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An Incredible Amount of Restraint

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/further/2020/08/03/incredible-amount-restraint


Yeah, those cops look like some real “heroes”, NOT! The photo of the officer
holding a weapon up to a woman’s neck? WTF is wrong with these fascist fucks!? This is starting seem like an episode of the Twilight Zone, only we are all now living in it.


A country built on genocide and slavery permitted this white supremacist state to continue to protect the wealthy land and business owners. Mussolini would be proud of the extreme authoritarian, oppressive government intolerant of public protests by the citizens who have been systematically insidiously fed propaganda from cradle to casket. Woe that it took me so long to believe what my friends were trying to tell me while I was still young.


Especially proud that Trump co-opted his campaign slogan: " MAKE ITALY GREAT AGAIN".

If we are to Change this

We must uncover the Training that teaches This Behavior is OK

Much comes from Parents but

Most comes from Societal Authorization

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When Occupy WaII Street was in NYC—we aII saw video of women behind fence—kettIed in so they couldn’t move—and then that NYPD officer stated spraying them with tear gas Nothing happened to him, In Santa Cruz, students, seated in protest, had a security guard come by with a giant can and spray those protesting and non violent students.
And then , if you can find tape of the Chicago Democratic convention—those cops are murderous! This seems to have been going on for a long time—I guess it’s never Ieft.
I read about George Washington when some troops would not do what he wanted—and he also had those who would shoot those and who wouldn’t ( even though some did shoot their friends. And too, the Kent State murders—no one brought to triaI for that either? The peopIe protesting the oil Iines crossing on Native and---- I am beginning to thank that America has always been murderous toward many of its citizens. : (

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way back in 1931, the wickersham commission found that the practice of ‘the third degree’ or the use of beatings and torture by police to coerce confessions out of ‘suspects’ was a widespread problem in the good ole usa.

Hi thevirginterry:
Oh and nooooo. I guess that the, “more things change, the more they reman the same.”
Once here, the crushing of both skulls and spirits seems to become sooooo American ; (