ravages of its own 16 year long anything but civil Sectarian War. These 3 Public Interest TV docs show the PANIC IN ISRAELI STREETS while all we saw in U.S. on corporate-captured TRIUMPHALIST DADDY WARBUCKS TV were newsreels of the IDF encircling the Sadat-led Egyptian Army Forces that breached the Sinai Peninsula and threatened to take the Negev Desert in the surprise Egyptian advance and attack of the YOM KIPPUR WAR.

Watch these 3 hour long segments now sub-titled in English and keep yer fingers near the PAUSE and REWIND button as you take notes like a student in your own college yoot. Then ZOOM discussion groups on what there is to learn as we globally will have to rebuild once pandemic is vanquished. If microbes vanquish us all, moot point…Go back to Gomer Pyle USMC reruns…

Mitch Ritter\Paradigm Sifters, Code Shifters and Song Chasers
Lay-Low Studios, Ore-Wa (Refuge of Atonement Seekers)
Media Discussion List and Looksee


Hilarious, Garry. I’m with you.


When I was in the army, stationed in Germany, I had a best friend who was a Jew. We spent many an hour talking about philosophy, history and theology. One day he went to the museum at Dachau, and came back very disturbed. He told me, “That is not the way this world should be.” It made me very sad too. He always liked it when I talked about the philosophy college course on Marx that I took. He was old school Israel.

Sometimes, when I am looking for something to do, I look up old friends on the interned. I found his obituary. He died because of a traffic accident in Chico California and the Society of Moses laid him to rest.
I can’t stop thinking that I have some sort of a responsibility to him, but I don’t know what to do.Maybe just live my own life as best I can.