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An Important New Reason to Keep Pesticides Away from Children


An Important New Reason to Keep Pesticides Away from Children

Megan Boyle

Despite major improvements in treatment and survival, children’s cancer rates are rising in the United States, leaving parents and scientists alike searching for evidence of what’s behind the trend. A new report sheds light into one avoidable risk: household pesticides.

Children exposed to insecticides inside their homes have a 47 percent higher risk of developing certain cancers in childhood, according to the report by Alex Lu and his colleagues at the Harvard TH Chan School of Public Health.


Let's also remember that TPTB remind us to wash our fruits and vegetables to remove pesticide residue so that we will be hoodwinked into not thinking that there is pesticide residue INSIDE them...


The meat fed to children also contains carcinogens and starts the buildup of plaque but we're not allowed to mention those inconvenient facts. Nothing wrong with the advice in this article but it does overlook a health threat more serious than the discussed threat which of course is what the mainstream media does all the time.


Maybe I'm out of line here, but 'pests' are really other living things that have a right to exist and whose habitat has been taken over by humans. Most of these so-called pests are probably not going to kill anyone and we, to whomever this applies, might consider whether it is possible to actually share this earth with such, possibly even the cockroaches.


I try to get my wife to understand this. The house spiders catch and eat flies, and the (admittedly creepy-looking) house centipedes then eat the spiders. It's all a harmless or even beneficial part of the house ecosystem. I try to get her to leave them be. I'm blessed to live in a cockroach free area, but they can be controlled by keeping the kitchen clean and by using non-toxic boric acid treatments. But in subtropical and tropical climates, roaches (and those big "palmetto bugs") are also something that one should learn to live with.

And virtually all bugs are harmless even if ingested. A stink bug fell in a bowl of baba ganouj we just bought. She wanted to throw it all out. I picked the bug out and ate it and it was just fine.